How Would a Security Company Employer Look Upon a Criminal Justice Degree Earned Online?

How would a security company employer look upon a criminal justice degree earned online?

How Would a Security Company Employer Look Upon a Criminal Justice Degree Earned Online? 1

If you are wanting to become a police officer, I would recommend you get a 'traditional' degree instead of an online degree. Also, if you are referring to Troy University, formerly known as Troy State University in Alabama, then that is a great school for Criminal Justice. The acceptance of online degrees varies depending on many factors: the company, the industry, the level and type of degree, the degree-granting institution, and, of course, the individual reviewer. Let's look at some of the factors that can affect how well received the distance degree will be: Degree-granting entity. Employers may worry about the legitimacy of a degree from a school they are not familiar with. They are right to be cautious, as many "degree mills" exist - they have names that sound like legitimate universities, but grant degrees based on "life experience" for little more than a fee. Your best bet is a degree from the distance learning arm of a well-recognized traditional university, or at least of a well-established and accredited distance learning school. Level of Degree. The online bachelors degree seems to have the most skeptics. In a 2001 survey of human resources professionals by, 26% of respondents found an online degree as credible as a traditional one. 61% considered the online degree acceptable but less credible, while 13% found the online-earned degree unacceptable. Online graduate degrees were found to be as credible as traditional ones by 37% of the respondents. Field of Study. Legitimate online degrees seem to be better accepted for majors that tend to be knowledge-based, such as information technology areas, accounting, etc. Industry. Some industries are more accepting of online degrees than others. Predictably, the best numbers from the Vault study were logged in Internet/New Media (70% projected acceptance), Technology (46%), High Tech (44%), and Marketing/Media(29%). Areas like Medicine and Law were described as the least likely to accept online credentials. Individual Hiring Manager. As with every hiring situation, a lot comes down to the personal preferences of the hiring manager (and those of key influencers). Some individuals emphasize work experience far more than academics, while others weight academic history and accomplishments more heavily. Naturally, individuals just beginning their career will see more emphasis on academics. Other Qualities of the Degree Holder. The rest of the candidate's resume may well influence the credibility of the degree - if she has been employed in a related field with excellent accomplishments, and chose an online degree to allow full-time work, the degree may be viewed as a mark of a self-motivated learner. The same degree without the work experience or without an apparent reason to choose distance learning may be less credible. Online Degree vs. Traditional - Summary. Online degrees from quality institutions are reasonably well accepted in some areas, though less so in others. They are most likely to be accepted in technology or other knowledge-based fields. Relevant work experience may augment the credibility of the online degree. Best of luck.

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how do i become a mercenary?

It's very rare that security companies recruit from among the younger members of the populace, so wait till you grow up a bit before you consider it

How Would a Security Company Employer Look Upon a Criminal Justice Degree Earned Online? 2

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I work in a dispatch center for an armed security company and we would like to work a 12 hour swing shift?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), overtime is not required on 12 hour shifts for public safety until you work over 86 hours in two weeks. The 2-2-3 schedule you speak of is actually 7 shifts every two weeks, which works out to 84 hours (60 one week, 24 the next), so it is below federal standards for public safety. Unfortunately, you are a private company, so the public safety exemption does not apply and your boss is correct.

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Are there any home security companies that don't do credit checks or don't require good credit?

We went to Home Depot - bought the system and did it ourselves. We did not need monitoring - just the alarm system. Not that hard to do - will take all weekend though.

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Are there domains available to security companies for testing spam? [closed]

Based on the analysis of the mail header shown and the provided information:This together means that very likely mails with a spoofed sender where sent from IP addresses owned by your company. This might be either be done intentionally as a security check by your company as you assume. If not then it might be caused by an infected system inside your company (i. e. part of spamming botnet) which is probably worse

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