How Do I Convert My Auto From 6 Volt System to 12 Volt?

How do I convert my auto from 6 volt system to 12 volt?

You will need to replace all your wiring harnesses, fuses and gauges. All the existing wiring is a smaller gauge for the 6 volt system, a 12 volt system uses higher current and will burn out the 6 volt wiring. All your gages and electrical components are 6 volt. All of these will need to upgraded as well. It's not worth it unless your completely restoring the vehicle and you can tear the vehicle completely down and replace ALL wiring

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Can I power a 240 volt (15 amp) stove on a 208 volt supply?

all you guys seem to be licenced electricians but the fact of the matter is if you go to the homedepot website and look up baseboard or cadet heaters they offer them in 110/240/AND 208.. maybe you guys need to update your skillset

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Will a 24 volt buzzer work with 19 volt supply lines?

I did happen to email them at the same time I asked here. They said it has a tolerance of 10% to -20% so 19.2% would be the minimum so it will just miss and likely fail to power the coil. Home Depot sells 16 vac buzzers and I just found an 18 vac buzzer so I will look into these. Thanks for responding.

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12 or 24 volt dc relay?

In addition to the previous answer, another way would be to pass the 15 volts from the intercom through a DC-to-DC converter with a 12-volt output. Just make sure the current requirements of the 12-volt relay are met by the DC-to-DC converter. One downside would be the cost of the converter as they are in the $50-100 range, a resistor is certainly less expensive, but wastes some of the energy from the intercom, and may lose so much that there is not enough left over for the 12-volt relay, if the intercom is close to not being able to supply enough current in the first place. DC-to-DC converters are typically about 85% efficient. I use one to power a 10-watt LED emitter from a battery, as a regulator, to keep the voltage to the LED emitter at 12 volts despite the battery voltage varying between 10-14 volts

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Switching 230 volt power?

dsparks and jmax gave you the best answers. The only problem I have with Jim W's answer is that 277 volt power is single pole, and the box stores would not know a 277 volt device if it bit them! I would use the disconnect box method as it would be safest.

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what is the difference between a 6 volt battery&a 9 volt?

That is very unlikely. If you are using light bulbs that are 6 volts they will flash and burn out in a few seconds. If you are using a motor it will run too fast (and maybe overheat). If you are using some electronics item odds are in can not tolerate the over voltage and will destroy itself. Get 4 small 1. 5 volt cells and put in series to get 6V. That 9V battery will not help you (unless you design a circuit with a voltage regulator or divider in it - which is more grief than just getting the right battery.)

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can a 120 volt disposal run off a 115 volt power?

Hi there, You do not need to change the breaker or anything. Just connect the existing wiring to the new disposal. Pay attention to the color code. Black to black, white to white and the green (or bare copper wire) is the ground wire. Your breaker is probably rated for 130 volts and that means the insulation is suitable for 130 volts or less. The voltage in your home is probably 110 to 130 volts (most likely 115 volts) Enjoy the new disposal, Al

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12 volt drill can i put a 20 volt battery in it?

it will go very well with a 20 volt battery but it will also get a lot hotter when running and when you put a load on to it by drilling a hole you will start to smell that is has to much voltage and burn out. not a good idea of you want the drill to last any time

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