I'm Confused About the Aerodynamics of a Gas Turbine Compressor Blade of a Jet Engine?

I'm confused about the aerodynamics of a gas turbine compressor blade of a jet engine?

Total pressure is static plus dynamic pressure. A compressor will increase both (total and static pressure) together. Note that the flow speed in the different compressor stages is nearly constant and the flow is only decelerated for combustion after the last compressor stage in an area called diffusor. The flow speed in the compressor is chosen such that you just avoid supersonic flow at the blade tips but maintain enough dynamic pressure so throughput is maximized and the whole engine can be built smaller. Supersonic compressor flow incurs higher losses and reduces efficiency.Who says the stator vanes increase the pressure of the flow? They do not move, so they hardly can do work on the flow. All they do is to control swirl such that the direction of flow is optimised for the next stage. Note that compressor blades have very thin airfoils which work best at a distinct angle of attack. Higher variations in angle of attack would require a blunter nose shape and a thicker airfoil. This is similar to a slotted flap at the trailing edge of a wing. The stator vane is like the wing in that respect that it directs the flow in one direction, allowing a thin airfoil behind it.The rotor vane then increases both total and static energy.

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what is time or life or flight cycle of aircraft jet engine ?

their time goes by hours or T.T. , total time. their is a meter inside the aircraft telling the time on the engines and a stick er put on by your maintenance person who tells you when you need an overhaul. that is a fixing and upgrading of your engine

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9/11: Why was a Boeing 757 jet engine NOT found, at the Pentagon crash site ?

It was destroyed people seen it fly into the pentagon what since it was not seen on TV you do not believe it.Come on do you really believe all the crap you are fed

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what would happen if you threw a rock into a jet engine?

Depends on the size of the rock. Small rocks, pebbles would be shot out the fan section, worst it would do is nick a fan blade. Engine would not even notice it. Large rocks, the size of fist of bigger, would cause significant fan blade damage. Engine would not blow up or disintegrate. Ive seen engines take a 8 Lb Canadian Snow Geese and keep on chugging, and seen engines take a 6 Oz Sparrow and break a fan blade.

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did you hear about the flight instructor who called a jet engine an air conditioner....?

Was that the Japanese flying instructor at Mona Airfield

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Why is it when a jet engine spools up, you sometimes see a cloud in the turbine?

Where in the world are you? This will happen when it's a humid day and the acceleration of the air into the engine causes the local pressure and temperature to reduce causing condensation to occur

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Can somebody please explain to me why the Xbox 360 sounds like a jet engine whenever you play games?

There is stock fan on the Xbox 360 that makes unwanted noise which is comprised of two brushless motors, and one optional moving part, the hard drive. The main component of the jet noise is the dual cooling fans. As the unit ages these fans will only get louder. Also, a cheap modification, done to out of warranty boxes is to rewire this to the 12v source to speed it up for better cooling. Any Xbox with the stock fan speed mod will sound like a jet engine without fail. Any additional fans added as an aftermarket kit or warranty voiding modification will also add decibels to the operating noise profile. Replace or remove the fans down to the minimum if this noise bothers you. The sound from the hard drive is nominal and should not bother anyone. If it sounds like a ball in a shaken paint can than the drive heads are hitting the platter; unrecoverable drive failure is imminent. Any data left on the drive will most likely stand up to one read only.

How Does The Jet Engine Work ?

an electric powered jet engine that makes use of electricity to warmth/enhance air could require incredibly extreme voltage (yet no longer inevitably incredibly extreme amperage). the better the voltage the greater helpful the engine. There could no longer be a could compress intake air like a combustion based jet. potential performance is picked up there. that is could be a rely of controlling lightening interior of a restrained area. I merely ponder whether an electric powered jet engine could be loud, like thunder all the time? i ponder whether that is a probability to do without shifting aspects?. .that would enhance reliability besides.

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