How Long Does It Take for Hair to Grow After a Hair Transplant?

How long does it take for hair to grow after a hair transplant?

How Long Does It Take for Hair to Grow After a Hair Transplant? 1

A doctor I knew started doing hair transplants in the 1960's. He invited us over to see his new grafts. He held a magnifying glass to his scalp and we could see tiny hairs two weeks after the procedure. (They were so tiny that had he done this out of doors I am not sure sunlight would not have burned them away). Several months (bare minimum) to a year for a cosmetically acceptable result

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Why doesn't Prince William get a hair transplant to avoid looking prematurely old?

His hair, his decision. Obviously, he is very secure in who and what he is, and it does not bother him or he would do something about it. Matter of fact, it really does not appear to age him. He looks around 40, and since he will be 39 this year, I would say he does not appear to look prematurely old.

How Long Does It Take for Hair to Grow After a Hair Transplant? 2

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How costly is hair transplant?

Aesthetics are expensive. India is new in this area; therefore here the aesthetic surgeries are even more expensive. Nonetheless, prices defer according to the clinic, the doctor's field of expertise and his experience. The more the expert the doctor is the more will he cost. After all, hard work should pay off. P. S. Medispa is the best clinic in the hair transplant and is having the most experienced and highly skilled surgeons in the world

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What is an average cost of hair transplant in Delhi NCR?

It all depends on how smart you are! If you do not fall in trap of number of grafts and some special techniques than you will end up paying much less. If you start doing bargaining in cost per graft than you will get cheated because they will increase number of grafts as per there wish and if they tell you that you can count it than be cautious because it's not possible.Worst clinics are those which are multiple chain clinics because the consultants which are selling transplant there are not from medical background and they quote and promise just with a sole purpose of selling it. If some clinic is selling some patented fancy technique than its another sign of fake clinic. So choose your clinic wisely

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Is hair transplant surgery affordable?

Yes, hair transplant surgery is affordable. It's not too much expensive. one can easily afford it. If you want to get hair transplant from a good and experienced surgeon, you have to pay some more amount then others but the result will be much better then others. The surgery cost is not so high but the technology and experience of surgeon cost high. At Expert Hair Transplant India we provide the best hair transplant surgeon in Rohini or at any location in India at affordable price, as they have their hair transplant center in all over the India

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Should I get a hair transplant?

At 22, I do not think anyone can tell a guy's future growth patterns. Be sure to get more than one opinion and take the time to understand the two very different harvesting procedures. The older strip graft surgery and the more recent FUE(follicular unit extraction) also known as the Wood's technique. You can search the internet and there is plenty of information on both procedures so I wo not go into detail. Make sure you see a doctor who also performs FUE because it is relatively less common in the US, but a less invasive procedure as it involves no cutting with scalpel, stapling etc and is performed with a local anesthetic. Also know that new techniques are currently being developed along two lines: 1) producing hair transplants in the lab to then transplant; 2) injecting stem cells into the scalp to revitalize hairs that have transformed to producing only fine vellus hair. In your case since this is your natural hairline, only the 1st of the new methods under research would be of interest. I would also consult an artist skilled in photoshop and have him show you how various minor differences in the shape of the hairline and therefore forehead can change the appearance of the face and facial features, and consider how the hairline will look not only now but in the future as a guy ages. Good Luck!

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