How to Judge Whether the Motor on Your Equipment Is Overloaded?

When the motor is overloaded for a long time, it is not only easy to overheat, resulting in reduced winding insulation and affecting efficiency, but also shorten its service life. But for many equipment manufacturers, how to judge whether the motor is overloaded has become a difficult problem.

Before teaching everyone to judge, Yongkun had to give everyone a reassurance. If you don't choose the right motor, your motor may have been running under overload for some time, days or even weeks.

But don't worry first, because the rating of many motors is called service factor, which allows periodic short-term overload rather than long-term overload. But of course, the long-term overload operation of the motor will eventually fail. The main symptoms of motor overload are excessive current consumption, insufficient torque and overheating.

The following are several methods to find motor overload: first, smell. The motor may emit burning or charred smell during and after operation. Second, listen, your motor may be louder and produce additional vibration, because the shaft will rotate the load harder. Third, your motor, stator winding, rotor or other wiring may be scorched.

In addition, if you have taken overload measures, you will find that the motor will no longer start because the circuit breaker trips or the fuse blows.

If you notice a change in operational efficiency and want to test overload before a failure occurs, you can try several different tests. Or contact the motor manufacturer directly,

Editing: JQ

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