How Do You Thoroughly Disinfect a Leather Sofa?

Call a leather company or a store that sells leather furniture and explain your situation to them. They can give you probably good advise!

How Do You Thoroughly Disinfect a Leather Sofa? 1

1. How can I stop my cat from urinating on my leather sofa?

Once a cat pees on furniture, the only way to get the cat to stop is to remove the furniture. Once their scent in on something they will continue to urinate in the same spot

2. how do I get ink off of a leather sofa?

ohhh leather lol can you put another ink stain on an invisible part of your couch? then try just a regular eraser like the green ones we used at school and just try to erase it? my mom did that on Naugahyde (sp?) when I was small.

How Do You Thoroughly Disinfect a Leather Sofa? 2

3. How often should I condition my leather sofa?

Take a picture now that its new and when it begin's to look dull time for the leather soap conditioner or ask the store salesman he should know or read the product lable in any store that carrys it

4. What color walls will work with forest green leather sofa?

a few variations of brown work, it also depends on the colour of the rest of your furniture. Also, a few shades of blue work too

5. HELP!!!! my daugther has just put pink nail varnish all over my leather sofa how do i get it off ??r=12518891?


6. What should you put on a Leather Sofa to keep it looking good?

I am sure there is an Armorall product to protect fine leather...usually sold at Auto Mart type stores..used for leather interior in a car. Have fun!.

7. how do i get biro marks off a cream leather sofa?

get some fairy liquid(green). do not dilute it. put some over the marks and leave for 20 Min's. remove gently with a hot damp cloth. use the fairy sparingly.

8. How do I get my husband to give up our leather sofa (new vegan here)?

Well, first be patient. Leather couches are expensive, and giving up a big investment is never easy. Maybe looking for a better couch to replace it with might be the right tract.You could also try the "foot in the door" phenomena and get his cooperation on something smaller first. Giving up an already purchased leather couch isn't going to change much of anything, though, so maybe it's not the hill you want to die on. Focusing on new purchases might be a good route to go; eventually the leather couch will stand out.How do I get my husband to give up our leather sofa (new vegan here)?.

9. How do you get stains out of a leather sofa?

leather cleaner its oil based if you are in an emergency put a little olive oil on a cloth and gently rub

10. Red leather sofa mismatching carpet!!! OMG?

Too much!!!! First see if you can find some throw pillows with both colors to help bring it together. If not, replace the carpet.

11. Can I Paint A Black Leather Sofa White?

Sure, if you want it to look like crap by the next day! FYI - Leather sofa's can not be painted! They can only be dyed, but since your leather is already black, you can not dye it lighter. Why not cover it with a beautiful quilt or throw to cover up some of the black? Or sell it on and buy yourself a new sofa

12. What can I use to color and oil a leather sofa that I use outside on a screened porch?

Myself i would just use regular old saddle soap to clean and keep the leather protected.You can get a can of it from TSC or a farming type store or any store that sell horse supplies.I use it on my leather coats and chaps

13. Can i use dove cream for my leather sofa?

You would be better off to use products intended for leather

14. what color theme go well with a black leather sofa?

Tan, deep red and gold tones

15. Stiches from my leather sofa came out?How to fix it ?

If the glue does not work, you can buy needles for tough material such as leather or fake leather, and then just stich it up by hand so it does not get bigger and bigger

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Leather Sofa to Maintain How Much Luxury?
Leather Sofa to Maintain How Much Luxury?
So now you have selected and purchased your new leather sofa. Leather furniture is not inexpensive, so your new purchase was a significant one. When you purchase leather furniture you recognize that you have made a significant long term purchase and you want make sure that you take all of the necessary steps to protect your new investment. You are probably wondering, what are the best products available for cleaning your new leather sofa? The last thing you want to do is use the wrong chemical on your newly acquired furniture. There are a number of great leather cleaning products on the market. The good news is that leather is very durable and easy to clean. The key is to not allow dirt to accumulate. This article will list several trustworthy and dependable leather cleaners that you can safely use to clean your chairs, couches, recliners and more. 1. The first product may come as somewhat of a surprise to you, but baby wipes are great for basic cleaning situations when it comes to leather. Remember, leather is the skin of an animal, and baby wipes are designed to clean the skin of a baby. If the wipes are safe for the skin of an infant, they will definitely be safe for your leather furniture. Baby wipes will work fine for most basic leather cleaning tasks. 2. Method Leather Love Wipes are another non-toxic cleaning wipe that you can take directly out of the package and use to wipe down your leather furniture. These handy wipes are good for removing dust and surface dirt. Obviously they wo not be very effective on heavy duty cleaning, which really will not be much of an issue if you clean your leather couch a regular basis. 3. Master Caster Leather Cleaner has a bit more of a punch than the first two on this list. This cleaner comes with a synthetic sponge that is designed for removing stains from the leather. The cleaning agent that is used in this product is safe for leather as well as other types of furniture. It is a liquid cleaner. This product is good for those special situations, such as when one of the kids decides it would be a good idea to write on the arm of the leather sofa. 4. Guardsman has a number of good leather care products including cleaning and conditioning wipes for those quick pass by cleanings, as well as a liquid cleaner designed for those more detailed deep cleaning jobs. 5. Lexol has been making some of the best leather cleaning products for quite a while now. You can get the entire cleaning and conditioning kit to help with long term care, or you can always get the wipes for those everyday cleanup jobs. The cleaning formula for Lexol is strong enough to be used on those tough jobs, but is also gentle enough to be used as an everyday cleaner. 6. Weiman is another long-standing company that has been making leather cleaning products to help people clean their leather sectionals, chairs, and sofas for years. They also have the leather wipes, which makes cleaning your leather sofa simple, easy, and thorough. This product not only cleans, but moisturizes and even has a sunscreen integrated into the formula to protect your leather furniture from any UV rays that may be coming in through windows. Exposure to sun is one of the most damaging forces when dealing with leather furniture. 7. Howard also makes a great leather cleaner and conditioner for cleaning leather. Howard is a product that is considerably more expensive than the others, but it delivers a great finished product. Howard uses a cleaning formula that is designed to remove surface dirt while also providing a powerful deep cleaning element. The conditioner is creamy and also designed to penetrate deep into the leather to provide the conditioning that is needed to extend the life of your leather sofa. 8. For those distressed leathers such as suede and nabuck leathers, Scout Boot Care works great. Do not let the fact that the cleaner and conditioner were created for boots fool you; this cleaner is great for all types of furniture with distressed leather finishes. The key is to understand the principle of maintenance when it comes to leather. Leather is a natural material, meaning that it is designed to be durable and easily cleaned. Use gentle cleaners, even a little mild soap and water works well. As long as you are maintaining the sofa, you should not have any major issues. If there is some type of emergency situation that seems a little daunting for you, do not hesitate to call in professionals; better safe than do you get ballpoint pen off an old leather sofa.?my friends 2 year old did that and she used Clorox to get it off it was of in 2 days
Leather Sofa Status Or Practicality
So, you want to make a terrific impression on people even with the chair that you are sitting. Have you actually entered an office environment and the only point that attracts your eyes is the man or lady sitting powering the desk. In most instances, if you care to analyze your impression carefully, you will discover that it is basically the chair that the human being is sitting on that presents him/her that appear of sophistication and expertise. So, why not make a statement with your workplace home furniture, especially with your leather chair.Apart from class, you will need to also take into account your comfort. There is truly no feeling in purchasing a leather chair that would be providing you back again aches just about every other day. You have to examine the chair critically just before you really buy for it. Verify the adjustable maintain mechanism of the chair and see if you can command it to match into your body shape. Your weight and height ought to be regarded as as properly. Sitting on a chair and getting to curl your legs for absence of area is not good for your entire body, you will need to be ready to sit straight in the chair. You may well sit on the leather home furniture to experiment your sitting position. Make confident you examination all the regulate mechanism to see if you can essentially modify the seat to your comfort levels. It will also not be a lousy concept if you have another person who is aware about leather office chairs adhering to you to the retailer. He will be ready to make a perfect alternative for you dependent on all your requirements.When deciding what pieces of furniture to purchase to put into your residing place there are some factors that really should be considered a necessity. The leather armchair is ideal for any kind of dwelling area decor. The armchair arrives in a selection of shades and variations that are acceptable for any form of a residing place.The white leather armchair is fantastic for houses that do not have little ones jogging around and doing a mess. The reason you do not want white is because of to the amount of grime that will get tracked in from each and every baby. Accidents do transpire and if they materialize up coming to your white leather chair with either soda or koolaid currently being spilled, you can have a serious problem. Having said that there are actions that can be taken to support to guard your armchair from occasions like as that. There is a leather protector that can be utilized on your furnishings to support protect it from such accidents.A black armchair is terrific for the fashionable really feel of residing rooms. The contemporary model has develop into progressively preferred in new decades. The black shade of a leather arm chair is terrific and will hide any spills that may possibly take place from the small children managing all-around and acting the way little ones act. Another explanation to select black could be to use in homes that have home pets. Pets can provide dirt into the dwelling just as effectively as small children do and can cause hurt just as very easily.
How Much Is a Real Leather Sofa? How Does One Go About Buying One These Days? and Are They Worth the
I prefer a leather couch. They are always cool and they dont pick up all the odors of the house like a fabric couch. If you maintain it with leather conditioner which is a quick wipe they look great for years. Mine is almost 10 years old and it look brand new because i take care of it and that's nothing fabric couch owner do. I have two small dogs and they have beds not my couch. I personally wouldnt have a pet that ripped up what i worked for. Id swat the cat and lay the fly swater their untill they learn. Look on Lazy Boy to check prices our power reclining leather chairs were $1700 and i think the couch was $2500 with 2 power reclining seats on each end. Yes i plan on it lasting 15 years or buy 2 fabric couches in that time frame. I would not buy on line i would go to the store and sit on it have it delivered and set in your house.1. where do you find the fire tag on a 3piece leather sofa?Bottom - flip it over. If not there, pull out the cushions and carefully feel around the frame to see if it's gone under. If not there, open up the cushion (if possible) to see if there's one inside. You should not have to disassemble the unit for this info. If not in these places will have to find manufacturer label/model and check web site/customer service. Photos come in handy in this case.2. what accent color looks good with black leather sofa and love seat?I like rust and olive green with black3. how do you get a dimple out of a leather sofa ,somebody left a heavy weight on it and it left a dimple!?warm water and a soft cloth. gently rub the dimple witht he damp soft cloth until the dimple is gone. if there is a special finish check with a cobbler. they still exist and are in ever city4. Have 3 dogs. they are scratching my new leather sofa really hard, and i can't seem to train them to stay off?You can go to the pet store they have this spray that you put on and the animals wont go on it. I think they wont go onto the couch/sofa because the spray smells bad or something5. How do I remove permanent marker from a leather sofa without ruining it ?My son wrote all over our beige leather couches with a pen and i still have not been able to remove it. I tried everything and some of it worked but it faded my couch or ruined the color. Hope you find something. Rubbing Alcohol and nail polish remover worked the best but it discolored the couch so what would you rather have pen marks or lighter colored couch. choose good luck.6. Red loveseat denim fabric couch and faux black leather sofa?That would look real nice7. leather sofa cushions do not spring back up - is this usual after a year?that is a leather couch....we just bought leather and looked hard to find the kind that wouldnt do this...some really soft leathers are worse than others8. Leatherman jacket dry cleaning mishap. HELP!?Look for leather cleaners where they sell horse saddles . Its called saddle soap and there are other treatments that will help there. You may even try leather products for leather sofa's. They know they are going to destroy the leather before they take it and that is why they make you sign the release. Did the same to my husbands jacket. Judge Judy, says just by writing they are not responsible doest make it so. Demand your money back.Next time use a company that does furs, its worth the little extra money.9. HOW DO I CLEAN MY CREAM LEATHER SOFA,I HAVE USED BABY WHIPES BEFORE ,BUT FIND THE DIRT COMES BACK VERY QUIKLY,?Dilute a very small amount of thin bleach in luke warm water and use a soft sponge10. my boyfriend wants to know:if u fart on a leather sofa, does the smell soak into the leather?Tell him the best way to find out is to test it out for himself
What Are Some Ways to Keep My Hair Really Healthy?
What Are Some Ways to Keep My Hair Really Healthy?
Use professional shampoo & conditioner. I know it may seem like a rip-off, however all the shampoos like Pantene, Garnier, etc. have a high alcohol content....since the normal pH of your hair is 4.5-5.5, things containing high amounts of alcohol throw your hair all out of whack and cause breakage, split-ends, fly-aways, etc. The reason these shampoos make your hair feel soft is because they contain high amounts of humectants, which are just a cover for how damaging they really are! Another tip is ALWAYS use a thermal protector while applying heat. Heat appliances cause tons of damage to your hair. Usually this is a cream/clear gel you apply before blow drying. Never use a flat iron on hair that is not completely dry!1. Split End Help. ( 10 Points) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?For sure you should get a trim and maybe even cut your hair as short as you are comfortable doing it. You should for no reason straighten or dye your hair. Look for some Garnier Fructis or Pantene shampoos and conditioner for curly hair so that it extra moisturizes it and helps the split ends repair themselves. I say from experience that ppl with curly hair have really bad split ends, which is why we have special stuff in our hair products. The split ends wont magically go away in like a month or a few weeks, but you will see improvement after a while. Oh, and for sure DO NOT PICK THEM OFF!! It will just make it worse. Every two months until your hair is healthy get a trim. just maybe half an inch or an inch will be just fine. Eventually your hair will go back to normal. Good luck with that!.2. Whats the best shampoo conditioner for cheap?clever or V05 are solid inexpensive ($a million) shampoos, yet whilst it is composed of conditioner i could bypass Tresemme ($6) it does an somewhat solid interest. i take advantage of salon shampoo because of the fact i am form of a hair snob, yet I nonetheless use the cheap conditioner. Pantene is undesirable on your hair (too plenty protein and reasons alot of greater build up on the hair) so i does not bypass there. desire this permits! My hair is oily, superb, and colour-taken care of if that helps you any!3. How can I get my curly hair to be nice like Taylor Swift?Haha i have the same hair long and curly..but not pretty curly! im completely obsessed with taylor and her hair so i did so playing with it and what you really NEED to get is the conair hot sticks!! they are these little flexible curlers and they are not very expensive and i would look like a frizz ball without them!! you can like get them at walmart. anyways what i do when iwear my hair curly is like i get up and get in the shower and wash it and condition it and this may sound weird but dont use a whole lot of conditioner just enough to get it done cause it will help your hair hold the curl the just get out and towel dry your hair till it is just damp and then put a curling mouse in it and frizz serum then finish blow drying it straight! and you know have the curlers on like when your gettin in the shower and then just make sure the little light is on meaning that they are hot enough and then seperate your hair into pretty small peices (if you have really thick hair then you might need to buy two sets cause they only have 14 in them and you use small sections) and then start from the botom of your hair and role it through your hair and pin it together youll see the instructions on how to pin them together and make sure you wrap it all the way to the top of your head and leave them for like 15 or 20 minutes while your finishin gettin ready and then use like a light hairspray about 5 minutes before you take them out then your done. i know this thing was really long but its not that hard lol!!!! hope i helped good luck!!!!!!!!
How Was the First Sale of Vivo X60 Series?
How Was the First Sale of Vivo X60 Series?
Zeiss lens has a history of 175 years. Its biggest advantage is its ultra-clear imaging ability. Generally, only using high-end cameras has become the dream of camera lovers around the world with its unique selling points such as color restoration, high resolution and almost no corner distortion. Why do you talk about dreams here? Because of its ultra-high price, ordinary people can only think but can not become a reality.On December 29, 2020, vivo X60 series, the first product jointly developed by vivo and Zeiss, was officially launched. All the series are equipped with Zeiss optical lenses as standard, which can be owned for a minimum of 3498 yuan. On January 8, vivo X60 series was officially launched. We can see that it won the double champions of JD platform sales sales, tmall platform sales sales, Suning platform sales sales, and also the double champions of online sales and sales. Besides Zeiss blessing, why is vivo X60 series so popular with the market and consumers?Ultra lightweight appearanceThe thickness of vivo X60 does not exceed 8mm, and the weight of vivo X60 does not exceed 180g (excluding the unpublished Super Cup). Among them, the vivo X60 is only 7.36mm thick, making it the lightest 5g mobile phone in the world, 0.04mm thinner than the iPhone 12 series. The slim and fashionable appearance and vivo's strict pursuit of technology and design create the unparalleled hand feel of vivo X60 series. If you don't believe it, you can try it in the offline experience store in person. You can't forget the feeling of holding it in your hand.Top imaging systemThe vivo X60 is equipped with Zeiss optical lens as standard. Whether it is the main camera, ultra wide angle or professional image lens, it is an optical lens jointly developed by both sides. The whole system is equipped with the second generation micro PTZ as standard. With these two hardware blessings and the image system jointly developed by vivo Zeiss, you can take a good picture at any light source and scene. You can learn from the comments of professional photographers on the imaging effect of vivo X60 series.Performance of flagship aircraftVivo X60 is the world's first Samsung Orion 1080 processor. The overall performance of this processor is lower than that of Xiaolong 865. It is much stronger than what MediaTek Tianji 1000 and Xiaolong 765G are used in the same level models. With the blessing of Samsung Orion 1080, vvio X60 is far more competitive than its competitors.
Huami Technology Held a Press Conference on August 27, and Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Officially A
Huami Technology Held a Press Conference on August 27, and Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Officially A
This morning, huami technology officially announced that it would hold the 2019 new product Conference on August 27. Then, Huang Wang, CEO of huami technology, posted the invitation letter for the new product Conference on his microblog. Huami technology distributed amazfit one-way wet guide short sleeved T-shirts and amazfit antelope running shoes to the media as physical invitations. The gift box vacated a watch position, which triggered extensive discussion in the media. Huang Wang also explained that this vacancy was actually reserved for the new amazfit intelligent movement watch 3.(invitation letter from Huang Wang, CEO of huami Technology)The theme of huami technology's 2019 new product launch is "run, amazfit! Run!", which is adapted from the classic line "run, Forrest! Run!" of Forrest Gump. With his pure love for sports, Forrest Gump, the protagonist in the film, runs across the United States. No matter how many difficulties and ridicules he encounters, he also doesn't give up. "Run, Forrest! Run!" is the symbolic line that Forrest Gump's mother encourages him, and Forrest Gump can persevere and succeed step by step. This spirit also inspires many people. According to Huang Wang's microblog, the amazfit smart sports watch 3 not only symbolizes huami technology's understanding and adherence to the sports spirit, but also has a taste of paying tribute to Forrest Gump.(theme poster of huami technology's 2019 new product launch)At present, huami technology has become a leading enterprise in the wearable field. With the power of technology, it promotes everyone in the world to enjoy better sports, health and medical services. Sports is undoubtedly an important part of the mission of huami technology. In the past amazfit smart watch products, we can also see a lot of improvements in sports functions.Taking the amazfit smart watch GTR released last month as an example, it provides 12 sports modes such as outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor running, indoor cycling, open water swimming, swimming pool swimming, elliptical machine, mountaineering, cross-country running, skiing and exercise. Turn on the corresponding professional sports mode before sports, you can always understand your sports status and help improve sports efficiency.(huami technology amazfit smart watch GTR)Facing the professional sports market, huami technology has also launched several products of amazfit smart sports watches 1, 2 and 2S. It is worth mentioning that it has been a long time since huami technology last updated the smart sports watch series. With more and more attention to sports and healthy life, huami technology still needs to bring more stimulation to the sports watch market and further implement the mission of huami technology. This may also be an important reason why huami technology updates amazfit smart sports watch 3.In terms of function, at present, amazfit smart sports watch 2 has been equipped with 16 sports modes. According to Xiaobian's guess, amazfit smart sports watch 3 will be richer in sports modes to meet the sports monitoring needs of different users. With more powerful functions, the price of amazfit smart sports watch 3 may reach 2500 yuan, which is also the price level of mainstream sports watches at present. As for whether the new product has more professional sports function improvement, we still need to wait for the official answer on August 27.
Connect to Nonencrypted Wireless Network Using Ubuntu Commands
Connect to Nonencrypted Wireless Network Using Ubuntu Commands
Connect to Nonencrypted Wireless Network Using Ubuntu Commandsthe output from /sbin/iwconfig wlan0 shows you are not associated with any will need to do /sbin/iwlist wlan0 scan to search for nearby APs, before, and in my experience, sometimes after, you set /sbin/iwconfig wlan0 essid "essid"again, the app wicd is quite nice for managing your wireless, without requiring a lot of extras— — — — — —how to hack into a wireless network?While cracking a wireless security key is somewhat of a grey area legally, using someone elses internet without permission is a crime. But, a google search for WEP cracking might point you in right direction, but no recommended to do so.— — — — — —How to network a house, both wireless and wired.?The best way would be to recreate the wired network, then set up a wireless network. Use a computer to bridge them together— — — — — —Is it possible to extend the range of your wireless network?You have a couple of different options at your disposal. One is getting higher dbi gain antennas for your ROUTER. The second is adding a higher gain dbi antenna to your adapter (optionally, you can do both and really extend the range). Another is getting a range extender. The higher dbi gain antenna plugged into your router and adapter can really extend your network. Without any obstructions, and 15 dbi gain antennas, you can connect at about 2 miles away. The range extender might be a little cheaper. It plugs into an electrical socket and you run an ethernet cable right into it. This is good if you have quite a few walls in between you and router. Not practical if you do not like wires, you would be better off with the antennas. Regards, Brandon— — — — — —Is it a good idea to download something from an unsecured network?If you see that a wireless network says it's "unsecured", this only means that that wireless network does not have a wireless password. Hence, you or anyone can readily connect to it without entering a password. There is minimal risk of you getting a virus just because of connecting to an "unsecured network", except probably if you go to a website or accidentally downloaded an email that has a virus attached to it - things of that sort. Another risk, although very negligible, is that other people who are connected to that same unsecured network may access your computer files given that you have set your computer files to be on SHARED mode. This is HARDLY ever the case, since you will need to grant that person permission via the Windows File Sharing application. So I tell you, it's okay.— — — — — —XBOX 360 WIRELESS NETWORK ADAPTER BYPASS?There are a number of possible solutions here, but they all depend on you having existing hardware that would cost significantly more than the adapter. Firstly, if you have/buy one of the new "slim" xbox 360s, they have wireless built in, so no need for an adapter. Second, if you have a computer connected to the internet near the 360, you can use the laptop as a wireless receiver, then run an ethernet (CAT5) cable from the laptop to your 360. Thirdly, if you have a computer nearby that is connected by a wired connection (cables through the roof etc) then you can use that computer as a router, and plug the xbox into the computer to share connection. If you just have an xbox 360 original in a room that has no wired connection or a computer connected to wireless, your only option is to buy the adapter.— — — — — —Problems with Wireless Network internet connectionWich encryption type do you use? Maybe the router is set to WPA or WPA2 but your PC does only support WEP— — — — — —Setting up a wireless network..?1) Make sure you are on the same Workgroup, ie, both laptop and desktop have same name. 2) Make sure to turn off all software firewalls for setup puroses. 3) Install/enable file/print sharing in Network Connections. 4) Share a folder on each computer, I usually use c:temp, and then map them to each other computer. 5) sometimes you may have to install Netbios/IPX protocol. email/IM me for more help, Good luck!— — — — — —Wireless network card installation problems.?Switch to a USB wireless. Some machines can not handle more than one or two cards, no matter what they can "hold"
Is Time Travel Possible? Can We Travel Back in Time?
Is Time Travel Possible? Can We Travel Back in Time?
There is no actual "correct." Einstein made a "theory," not a fact. If Einstein's theory is correct, we could theoretically travel back in time but the problem is, we would not be able to go into the future1. What's the similarities between time travel and space travel?The faster your motion through space relative to a stationary reference frame, the more your motion is diverted from your motion through time. In other words, in a very specific sense, we move through time at lightspeed. The faster you move through space, the more your movement through time is diverted by your movement through space. At lightspeed, all your motion through time is diverted by your motion through space. A photon does not experience time. All of its motion through time is diverted by its motion through space. According to relativity theory anyway2. How to travel with cats?Some cats do fine being loose in the car. Try taking them for a little ride (5-10 minutes) and see how they react. I had one cat, a wonderful loving tabby, that I took for a car ride. I was not driving, so she crawled into my lap, squalled, and peed all over my lap! Some years later I had 3 Siamese, and drove from Wisconsin to Montana with them loose in the car, without a bit of a problem. I think its great that you are taking your cats along with you!!!3. Is it Cheap to Travel to Trinidad?It all depends on where you are flying from. If you are in the US it might be better for you to go to Miami. For me in the Caribbean, I would definitely go to Trinidad because the fair is cheaper, the prices are not that bad, I know my way around and I would feel safe. I can just go down town and buy a few doubles and just watch the people go buy sitting on the side of the road. You might not want to do that. I might even buy some shark and bake. Generally, I go to Chaguanas and shop but I might just stay in POS. From the time I take to spend that extra money to go to Miami I could stop right here in Trinidad. I have been there many times and I have not have a problem. It is up to you though because my experiences might be different to yours. All you have to do is to stay where there is lots of people and the same precautions you would take in your country take there. Do not walk around with your purse expose because that would be asking for trouble.4. Is it safe to travel to Israel?Of course it's safe. It's safer than the US. all that stuff you hear is media bullS5. Where to travel in Europe?You can visit Norway :)6. How do I learn about mountain bikes?Firstly, size. Also, go and have a look at a few of their bikes, there is an interesting rating system next to the bikes, indicating the type of riding that it is suitable for. Next, using 1 - 10 scale. But this is based upon components, layout and value for money. MBR is a good place to do some research. For general bike buying, it is advisable to stick to some of the bigger brands. Trek, Scott, Giant, Specialized. You might also consider some of the smaller manufacturers like Claude Butler or Dawes. For components use either SRAM or Shimano gears. Cranks, either Shimano or Truvative, although if you want to throw money at this you could easily look at 2 - 300 on Race Face or Hollowtec. However, many manufacturers use their own brand, eg. Bontager = Trek. However, if you stick with the brands listed above, they will use viable kit, it just depends how much money that you want to spend on your bike. Hard tail or full sus? Firstly, do not spend less than 700 on a full sus. Do not buy an all singing, all dancing 200 bike from Walmart, Tesco, Cycleking, etc. Hard tails tend to be lighter. Also, because you are not spending huge amounts on a rear shock, you get better quality components elsewhere. So, spending 700 on a hardtail will get you a nice race machine with good quality components and viable suspension. You will still get a nice full sus for this price, but the overall quality will not be as high. If you are just hitting well maintained gravel tracks and roads, you do not want your front fork to do too much, so 80mm travel is good. This is also good if you want to race, since you lose less forward power to bouncy forks. For general XC, about 100mm fork travel, although an adjustable fork between 80 and 130 mm is OK. Any fork that starts at 120mm travel will tend to fall into the all mountain category. These will have chunkyer tyres than XC and are better for bounlders and logs etc. Downhill will have a lot of travel up front, with a raked back design. Luck
Which Is a Better Design to Put on a Beer Pong Table?
Which Is a Better Design to Put on a Beer Pong Table?
Nah, Dude save yourself time and money. Just purchase some cheap spray paint. Paint DO NOT VOMIT HERE on your table and everywhere else you DO NOT want puke. Your good to go! Good Luck Beer Pong Guy!1. Help me with my BEER PONG TABLE :) 10 POINTS?beerpongtable.com2. What paint and coating do i use for a beer pong Table?Do what I do when I make/paint things, use trail & error. Try out your paints etc.on a waste piece of ply, much more fun to do it all yourself3. Where can i buy an inflatable beer pong table here in the philippines?Inflatable Beer Pong Table4. how do i make a beer pong table?Advice on building Beer Pong Tables Large areas of paint: The best way to do the larger parts of the design is just spray paint with masking tape pressed down to prevent bleeding. Sanding the table down on places where you expect paint edges to be present also cuts down on bleeding. Ours bled a little on most edges, but we just put down white electrical tape on the points where the paint met the wood and it looked fine. If you have the resources, buy/rent a professional-grade low pressure paint spray gun (check out Home Depot or other home improvement stores) and you should not have any bleeding. Lettering For the more intricate parts, we got some heavy, glossy paper meant for LaserJet printers, and cut them out by hand. It was a pain, but it was the best way to do it. You can probably get away with thinner paper. Basically, thinner paper is more likely to let the polyurethane soak through, but it's also less likely to stick out of the poly (you can run your finger over the letters in our first table and feel a tiny ridge). If I were you I would get heavy paper, and then just poly the hell out of it (5 coats, wait 24 hours between each coat). Oh, and get a clearcoat/polyurethane that goes on clear. The white parts on your table (if any) will get a brownish tint otherwise. Graphics For the graphics on our basketball court table (ACC text and the flag) we went to the actual court and just took some digital pictures. With a little help in Photoshop, we were then able to get the graphics the right size and shape (for example, taking a picture of the "ACC" meant that it was kind of like a trapezoid, with the top part of the text not as wide as the bottom, since I took a picture from an angle as opposed to a bird's eye view). Anywho, for those we just went to Kinko's and printed it out on their good computer and color printer. Then we glued it on and polyeurethaned over it. Keep in mind you can always look for graphics online and just print them out (Google has an Image search feature that works well). Sturdy construction We do not have any plans drawn out (well, not on my computer anyway), but it's pretty easy to make a sturdy table. If you've got over $150 allocated for this, do not spare any expense on quality. 3/4" pine plywood is the sturdiest non-expensive board you can get. It will come in an 8'x4' section, but feel free to cut it down (but 8x4 is a nice size). If you've got money to waste, you can even get 3/4" oak. It will look better and is sturdier. You are going to want to build a sturdy frame underneath the table. A complete border of 2x4s should lay underneath the plywood. This not only looks good, but provides most of the anti-warping support. You are also going to want to spend the extra couple of bucks for two more 8' lengths of 2x4s to lay lengthwise along the underneath of the table (so you will have something like four 8-foot 2x4s underneath the table lengthwise, and then two 4-foot lengths at the edge). Legs are pretty easy. We use 4x4's, which is sturdy as hell but does not look great. If you paint them, they might look fine. In any event, a 3/4" plywood with the said frame underneath will never warp, and can even handle a few drunk college boys standing on top of it (not that I would suggest that). Misc Also, get trim for the edge of the table. It's $1/ft. and well worth it. It makes the table look much better, and even stops the occasional ball from rolling off. And to make sure that the table can handle all the beer that will get spilled, use a ton of polyurethane/clearcoat. If you have the time, do over 5 coats (10 is probably the most you will need). Follow the directions on can, but you should most likely not do more than one coat a day (bubbles could form if it does not dry all the way).
What Else to Do on PS3?
What Else to Do on PS3?
What else to do on PS3?Start renting movies. That's mostly what I use mine for these days. Do you want to know what other games you should buy? First I agree with the guy above me about the Assassins' Creed games and Uncharted 2. They are great games. Here is a list of other games you should check out. Buy them used from gamestop because you have 7 days to return them in case you do not like them or just rent them first. Batman Arkham Asylum-best comic book adaption and a must play Marvel Alliance 1 and 2- great to play with friends, up to 4 Red Dead Redemption-must have single player game, has online too but the single player is better The God of War Collection and God of War 3 Castlevania: Lord of Shadows- similar style to God of War Darksiders-similar style to God of War Mass Effect 2-must have single player Dead Space 1 and 2- best sci-fi horror Fear 2: Project Origin-more sci-fi horror Silent Hill Homecoming- eeriest horror Condemned 2- Metal Gear Solid 4-lot's of long cut-scenes but terrific story and gameplay. especially the boss battles Resistance 2 Army of Two: 40th Day-much better online but can play co-op on same screen Borderlands- it is better played online with a friend or 2 Heavenly Sword-short game but stunning production Saints Row 2- looser more over-the-top style of GTA Oblivion-best rpg Brutal Legend-great if you like heavy metal music and lore Transformers War for Cybertron Red Faction Guerrilla- the best destruction engine that allows you to break almost anything Fallout 3-must have single player game Prince of Persia Valkyria Chronicles-amazing game that is often overlooked Far Cry 2-slightly different fps than most with great African setting and good story Heavy Rain-best adult psychological thriller Pure- best atv racing NBA 2k 11-best basketball Fight Night Round 4-much better than 3, and the new Fight Night Champions Just Cause 2-adrenaline rush, open world gameplay Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time-best in the series The Sly Collection Civilization Revolution-great strategy Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection-over 40 classic titles Soulcaliber 4-best 3d fighter The Orange Box- 4 great games in one Yakuza 3- Japanese mob story with fun side challenges— — — — — —Do you play any special floor time games with your baby such as "pattycake or peek-a-boo"? Any other games?I usually crawl behind him and he looks right behind me to see if I am following him and then he goes faster and starts laughing cause he thinks its funny. He also has this activity table where I just take off the legs and while he is sitting down we play with it together— — — — — —Is MGS4 worth getting a Playstation 3 for even if your not interested in other games but a fan of MGS series ?MGS4 is suppose to be the final chapter of Metal gear solid series at least for snake it is. This game was probably the main reason many people decided to get a ps3 just because of this game. This game is a visual masterpiece and the gameplay is aweesomee. This game has everything that a movie has and at the same time you are playing it. It has suspense,action, some humor and overall a fantastic conclusion (in my opinion) to the MGS franchise. This game is honestly a must have for the ps3. The only down side of this game is if you are one of those people who could give a rats *** about the story line and just want to play then you wont get the full experience. Some people say that movie scenes are way to long ,but thats because if you never played the MGS franchise it tries to explain everything and so that it basically breaks down the whole MGS franchise. I played that game twice already and probably going to play it again once i get it back from my friend. To me it was a piece of art and action packed game ,but everyone has the same opinion as i do. So its up to you man— — — — — —Would the video game industry be the same without Mario? What other games has Mario influenced?The video game industry would be VERY different w/o Mario. Mario is an icon in his own name. Super Mario Brothers would not exist.the Nintendo would not have been developed (or have made millions of dollars), arcade games would not be the same, Donkey Kong would need someone else to throw barrels at, Sonic would need someone else to copy (then create his own multi-million dollar franchise).Mario has influenced the game world greatly. .If Mario were gone. .through a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY long series of gaming relationships.Halo would not exist.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
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