I'm 8 Weeks Pregnant and Have a Very Active Little 17 Month Old Son. How Do I......?

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and have a very active little 17 month old son. How do I......?

I'm 8 Weeks Pregnant and Have a Very Active Little 17 Month Old Son. How Do I......? 1

Could you have someone to come over in the mornings to help out? A neighbor? Another stay-at-home mom? If your local college has a child development program, there are sure to be students looking for experience. If not, try some limited TV time. Oh, also, there is a medication for morning sickness. I can not remember what it's called, but my doctor gave me some free samples when I was pregnant and it worked really well.

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An experience that induces self-doubt is a(n) ________experience?

I think you said it yourself in your question. It is an intimidating experience.Another option might be daunting

I'm 8 Weeks Pregnant and Have a Very Active Little 17 Month Old Son. How Do I......? 2

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Who has experience with Labradoodles?

Do I ever. Hence, my handle. I have a 4 yr. old Portuguese. I researched for 4 yrs b/f buying. My friends have PWD's and I was skeptical at first. I thought I would buy one and it would not be as well behaved as theirs. They are the best dogs I have ever been around. Since owning a Portuguese Water Dog I have been exposed to many Lab/Doodle mixed breeds. Regardless of what you are told, you are still paying money for a mixed breed. Over 1/2 the Lab/Doodle dogs shed. Ferris Bueller, my PWD, can snuggle with me in my lap while I am wearing a white shirt. He is blk. When he gets up, there is not one single hair on me. Not one. Ohhh, and there is not blk hair in all my kitchen cabinets, either. In addition, his personality is exactly like my friends PWD's. The things I loved about their dogs are all 'breed specific'. If you would like me to share more, just let me know. I have some of the best shots of him with his 2 Yorkie brothers and one Dobie. Best of luck. My vote is if you want a dog that looks like a PWD, buy a PWD. He was born calm. Ciao, Sami PS-We live on the water and keep him in a sport cut vs. the atrocious lion cut. They do love the water. He is the sweetest dog I have ever been around. I have sitters that fight over who gets to keep him when I travel.

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How is the Syntel interview experience?

It was a lateral recruitment drive in July 2010 at Delphi, Powai, Mumbai. I am still with Syntel, recently won Hackathon 2016.I went with my friend. I was from JAVA background whereas my friend was from Dot NET. There were atleast 150 candidates that I could figure out. L1 & L2 are the terminologies used in Syntel where L1 stands for initial technical round, L2 is a kind of managerial round of interview & then comes the crucial part, HR round of interview. Believe me, most of us think (even I used to) that technical is the important round but as much I can say, HR is the more important as it decides your salary & job position. Syntel call it as "Band & Grade". We were called at 09:00 AM & it was raining heavily. Some of you might know Mumbai rain, especially in terms of traffic. We reached at 09:35 AM & the security guard said that you cannot enter since its already 35 mins passed. It took 5 more minutes to convince him & finally we were through.There were 13 panels available for JAVA & only 5 for Dot Net. Almost equal number of candidate for both streams, JAVA & . NET. Obviously my first round of interview was conducted earlier at around 12:00 PM whereas for my friend, it was approx 03:30 PM. We both cleared the first round of interview. A little problem that there was no communication from coordinator regarding second round of interview, when & where would it happen? We tried talking to them couple of times. It was then around 05:00 PM, hungry & almost loosing patience.I got a call for L2 round & cleared it whereas my friend was still awaiting for his turn. Now I thought next round would be quick but NO, it took another hour for HR to call me for next round. It was more of a negotiation round and HR was trying hard to convince me why I cannot get the salary package that I asked for. Finally the process of interviews was over by 06:30 PM; my friend was still waiting for L2. He got a call for L2 at around 07:00 PM. It did not take more than 5 min for him to come out of cabin. Soon after, HR called his name and said NO in a typical HR style "Hey Kunal, you may go home for now. We will get back to you." We were sure that he ai not selected & "get back to you" is just HR way of saying NO.Then we both were waiting for another 30 min for my offer letter. HR person came out & said we may not be able to release all offer letter today. Whomever I call, please wait, we will give you offer letter right away and for others we will send it later on. Now was hoping for my name to be called & YES she said "Sumit Sakore". Hush! finally at around 08:30 PM I got my offer letter along with salary structure.It's 2016, now I take the technical interviews for the aspiring candidates. The questions are more or less similar that you might have experienced earlier in some other interviews. Few which were asked to my & I ask to othersTell me about yourself in brief. This is a first opportunity to build an impression. Make it concise, talk about your major achievements such as any certification or sports awards etc. along with your most recent assignment, your roles & responsibility. Make everything of it happen within a minute or two. Do not stretch it so much.Tell me the life-cycle of XYZ or in brief about XYZ. Add only the things that you are confident with & perhaps have a work experience. It would not take much time for an interviewer to know about the real & fake. So better not to add everything in your resume. Fake entries rather degrades your impression.Why do you want to switch the job? (Typical HR question). Try to avoid telling any bad experience about previous employer. Neither an interviewer is interested in knowing it. This question is only to know your communication skill and perhaps the reputation and compatibility to work with teamWhy SYNTEL? (Typical HR question), Go through the Syntel website and gain little knowledge about the organization. This can show your interest in the organization & again can depict your communication skill. Where do you see yourself after 5 years? (Typical HR question, I personally do not like this one). I do not understand how can someone really know it? Am I an astrologer you think? Ha..ha. When I joined, I never had it pre-decided to stay with Syntel for a long-term. I stayed back because of better opportunities that I got. Nevermind, again this question can show your confidence in yourself. Talk something that suits your skill. NO CEO / DIRECTOR please.I would stop here just to avoid making this answer lengthier. Good luck!.

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