IDT Launches Power Smart Technology, Which Will First Be Used in the Collection of Consumer Applicat

IDT launches power smart technology, which will first embed the company's integrated circuits for consumer applications

IDT, a leading provider of mixed signal semiconductor solutions, is committed to enriching the digital media experience ® The company introduced new power smart technology. This technology will first be embedded in the company's integrated circuits for consumer applications. IDT power smart technology will integrate power management functions into IDT devices and provide IDT customers with various design options - extending battery life, improving power consumption, enhancing design flexibility or any combination thereof.

IDT power smart technology is indeed a "smart" technology. Its uniqueness lies in the integration of programmable intelligent power management function with other IDT core silicon technologies, so that IDT can provide additional value-added at the system level. Providing solutions to specific problems helps IDT optimize the whole system through integrated functional modules, so as to reduce redundancy and improve system reliability and overall performance. These technologies no longer have simple and independent functions. Compared with adding functional modules on a single chip, the integration of various technologies has greatly improved the performance.

Dr. Ted Tewksbury, President and CEO of IDT, said: "In today's digital world, power consumption is changing the way we operate and live. Therefore, at the chip level, we need to rethink the way we power our digital media devices and build them from the bottom up, rather than integrating power as an additional function later in the design process. We are committed to expanding our value, helping customers achieve success, and Expand our market and technology leadership. In times of market and economic instability, expanding market and technology leadership is particularly important. IDT power smart technology is part of this commitment. At IDT, we are taking measures because the current economic crisis provides us with an opportunity to actively invest in technology and meet the expected improvement, which will help us Promote the next generation of consumer electronics devices and functions. "

Power smart technology also demonstrates IDT's determination to become an overall solution provider by providing customers with solutions that can achieve the highest efficiency in the market without affecting performance. Power smart technology also helps IDT customers launch new advanced functions by using the board space traditionally allocated to power management chips.

In order to make the whole company fully focus on efficiency, IDT has established a simulation expert group - including Mr. Paul brocaw - to integrate power management into highly integrated application specific standard product (ASSP) for consumer multimedia products. This group has more than 100 years of experience in integrated simulation design.

Paul brocaw, senior technical expert of IDT, commented: "on behalf of the whole simulation team, I am glad to be a part of IDT. We are convinced of the company's system oriented approach to customer applications and look forward to using our simulation expertise to help IDT become a more comprehensive supplier of mixed signal system solutions."

The analog design team will initially support the IDT video and display business unit, which is currently designing and producing the industry-leading IDT DisplayPort for flat panel displays for digital TVs, displays and laptops ™―― Compatible receiver and integrated timing controller solutions.

The power smart technology and simulation design team perfectly complements Dr. Tewksbury's theory of IDT. Dr. Tewksbury said: "As a growing company, a key element of IDT's strategy is to provide comprehensive solutions, such as our product portfolio of panel back components. Power management is a key component because power saving and intelligent integration are the main components of the strategy. If we continue to focus on the basic principles - listen to our customers, understand their systems and provide what we have learned What's not worth it - IDT can definitely survive this recession with a stronger company. "

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