How far Is the Wireless Data MacBook Por From Us?

This year, many notebook manufacturers have produced notebooks that support data connection, and apple doesn't seem to be in a hurry. Because it seems to have long planned, apple even built a MacBook Pro prototype with SIM card slot in 2007, which also has a data network antenna.

However, according to current technology, it is undoubtedly easier for apple to build a data version of MacBook than at that time. The latest Apple patent shows that the antenna of the laptop can be hidden in the hinge, and apple can also create a built-in virtual SIM card for the laptop, so as to avoid opening holes in the laptop.

Last October, Qualcomm announced that it would provide LTE advanced support for a series of products, including a series of windows 10 notebook products. A coarse grain brand has launched a data version of notebook computers. It is expected that many manufacturers will launch similar devices this year. If Apple does not follow up, it may let other manufacturers seize part of the market first.

So, will Apple launch a data version of MacBook this year?

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