Ideas for a Policy That Would Reduce the Crime Rate?

Ideas for a policy that would reduce the crime rate?

Ideas for a Policy That Would Reduce the Crime Rate? 1

Since violent crime is the most devastating to the victim ... I would propose a policy that would reduce the rate of violent crime! Recognizing that violent criminals are predators, I would create a policy that would reduce the advantage these predators have in society. Predatory animals tend to target the weakest and least able to defend themselves. Predatory humans are really no different, they prey on the most defenseless members of society! The policy would have to be multifaceted to be successful! Centering on making the weak in society strong enough to fend off the predators and separating the predators from their preferred prey. A requirement that all states issue pistol permits (including full time concealed carry) on demand unless the state can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the applicant is currently under the supervision of the corrections department (including parole and probation departments), has an active order of protection against them, or has been diagnosed with a mental disease or defect that makes them a threat to themselves or others or the applicant is under the age of 18. This strengthens the weak, giving them legal access to tools necessary to their defense. All states would be required to recognize as valid any firearm permit issued by any state. Full reciprocity allows the people to have the tools of defense on their person even when they are traveling out of their own state. No government authority would have the legal ability to ban or place additional restrictions on any class or group of firearms, including requiring any special permit or additional fee. Likewise the no government would be able to place any restriction on any firearm accessory. The predator known as violent criminals would not abide by these restrictions anyway. ONLY the law abiding citizen would be deprived of these items. Sentencing guidelines for violent crime would be increased dramatically, with some violent crimes resulting in a sentence of prison plus life on parole (never receive full rights again). Violent criminals would be segregated from non-violent criminals in prison, with only certain facilities open to violent criminals! This would prevent violent criminals from teaching their "skills" to non-violent offenders while in prison. A new federal law would recognize the right to self defense and the right to "Stand your ground". That's just a few ideas ... should give you a start.

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What is a good place to live in New York City with a low crime rate?

New York City's crime rate is not bad for a major urban area. Probably to do with the huge size of NYC's police force. Rent is expensive though, especially in Brooklyn or Manhattan. I live in Queens with access to 2 major subway lines, 15 minutes to Manhattan, and my 1br w/ balcony is $1400/mo

Ideas for a Policy That Would Reduce the Crime Rate? 2

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Chicago's crime rate has been in decline. What will trump supporters do now without using them as part of their tired talking point?

since Trump has been president,...LMAO

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Is the crime rate in Chicago extremely severe?

It seems that way. Summer always has had a high murder count. This year appears higher than most. Street crime is up everywhere because of the economy and unemployment. White collar crimes and poor planning have been a major reason for the fall of the economy and bankruptcies, which caused unemployment. Chicago is no exception. The Houston expert above should know about white collar crimes. That's near where it was initiated in Crawford, only 206 miles away.

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Why is crime rate relatively high in former Spanish colonies?

Because we are less countries.The former British empire is way more violent and backward. The difference is, the criminal population is spreaded across more countries, so rates are of course lower.When counting actual population, Former british colonies fare higher in rape rates, and dominate the high deciles of homicide rate and hate crimes, the last one being rare in Latin America for obvious reasons (common religion, language and ethnicity). El Salvador and Honduras top the World's homicide rates, but these are small countries with a total population close to NY LA, Tokio HK, or Moscow Berlin combined.When comparing murder rates by city with murder count and population, you get 3 different pictures: the World's most violent city (Los Cabos, MX) is a 300,000 ppl town.Venezuela has a national crisis, with the army and felons paid by the gov. to harass the population, a special case more comparable to Syria or Afghanistan than an average country

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