Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost for Prius, Volt, Camry, Leaf & More

The Toyota Camry hybrid battery's life can be expected to last a decently long time, but when the electric battery eventually runs its course you will need a plan of action. The cost of a hybrid battery for a Toyota Camry can be up to $4,400 when you need to replace it. If you have a 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid, 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid, 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid, or older models you may face this issue.

Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost for Prius, Volt, Camry, Leaf & More 1

Can Toyota check Prius transaxle and battery for potential issues?

The transaxle is very reliable in the second and third generations but is vulnerable to the large motor-generator (MG2) burning up in the first generation (2001-2003). I have a 2002 with a burned up MG2 stator I am trying to get money and ambition to come together on... about $1200 for the part and a day of labor. Fortunately, there are two important ways of checking the health of the transaxle. First, a sniff of a sample of the transmission fluid will tell you whether there is already trouble. If a sample (by loosening the plug and getting a few drops on a paper towel) smells like smoke, there are other Prius out there. If it passes that, there are temperature sensors embedded in the MGs that can be read with the Toyota handheld tester. Normal temperatures are a superb indication of a good transaxle. Probably only the dealer will have a THHT, but you want it used for one other measurement: the minimum and maximum battery module voltages. I forget what the allowable difference in voltages is but it is the best indication of battery degradation. The tech will know. Some whine is normal on low speed acceleration and braking but loud whine on braking is a bad sign for the MG2 as well, but the temperatures are already way up by that point. Hybrid battery and transaxle trouble are so rare in the 2006 and later Prius (some battery trouble in the 2005... do not know exactly why) that these are just precautions, but very sensible precautions. Half an hour at the dealer will get you a lot of peace of mind. Be aware that the 12 volt battery is the weakest part in the Prius. A load test, as long as you have it at the dealer, will tell you if the aux battery is going to need a replacement (around $200). Since the aux battery does not spin the engine it is very common to find out the battery is dying by coming out to drive it one morning and the dome light glows dimly. An '06 or '07 is likely to be on the short list for a new aux battery if it was not replaced yet. Finally, have the tech do a visual inspection of the inverter pump (about $500 parts and labor to replace). They were a bit of a problem in the second generation.

Has anyone been able to fit 3 car seats or boosters into a Toyota Prius?

Even if you could, in an accident, it would not be very safe

Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost for Prius, Volt, Camry, Leaf & More 2

What came first? The Honda Insight or the Prius? Which got better gas mileage? Price?

The Honda came first but it sucked. It was ugly and as originally built only had 2 seats. The Prius could be used like a normal family car

What's a good substitute for a Prius?

Try a Saturn. The newer GM engine slated for 2010 standard in all GM engines is an on-demand system, where it shuts down cylinders when not in use. I drive a 1995 Saturn SL1 and get 41mpg in town. Unfortunately, Saturn stopped using the engine I have when they switched to making the Ion instead.

Should I buy the Honda Insight or Toyota Prius?

Neither , buy a SMART CAR

toyota Prius 2008 near the start button there is a button between two green lights . it is for what purpose.?

It's to make you feel warm and fuzzy about owning a Prius. You think you are saving the environment and yet you are not

Does anyone have a Prius?

Note that Bubba B says the same thing every time he answers a Prius question. Would you expect anything different from a "Top Contributor" that specializes in Chevrolet questions? Prius is a great car, with a 10 year / 150,000 mile FULL warranty (not pro-rated) on the battery, for cars purchased in states that follow California's emission regulations. (8 years / 100,000 miles elsewhere.) If you are going to keep the car longer than that, you might be one of the very few people that may need to buy a battery -- but even that's rare -- and the cost for that is about $4,000 including labor, at MOST. Lower if you shop around, and much lower if you buy a used battery out of a wrecked car. Consumer Reports has never found ANY car with higher owner loyalty -- "would you buy this car again?" What does that tell you? I suggest you rent one for a few days and try it out; there are certainly people that do not like them, and that's fine, and you can not use it to pull a boat, or transport your kid's entire soccer team, nor can you do zero-to-60 in five seconds. But if those are not important factors to you, you might have found yourself a car you will enjoy for many years.

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