How to Find the Closest Distribution of a Given Data?

How to find the closest distribution of a given data?

How to Find the Closest Distribution of a Given Data? 1

In the spirit of the sage comment by BB "However, the arrival rate may vary (e.g. by day of the week, time of day, and so on.)" , I suggest that you present the data for the 22hours in terms of 22x60 time buckets reflecting the number of arrivals per minute. It might be possible to model this series or a longer series say 7 days X 24 hours x 60 minutes . If daily or hourly patterns are identifiable they might be useful

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Which K-drama did you watch once and will never watch again?

When K Drama was a lot tougher to find, I felt obliged to see it out for the whole series. It felt like an achievement! Now, I regret that I did not see one episode and call time!Seoul 1945 - This was when I realised that K Drama really takes it's time. The subject matter was very interesting and covered a period that was crucial to Korea. Looking back on it, it was very much done like a Soap Opera. I think that it's portrayal of the occupation and the portrayal of the first president were controversial in S Korea.Full House - Charming romcom but not something I would want to see again. Firmly cemented my view that all Koreans live in gorgeous accomodation!Jeju something - My crack at Korean historical epics was this series whose Title was something to do with Jeju. Mostly a "Will they, wont they" romance triangle with a foreigner in the mix. The somewhat fey blond foreigner is described as a "pretty boy youth from Brighton" in the subs! This one was frustrating because the last episode was obviously five episodes crammed into one - possibly down to a quick cancellation. W - although I will not see this again I was very impressed with the concept. I will not throw in any spoilers but some of the facial prosthetics were properly creepy!

How to Find the Closest Distribution of a Given Data? 2

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Good book for Ella Enchanted fan?

This series is not exactly like the books you mentioned but the Percy Jackson series is absolutely fun and thrilling for all ages

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Which series should I start, Peaky Blinders or Black Mirror?

Well it really depends on you. If you want some action and adventure then you should go for Peaky blinders but this series will make you sit for a long time as it has so many seasons, although it's a great series.But if you wanna go for some real possibile stuff then you should watch Black mirror as all of the episodes are separate and are not related to each other.So it depends on you if you got more time then you should go for Peaky blinders and if you have a little time then go for the other. Ps. Both of them are equally amazing and are highly recommended.Web Series and MoviesWhich series should I start, Peaky Blinders or Black Mirror?

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Why is it called a series?

A series is a sum that results from adding up terms of a sequence (which has a well defined order). One should understand that mathematical concepts were viewed differently in the past - the notion of infinity, which we now take for granted, was not thrown around lightly, and notation also was not what it is now. In German, other Germanic languages, and most Slavic languages, the equivalent of the word order is used (and matches the word for order used for taxonomic rank in biology). In Slovenian, the word is vrsta, which loosely translates as queue/line-up (or possibly sort/species, but in this case the similarity with taxonimical classification is a coincidence)

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Looking for a new series.?

the saga of darren shan series by darren shan it consists of 12 small books 1-cirque du freak 2-the vampire's assistant 3-tunnels of blood 4-vampire mountain 5-trials of death 6-the vampire prince 7-hunters of the dusk 8-allies of the night 9-killers of the dawn 10-the lake of souls 11-lord of the shadows 12-sons of destiny and the demonata series by darren shan its a 10 book series(8 are published so far) 1-lord loss 2-demon thief 3-slawter 4-bec 5-blood beast 6-demon apocalypse 7-death's shadow 8-wolf island 9-dark calling(released may 2009) 10-hell's heroes(released october 2009) the saga is vampire series, the demonata is demons series... i prefer the saga but both are AMAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!! plz read them,,theyre awesome and theyre cant-put-down books happy new year hope i helped XD

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