How Many People Actually Bother to Comb Their Hair When Running Late in the Mornings?

Well if you have a crew cut then it does not matter I guess. But if you are hair is shoulder length and naturally curly (aka unruly) then well OF COURSE

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2. Why do some men STILL weat toupees and comb-overs when cutting it off looks soooo much better???

Vanity of course - they do not want to admit they are getting old. I do not blame them for trying. Good Luck!!!

3. Do you brush or comb your hair ?

i do both but i usually only do it when my hair is wet ,like right after i get out of the shower, because my hair is naturally curly and if i brush it when it is dry it gets MONDO big and frizzy!!

4. What are some things I should keep in my purse?

Lip gloss Gum Maybe a granola bar or something? Mini water bottle... Idk just in case lol :) Maybe a mirror, brush or comb, and some makeup for quick touch ups Hand sanitizer Well I always have nail polish with me, no idea why though xD Maybe you could use a mini notebook or notepad in case you need to jot something down Other than that, it seems like you've get everything covered!!

5. Boys/Men how do you comb your hair?

Straight back

6. After using shampoo . . . I'm not able to comb my hair properly . . it does not set . . It becomes too dry?

This is the same thing that used to happen to me. Use conditioner, and leave it your hair for about 7-10 minutes, so it can actually work on your hair. Brush your hair immediately after rinsing conditioner out, and do not use a blow dryer, let it dry naturally.

7. Is there a way to remove matted fur from my cat without shaving or cutting my cats fur?

Butter, comb, then wash . Yes, like butter you put on toast. Lol its the oil in it

8. how to repair my hot comb damaged hair?

I am sorry but once it's damage it's damage there is noting you can do to revive it. Did you wash you hair? If so, and you hair still did not revert back then yes it's damaged. The best I can suggest is to get some Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise and give your hair some much needed strength. Get a decent trim, no more heat, moisturize, and let your hair rest for 3 months,. I personally, and I am sorry to say, but I would not advise getting locs, unless your loctician tells you you can have locs. You should ask. I's also stay on top of your deep conditioning treatments and protein treatments. You might be able to get some of your curls/kinks back, but, they wo not really be the same, but it will do. Hoped that helped!

9. Eyebrow pencil, powder, gel, and comb?

you shuld go buy like a maybeline shadow that has like a dark brown or whatever brown that matches and take a eyeshadow small brush & just go over your eyebrows

10. i want to get my hair done! help?(:?

Hair conditioner makes the shaft of the hair slippery in order that it untangles effortlessly. It is helping with cut up ends considering it does not DRAG via your brush or comb. Did you realize that material softener and hair conditioner is the identical factor with an additional title? It's precise. I used to paintings for Johnson & Johnson years in the past and the components is equal besides for the odor. I have used material softener on my hair earlier than and it comes out precisely the identical

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