I Need to Change the Valve Stem Seals in My Car. Do I Need to Get Head Work Done Too?

I need to change the valve stem seals in my car. Do I need to get head work done too?

I Need to Change the Valve Stem Seals in My Car. Do I Need to Get Head Work Done Too? 1

Good compression just change the seals. It would just be a lot of extra unnecessary work to pull the heads at this time

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If a flat tire is fixed and the valve stem is removed to let the air out, wil the sensor reset it self?

You know that there are different versions of tire pressure monitoring systems out there, right? Year, make, and model.

I Need to Change the Valve Stem Seals in My Car. Do I Need to Get Head Work Done Too? 2

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My truck still smokes after changing valve stem seals,what can it be?

give it a few days.. smoking a little because some oil's remains in the exhuast system also replace PCV valve.

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how do you change a valve stem on a tire? how do you know if the tire is tubless or not?

Try posting in the motorcycle cateory

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i am missing a valve stem cap on my mountain bike. how important it is ?

A valve cap isnt really that important it just keeps stuff from getting in it and if stuff gets wedged in it, if u look in it there is a little needle, if any thing pushes on that needle with enough pressure, it will give you a flat, put a pice of tape over it if your like me who doent wanna buy stuff. Somewhere u can go is Action Bikes if u live in Universal City or Around there. it is a great store they have free labor and u only have to pay 1/4 the price of something.

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would a leaking valve stem seal cause my truck to fail smog test?

One has nothing to do with the other. NoX is nitrogen's of oxide and is usually created because of a malfunctioning EGR valve= exhaust gas recirculation valve or something related to controlling the EGR system. The valve stem simply holds air in the tire. The smoke on start up could be worn valve guides, excessive piston ring end play or as it is refered to =blow by. Good Luck

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How much would it cost for this to be done to my car?

Smoke on start up is due to valve seals going bad allowing oil to leak down the valve stem and puddle in the cylinder. More then likly a head job is needed to get rid of the smoke but its not that big of deal. Head gasket is probably fine when they go its due to overheating and its the water jackets that let loose and leak.Your oil leak could be just valve covers.or a sending unit.best thing to do to see where its leaking is to clean the engine completely off and watch for the leak .but being an 88 its might just be 20 years of residue on the motor. As for idle that could be that the idler screw needs adjusted and you should be ok.

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how to replace valve stem seals without removing head?

Shop use compressed air through sparkplug hole to hold valves closed when doing valve stem seals without taking off heads. Small engine shops sometimes use a hand pump, check valve, small air bottle rig to work on some engines out of shop. A propane bottle and check valve also used on trouble calls. Overhead cam engines may be a bit more trouble- the compressed air procedure I mentioned was used mainly on OHV engines or a single cylinder- but a multicylinder would not be much of a problem doing 1 cylinder at a time after removing camshaft unless for some reason you could not get the big tweezers valve spring compressor to work. ***BikinKawboy clarified my concern about valve spring compressor, head design precludes use so stuck with remove head and use big C/ U compressors***- Are you going to use new tophat seals or O rings?

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I would take it to a tire shop such as midas or discount tires. Have them put in a new stem and if you have tires already balance them as well. You can buy the stems but it's a pain do to by yourself should cost for a stem somewhere around $5-10 if that.

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what valve stem seals are best for stock vortec heads?

I second that. The factory seals are excellent pieces. Anything made from Viton material is going to be a premium material

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