How Do I Add More Emotion to My Writing?

How do I add more emotion to my writing?

How Do I Add More Emotion to My Writing? 1

Honestly, I like it. Storywise I think its pretty good. Anyone can relate to the situation (whether they admit to it or not) and I think the characters are stable and the plot is good. I do not see any problems and I like your writing style. Trust me, as far as writing these days goes, yours is far better than most. Good job and keep it up!.

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Mental State - No emotion, No affect, Cold personality, ?

i actually know how you feel. I had the same problem. i really couldnt give any real emotions. you feel seperated and u really want to understand how it is to experience bonds that other people share. i was like this for about 6 years. i wasnt lonely but i felt somewhat jealous that i couldnt express my emotions/ feeling cuz i basically didnt have any. My friend, the answer is love. One of my family friends (now) came from a different country. my family would help them out. and her family learned english perfectly. but she was so annoying. i would actually be more cold to her than anyone other person. i ignored her, i wouldnt care what happened. after a while i actually felt something. a feeling. when she left my side i would feel so sad. when ever she got hurt i would rush to her side. when i saw her face i would feel so happy. she changed my life. i went to having no emotions, i could really careless what happened until she came along. i actually confessed to her. my first girlfriend at the age of 17. love can change anyone even you. dont worry u will find someone. someone who will be able to change you. i have read up on this matter many times and read over 20 books on the subject when i was still emotion less. i honestly think there is nothing to be concerned with. you should follow your own path. you will find your answer there. also if u havent noticed you wont get addicted to alot of things when normal people do. and you probably wont be interested in many things either

How Do I Add More Emotion to My Writing? 2

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Applications and web services benefiting from an emotion markup language

There are a range of existing projects and applications to which an emotion markup language will enable the building of webservices to measure capture data of individuals non-verbal behavior, mental states, and emotions and allowing results to be reported and rendered in a standardized format using standard web technologies such as JSON and HTML5. One such project is measuring affect data across the Internet using EyesWeb.

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Emotion Review

Emotion Review is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by Sage Publications in association with the International Society for Research on Emotions (ISRE). It is indexed in the Social Sciences Citation Index, Journal Citation Reports, and Current Contents.

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What do you think the meaning is in this poem?

I got the impression that there was a wealthy person who was with someone perhaps less wealthy. And the rich one realises that whilst it can buy anything and everything, it cannot buy the emotion it desires. And so it realises that every partner of the past has been in it for the money and it no longer desires such a relationship.

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Emotion congruence and selective perception

One particular area of study by Dr. Niedenthal looks at the question of "Are we more tuned to perceive things that are more congruent with our mood?". For example, one study done by Dr. Niedenthal and Marc Setterlund in 1994 suggests that happiness and sadness have emotion-congruent effects upon selective perception. In their 1994 study, participants were given earphones so that they could listen to music throughout the experiment. Half of the participants were given classical music that was intended to induce a happy mood (the allegro from Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik, and parts of Vivaldi's Concerto in C Major), and half of the participants were given classical music that was intended to induce sad moods (Adagietto by Mahler and the adagio from the piano from the Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor by Rachmaninov). Subjects were then asked to perform a lexical decision task. Letters were flashed on a screen: some were real words and some were non-words or words that are not in the dictionary but can still be pronounced in English, such as "blang". The words were put into five categories, happy words, positive words that are unrelated to happiness, neutral words, negative words that are unrelated to sadness, and sad words. Niedenthal and Setterlund found that music can induce happy or sad moods. They also found that when in a happy mood, participants were quicker at identifying happy words than sad words. Such findings are in line with the emotion-congruence thesis. This research also makes the conclusion that our existing moods and emotions lead us[who?] to selectively perceive emotion-congruent objects and events.

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