How Often Should I Charge My Car Battery If I Only Drive One a Week?

You should not have to charge your battery at all. If you have a battery that is less than 3 years old the battery should hold the charge no matter how long you let the car sit. Because you drive your care "once or twice" a week the battery will definitely be fine.

1. How long does a car battery last?

the car battery should not hardly even notice that small load but on some systems, the key has to be in the on position in order for the outlet to get power

2. what is wrong with my car battery?

go back to where you bought your battery, it should still have warranty, and have them load test it. it probably has a bad cell

3. Why does my car battery die when I turn my car off? ?

Battery has no more juice. Get it tested

4. Car Battery problem,won't jump start?

Does it crank at all? Could your security activated the kill switch? Try locking and unlocking the car door with the key, if it is kill switch, that will disarm it.

5. Is my car battery frozen/unrepairable?

will have residual power in battery, at 7 years it is on borrowed time. replace battery

6. Do I need to get a new car battery?

Do not jump start it. Charge it. Jump starting is hell on a dead battery. It depends on how dead the battery is. If it's just real low, it will probably be OK. If it was graveyard dead, it will still work, but wo not last as long as it use to.

7. Can I wire directly to my car battery?

The fuse will take care of the something. People do not do that because it looks ugly. Most people just tap an empty slot(aux) in the fusebox

8. Converting 12-14 car battery voltage to 9v

Linear voltage regulators are usually for low power applications. It will be very hard to find one that suits your problem.I would suggest you look for a DC/DC converter(buck-converter, stepdown-converter). There are some pre-made kits out there that you can use. (I can not give you any link because I do not know where you live, but eBay, Amazon or Aliexpress will do the trick.)These converters also operate a lot more efficiently than linear voltage regulators and are nowadays affordable to buy (10-15$ or euro). In the unlikely case that you can not get hold of one, you can build a step-down converter yourself. The schematic is simple enough.*** It's propably too early in the morning^^, so I made a foolish mistake, the LM2596 is of course already a DC/DC converter (was thinking of LM7809).I looked at its specs right now, and it said 3 A max. You say your dehumidifier takes about three amps, so you would use your converter at maximum rating all the time, which is usually bad. For the best result you should find a similar one with 4.5 A max or something like that.Heatsink should work too, but in the end it does not change the fact that you are constantly pushing the converter to its max range.

9. Can a dead car battery be repaired?

Yes a car battery can be repaired but this is not even maybe a job for most mechanics to attempt. You can find rebuilt batteries and what they do is open the battery case drain off all of the acid and then wash the plates prior to refilling the battery with acid and putting them back into service.

10. can you use any 12 V car battery in a car?

Yes, you can. The Cold Cranking Amperage is a measure of the amount of power available for cranking an engine. The higher the CCA rating, the more power you have available for use.

11. Do I change my car battery?

see if you can borrow a trickle charger. They do not cost a lot, so one of your friends or neighbors could have one. Leave it on all night charging at around 2amps of current flow. this will have the best chance of restoring your battery to its best possible condition, given its age. If it is 2 years old and has not been in freezing cold weather while discharged, it should recover and work for another year or two. If it's 4 years old it might be at the end of its useful life

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