I Have a Picasamus About 8' in with 3 Baby Blue Lobsters?

I have a picasamus about 8' in with 3 baby blue lobsters?

yes if the pleco is that big it should be fine. my friend has a 150 gallon in his living room with about thirty blue lobsters (which are being sold and moved to bigger tanks) and one really big pleco. i only recommend getting the pleco if you pond is big enough.

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Wedding flowers, colors are chocolate & baby blue, what flowers would look best?

Do not really know my flowers. But find a color close to what you want. For the chocolate part you could get small brown cattails put in the bouquets. They accent really nice. I think they have like 2 or 3 inch ones. Really nice colors to put together. Good luck with the wedding.

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baby blues. anyone else feel the same?

2 weeks old is waay too young to be thinking about letting him cry it out. He's just a little baby and unfortunately this is a part of motherhood. Feeling frustrated and sleep deprived is normal. It will get better as time goes on.

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Isn't beyonce's baby Blue Ivy Carter the absolute cutest baby you have ever seen!?

Eh. I've seen cuter babies

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I have baby blue sheets with a chocolate comfortor... wall paint ideas?

I agree i think taupe for your walls. baby blue curtains or valence. add a framed mirror or pictures and accessories in white, silver, and bronze.

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Should the Chargers Wear Baby Blue Broncos Game?

They look silly in those uniforms

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I dont know if i am suffering from Baby Blues or postpartum?

Even if it is she has been given several opportunities to get some help and yet she does not . I personally believe that she wanted to lose custody of the kids so she can maintain her crazy lifestyle. She does not seem interested in getting those kids back. She is doing severe psychological damage to those poor boys

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I want my wedding colors to be baby blue and balck (50's theme wedding) what color for brides maids dresses?

i would do all attendants in black with baby blue accents. guys in black tuxes with baby blue vests and ties, girls in black gowns with baby blue sashes at the waist and blue jeweled hair clips

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What to feed baby Blue Jays?

Blue Jays love raw peanuts in the shell unsalted. Before we moved last time we had 100's of jays in the back yard squawking for peanuts. I had some eating out of my hand. It got expensive since they were eating 5 lbs per day and my wife was always feeling sorry for the hungry Blue Jays.

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Baby Blue (George Strait song)

"Baby Blue" is a song written by Aaron Barker, and recorded by American country music artist George Strait. It was released in April 1988 as the second single from his album If You Ai not Lovin', You Ai not Livin'. It was a number-one hit in the United States, while it peaked at number 3 in Canada.

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How to get a baby blue jay to eat?

There really is no other way then forcefeeding. My dad use to use a shot to inject calcium and fluids into a bird. But you kind of have to know what your doing. They have a certain food for young birds at pet stores. You can forcefeed baby food to him. because eventually he will open his mouth. he has to eat

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a baby blue jay came up and touched me?

usually birds (young) take to the first they see.or their mothers.have you ever heard not to ever touch a baby bird bc it's mother will abandon it? it does think you are its mother.i would say to call your nearest vet. or only to let someone who you can trust not to harm handle it until it can get some help otherwise.

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I found 2 baby blue bird eggs and want to save them...I need help!?

A larger predator bird or other climbing animal most likely robbed the nest and what you found is what was left or dropped. Survival depends on how long they were laying, the temperature where you found them (too warm, too cold) and how much shock they sustained from falling. I would say do not over warm them...something around body temp is prob okay. For a better chance at survival take them to a wild bird rehabilitation person. They are trained to deal with situations like this and have a pretty good success rate. To find one you might want to call your local veterinarian or your state's fish and game department. Hope all works out

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