I Have a Tennis Match in 2 Hours. Any Tips?

I hope your match went well. I am on girls JV tennis, so I will try to give you a few tips anyways, 1. Do not go for difficult winners unless you have a really good lead. (Easy winners like smashes are good to go for) 2. In your warm up, try to look for your opponents weaknesses and create a game plan. Nerves are a good sign, but try to enjoy your time on court. In one tennis match, I was thinking "I can not dbf on this serve" and I double. So do not put too much pressure on yourself. Tennis is FUN. 4. Use topspin and try to get the ball deep. It's hard to return a deep ball for most players. 5. When someone hits a high ball at you, hit it back deep and high. If you hit it back short, they will end up pushing you off the court Yeah, so good luck in your future matches :)

I Have a Tennis Match in 2 Hours. Any Tips? 1

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What Is The Greatest Tennis Match Of All-Time?

rafa vs roger wimbledon final 2008 novak vs rafa madrid semifinal 2009 rafa vs fernando verdasco aussie open 2009 novak vs federer aussie open 2008, coz i enjoyed watching fed lost that match..

I Have a Tennis Match in 2 Hours. Any Tips? 2

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Can God help you win a tennis match???

No. It would go against the free will he gave to them to choose where and how to play each set

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When was the last time you felt you were at a tennis match without actually being at a tennis match?

Everyday. I have 3 kids. Meg Only at work. I work with kids who LOVE to argue. Neen

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2 day prep before important tennis match?

From my experience, and I hated playing early morning matches, I would eat a light breakfast so you are not feeling heavy when you rush the net. by light, I mean fruits and juices, maybe 1/2 muffin or toast. the same for the night before, no heavy meals with potatoes. A banana in the morning is OK too, it will stop any leg cramps. As Chris mentioned, stretch out well the day before and in the morning of your match. bring plenty of fluids if you win your 1st match as you may have to play again the same day ! Prepare yourself with a strategy like find the opponents weakness during warm-ups or the 1st couple of games; is their weaker shot the backhand, forehand, can they hit shallow shots well, do they volley well, angle some shots off the court. change speeds on your serve. Basically, do not be predictable. Good Luck...Go get em!!

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What is the greatest male tennis match of all time and what makes it so special?

Over all Federer/ Nadal 2008. Displays of best of the two best : brilliant passing shots, cross court rallies, enormous court coverages, intensity, no sign's of fatigue ?, varieties of shot making.... McEnroe vs Borg 1988 was an epic drama match, but I would put it # 2 greatest. isplays of the best of the two best, excellent cross court rallies, superior movement

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Why does my second server suck so bad when I am playing in a serious tennis match?

Always remember you are only as good as your second serve

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how do i stop being nervous before a tennis match?

I tend to have the exact same problem right before a big match. My solution would be to just try to relax by listening to some music and just do what you enjoy doing. Just focus on what you have to do. Being nervous before the match is healthy, bt they also often carry over into when you are on court. When on court, just think of playing the match point by point, as it often helps you to focus. But, above all, just remember that tennis is just a game, and it is not going to change the fate of the world if you do not win

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If you were a reporter, what would be your headlines for the tennis matches that you have watched so far?

top seeds tumble, lower seeds celebrate

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What's the best professional tennis match that you have seen in person?

I have watched a lot but the best ones happened to me at the us open, watching Isner and Querrey play doubles this past us open, in 05 going to the US Open final of Federer and Roddick watching Marin Clic come back from 2 sets down against Jesse Levine at this past US Open watching Juan Martin Del Potro play a grounds court match in 07 watching Stan Wavwrinka play in 06 (i forgot against who) watching the Bryan Bros play in World Team Tennis

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