I Have Above the Knee White High Heel Boots..what Can I Be for Halloween Thats Black/white Clothing?

A Whore

1. What do girls think when they see men wearing high heel sandals and also to have their nails done at a salon?

I would think ur gay or something

2. How can I get high heel boots to fit? They're a half size too big?

maximum folk have not got the thin crowned ft that the boot layout demands to look sharp. Get a nil.5 length larger like your buddy shows, yet you could desire to stuff the toe to maintain your feet from sliding into the region & pinching. additionally, they lead them to extra sort installation so once you positioned the inserts in it will develop your foot into the boot. That basically makes it tighter. a third factor to look at could be how long your toe nails are. seems trivial even though it could upload as much as assorted soreness. As somebody who works on her ft i am able to inform you it could make the version. bear in recommendations leather-based will stretch somewhat, yet no longer that lots! attempt to sidestep slender feet & heeled boots. no longer basic to do. stable success!

3. Is it fashionably okay to wear sheer nude pantyhose with a dress?

you can wear pantyhose with anything, it is always fashionably. pantyhose will look great with that dress. wear high heel to

4. Do female senior citizens continue to wear high-heel shoes on special occasions?

At 12 I wore my first pair of 2 inch heels, white patent leather and nylons, a new perm and outfit. What a day that was! I love them but over the years I have not worn them much because I am tall and have weak ankles. I also used to wear pretty hats but I seldom see those anymore.

5. what shoe size i could fit in women's high heel stiletto pumps?

sounds like fun! lol for a dress size you are just gonna have try on dresses until you find one that fits. maybe one of your girl friends can help you. try goodwill. they always have a lot of stuff and it's cheap. that way you do not spend a lot of money on something that you will only wear once (hopefully lol). as for the shoes - stilletto's and pumps are two different kind of shoes. stilleto's usually have extremely high heels and a pointy toe (and they are NOT comfortable!) and pumps still have a slightly higher heel, but the toe is more rounded and they have a "classic" look. for size, i would start at size 12 in women's sizes. payless goes up to size 12 and 13, but i've never seen women's shoe sizes higher than that. good luck! hope this helps!

6. I get very hurt & angry when i see my boyfriend looking down at a girl wearing high heel shoes?

i think he has a thing for high heels!! if you use high heels and keeps looking at other girls... then he has a problem!! a big one at that!! and it's normal to get angry when he does that!! no woman in a serious relationship would tolerate that!! and the last time he was looking at the other girl were you also in high heels?? if yes then girl the dude's disease is incurable

7. I wanna wear my High heel boots to school but i dont want to be "slutty"..?

They are fine as long as your not planning to wear them with a mini skirt. Lol

8. I asked a question earlier about if as a woman wearing a high heel shoe and walking thru the mall and?

cockroaches r NASTY bugs and should all be killed!! I for one would be more than glad to step on it and squish it's little guts out!

9. My high heel pumps fall off my heels when I walk. How do I fix this?

Try foot petals - www.alternativeoutfitters.com

10. Are my black knee high heel dress boots still in fashion or not? Would you wear them or sell them?

I think those are cute. I would wear them over jeans, but not with skirts or dresses. Also, I would not wear them during spring or summer. Save them until the fall

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