I Need a Wii Game. Suggestions?

I need a Wii game. Suggestions?

I Need a Wii Game. Suggestions? 1

Mario Kart Wii, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, and Super Smash Bros. BRAWL! are all great games. I know you said to not say SSMB, but it is MUCH better than GameCube (it has WiFi, more characters/locations, and a very good story mode.)

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What wii games are fun?

Mario cart Super Mario Galaxy Super Smash Brawl Just Dance Wii Party Michel Jackson the experience Lego star wars Lego harry Potter ANIMAL CROSSING------ its addicting Wario Ware Smooth moves Mario Party THe beetles rock band PAper mario Oh and that new udraw thing for the wii looks really fun

I Need a Wii Game. Suggestions? 2

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which wii games do you recommend?

mario cart reccomend the steering wheel controller in the sports pack that comes with most of them

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Best gamecube and wii games?

I have a xbox360 and I used to play n64 and super so I do not know what games there are for gc or wii and what are the best. I play my friends wii all the time but we mainly play mario kart and just dance ( i recommend just dance). As for game cube, zelda games are the best. I am a girl but I honestly prefer "guy" games. they are more entertaining

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Good Wii Games To Buy?

Anything involving Mario. Mario Kart Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Mario Bros. Wii Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 Super Paper Mario Dead Space : Extraction The Conduit Wario Land : Shake It Wii Sports Resort Mad World Twilight Princess Hope these help!

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what are good wii games?

1.Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I know ur not into fighting games but this game is the "must have" game for every wii owner (in my opinion)) 2.Rock Band 3.Mario Party 8 (i think) and some others

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Can Wii games look better?

I think so too Those old ps2 game ports are pushing the Wii backwards. The games looks are all up to the developers,if they want to be lazy and work fast,or work hard and spend more time. but within the time limit. as more new developers join in we may see great game or not.. depending on there skills.

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What are your favorite wii games?

Super Smash Bros., Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Monkey Ball Banana Blitz, Wii Play, Wii sports, Disney Sing IT and many more

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which of these wii games should i get?

Well Wii Play comes with a free Wii Remote so I would recommend you buy it. But you can not go online on it

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Help with Burning Wii games?

I can help you get all setup with everything you will need but I wo not post it here you can find me on aim if you would like me to help aim= idfjvafnv

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What are some good Wii games?

Wii Fit Plus Just Dance 2 Guitar Hero: World Tour New Super Mario Bros.

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Remove scratches from a wii game?

In my experience, those crazy methods never work. People just keep coming up with even crazier foods to smear on their discs. What you need is a professional disc cleaning. Go to azuradisc.com and send them your Wii disc. they will make it look brand new and send it back to you by UPS. Or if you just want to get rid of it. sellitbroken.com will buy your scratched game for good money. It's up to you but I think you are just going to waste your time with home remedies.

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What are good wii games?

I personally liked Red Steel (did not play the second yet), Super Smash Bros. Brawl was good, Zelda was also a good one. Not really that many adult or mature games on the wii, the only adult game I know of is Madworld.

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Any good Wii games out?

Wii Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Its really fun, i got it for my cousin for Christmas its $30 at Target if that helps any

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Best of the Best - Wii Games?

Family Ski / Family Ski & Snowboard this is a BRILLIANT family game, although single player, its loads of fun cheering your family on! trust, its really fun. makes it a whole lot better if you do actually ski, even more better if you go on family skiing holidays. hope i helped

What Wii Games are any good?

in simple terms in view which you do no longer basically like the respond, would not make it incorrect. Modding a Wii will void any warantee which you have on your Wii, and the legallity of it remains in query. you are greater beneficial off retaining a much better eye on your stuff than attempting to bypass with a backup course.

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