How to Dress for Your Body Shape: Part 1 in a Series

Use tops, jackets and accessories like earrings, scarves and necklaces to draw the attention away from your derriere and up towards your face, so that people are listening to all of the brilliant things you are saying. • Bright colors attract attention and reflect light, creating the illusion of more surface area. • Busy patterns attract more attention than solid colors. The bigger the pattern, the larger the object appears. • Shiny surfaces: glazed, lacquered, metallic, gemstones, glitter. If it's shiny, it catches the eye and looks bigger than it is. • Snazzy shoulder seams: epaulets, stripes or other decorative trim along the shoulder seam draws the eye out horizontally, broadening the shoulder area. • Dark, solid colors absorb light and draw the eye inward, making the area look smaller. If you love printed pants, keep the pattern small and simple. • Slim. I said slim, not tight. It might feel counter intuitive to let pants hug your curves, but baggy pants and full skirts just make you look wider. Stiff fabrics also stand away from the body and add unwanted bulk. Fitted pencil skirts (in Dutch: kokerrok) with a high waist are very flattering. • Flare. Bell bottoms also work well here, but no need to go so extreme. A pant that hugs the hips and legs, then flares out again at the hem helps to balance the hips. An A-line skirt is also flattering when it ends at or just below the knee. • Full length pants. Please, no cropped or capri pants. We need to lengthen the leg, not shorten it visually. If you do wear a pant that comes to the ankle or just above it, make sure it's fitted. • Thicker stretch fabrics are ideal for fitted pants to flatter a fuller bottom half. Skirt fabrics should be lightweight and drapey, making it obvious that you have a waist, and skimming your curves.

Is Plaxico Burress always finding ways to get more attention for himself?

Plaxico: translated from Latin to ancient Greek means Narcissist. Narcissist: (gr) derived from Narcissus, the mythological pretty boy who fell in love with his own reflection.

my gf gives the dog more attention than me?

talk 2 her about it, ask her y she does these things and if she still insists on putting the dog ahead of u then u r better off without her

Would you feel bad and less attractive if....?

Trust me I would have tried picking you up and buying you drinks. Girls like that like attention and if they do not get it. Watch out jealousy and they are too expensive to have as date or GF. Just do what you want. She got more attention because of the way she dressed and acted

Why do I get more attention from men when I wear a dress?

Wow it could be the concept of easy access? or just the old school conservative thoughts of how women should always wear dresses and pant are for men....?

Survey: Which would gt more attention if they existed?

Fire Breathing Dragon Lol x

Should I give my mentally disabled son more attention at the expense of my normal functioning daughter?

I would suggest that you ask for her help in caring for your disabled son and perhaps finding someone or a day care provider which would allow her to have time alone with you, plus if the other child goes to bed earlier than her, again make this time for you and her

what will u do if ur family seems to love and pays more attention to a sister/cousin who is prettier than you?

i have been in the same situation myself and i know its not fun but experience taught me to not put myself in the background and to join in the fun. the exterior of a person is not that important its how warm,loving and caring you are that counts. just be yourself and all will pan out you wait and see good luck.

What three bands would you like to see get more attention (and tell us why)?

Nazareth Thin Lizzy Argent They are really talented rock bands I feel that do not get enough recognition and they can perform a wide range of music and still be great at it

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