How Much Time Does a 1000 MAh Battery Take to Charge with a 5v 2 Ampere Supply?

What is the voltage of the battery?How far discharged is the battery?Without knowing those two factors, you cannot come up with an answer.You may also need to know what is the maximum charge current the battery can accept.If you assume the battery is 5 volts (which is an odd voltage) or can be charged at 5 volts, then that 1000 mAh (which is the same as 1 amp hour) supply can provide 1 amp hour in a half hour... But that assumes the battery is 100% discharged.

1. How long does a 3500mah battery last on galaxy s2?

3500 mah might last longer but is probably generic.The difference is that the higher mah,the more charge it will hold.I do not however recommend getting the battery.

2. power micro controller with 7.4V 400mah battery

The easiest way is to use a 3.3V regulator. There are plenty on the market

3. How does Super VOOC charging technology in Realme X2 work that can charge a 4000mAh battery from zero to hundred within 30 minutes?

Realme X2 Pro uses OPPO's Super VOOC charging technology that offers 10V/5A charging. Then VOOC rapid charging technology works a bit differently from the traditional Power Delivery protocol. To put things into perspective, Super VOOC can charge a two-cell battery in parallel.

4. Can I install 3000mah vape mod battery to a drone I bought for 30 bucks? It originally have 300mah battery? What will happen if I tape the battery to drone and connect the positive and negative charge to drone?

The battery might in theory (if the voltage is the same) last for 10 times longer, it has 10x higher capacity.In reality it is going to be perhaps 10x heavier so I suspect it might not take off at all. If it does it might fly badly, and given the drone is now carrying a heavy load, the flight time will be nowhere near 10x longer. Another issue is the discharge capability of the battery. Vape batteries can usually put out a fairly decent current but whether its enough for a drone?I've made a pack out of 4x18650 cells (2s2p) to make a 7.4v 4400mah pack. This replaced a 2500mah pouch type drone battery. It did fly but it did not last 1. 75 times as long maybe 1. 25 times.

5. 3600mah Battery for PSP 2000 slim real or fake?

That means the battery can supply 3.6 amps for one hour at the rated voltage. Sounds like a hefty battery to me

6. How long will a 3500 mAh battery last when it is on standby mode?

Its depends how much current is withdrawn during standby mode. If there is any heavy application running in background then current will be withdrawn more

7. What would happen if I put a 4500mAh battery in an RC boat that normally accepts a 1800mAh battery? Would it be faster, or just burn up?

As a couple of the other answers have said, as long as the voltage of the larger battery is the same as that of the original, there would be no effect on either the speed or the risk of damage to the motor of the boat from the power output by the battery, although the boat should run for a longer time on a single charge of the battery.However, a 4500mAh battery will be much larger and heavier than the smaller capacity battery. This may cause physical problems in inserting the battery in the boat, and also may alter the speed of the boat through the water by causing it to float lower and therefore result in more water having to be pushed aside as the boat travels forward. While not knowledgeable about RC boats, I also suggest that depending on where the battery is located, it may also alter how the boat floats e.g. deeper at the bow or the stern and this may affect its handling and stability

8. Which is correct, 5000 mAh or 5000MAH battery? Why?

Both are correct, but differently.You might know the powers of 10s.10^3= 'k' (Kilo); 10^6= 'M' (Mega); 10^9= 'G' (Giga); 10^12= 'T' (Tera) etc10^-3= 'm' (mili); 10^-6= '' (micro); 10^-9= 'n' (nano); 10^-12= 'p' (pico) etc10^x means x number of zeros after 1 & 10^-x means (x-1) number of zeros after decimal before 1.So, if it is 'm' that means it is mili (0.001) & if it is 'M', that means Mega (1000000). In mAh or MAh the 'h' means hours & the 'A' means Ampere. So, it can be mA for mili-Amps or MA for Mega Amps.So, as you can see capital 'M' means a lot more capacity than small 'm' (10^9 to be precise). So, 'M' can only be seen on power distribution areas. But if you consider it for any home appliances then 'M' is absurd. It is actually 'm'.For example, if your battery is 5000mAh with 3. 7V voltage, then the capacity is (5,000*3.7) i.e., 18,500 mWh or 18.5Wh. Please note that home electricity consumption unit is known as 'Unit' & 1 Unit of energy = 1kWh or 1,000Wh.Now, if I consider the battery is 5,000MAh with 3. 7V, then the capacity is 18,500MWh or 18,500,000kWh or in other word 18,500,000 unit. So, if you consume 300 unit electricity per month, the battery can hold power for 5 Million years, which is absurd.So, if you considering power banks or mobile phones or any other gadgets, mAh is right. Which is correct, 5000 mAh or 5000MAH battery? Why?

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