I'm 16...and I May Be Pregnant. What Should I Do?

I'm 16...and I may be pregnant. What should I do?

I'm 16...and I May Be Pregnant. What Should I Do? 1

you can not get pregnant through doing oral sex

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How should I make up with my husband?

If he enjoys oral sex and almost all men do, work in the nude (I am assuming there are no children at home) and tie a ribbon around your waist for him to untie - pull his pants down and swallow. After this intimacy, explain your problem. If he has never done it with you and he wants to, let him take you anally - you will need to use a couple of enemas. You will find that you are quite powerful in the relationship after this and you will finish your PhD, never underestimate the power of sex and indeed, the kitchen, but you do not have time for that. If he does not turn around, it may be that he is jealous of you, which would be very destructive.

I'm 16...and I May Be Pregnant. What Should I Do? 2

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does it make me gay that i gave my best friend oral sex?

I am with the first answerer -- your other questions about thinking you are gay are a bit at odds with this one. At any rate, a one-time session of fooling around can be considered "experimenting." If it happens numerous times, there's definitely a sexual orientation involved. But here's a thought that probably has not occurred to you -- you are not required by any law to pick the "perfect" label to slap on yourself. In other words, nothing is forcing you to choose the right adjective to describe your life, because you are not under any obligation to explain yourself to other people. I am 46 and never made a bit "coming out" speech -- not because I am closeted or self-loathing, but because I just never felt the need to belabor the subject. We are all individuals who have the right to exist, so none of use owe explanations to anyone. So I've just lived my life and let others draw their own conclusions about me.

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Why is my boyfriend not interested in sex?

Maybe he is bored, try switching it up every time you have sex. One time you are the domineering woman who tells him what to do in bed, next time maybe its his turn to be in charge. And never ever give your man oral sex if he is not willing to even try to do oral sex on you. Do not cheat yourself.

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Why doesn't my boyfriend perform oral sex on me?

Get the potential hygiene issue out of the way first. Shower together. Wash yourselves and each other. Once you are in bed, put him on his back, then position yourself over his face while you go down on him, but do not finish the job, or he just might doze off. If, despite this obvious opportunity, he still fails to apply himself to your nether regions, it's time to ask why.Is it possible he does not realize just how much you enjoy his talented tongue? Tell him you had a very sexy dream about his tongue slowly circling your…well, you get the picture. Maybe he will, too.

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How do I stop feeling so cheap?! ( Oral sex )?

Wut he has done with his ex is the past this was before u and u need to understand that, I am not siding with either of u so do not take it the wrong way. My husband has had more than his share around the block and I had not been with anyone but in order to b with that person u can not hold there past against them if u want to b happy. And wut u do with him is between u both and u should not feel ashamed. In relationships people try different things to keep their sex lives spicy and romantic or to please the partner but u also have to b please in the process. Just forget about his past and make wut u have with him special because he is with u now so I would not worry about the other girl and wut they did or u will just make urself unhappy every time u have sex that is why u feel the way u do, so let it go for the sake of ur relationship

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