If I Believe and Love God, Think Military Men Are Hot As All Get Out, Never Murder My Unborn Child,

If I believe and love God, think military men are hot as all get out, never murder my unborn child, that means

If I Believe and Love God, Think Military Men Are Hot As All Get Out, Never Murder My Unborn Child,  1

First learn how to express yourself in the English language. You must be a typical American illiterate and the only people who can understand your rant are other illiterate Americans. You reasoning is also simplistic. I am using you as an example as to how far an incoherent person can go on Yahoo.

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Poll:do you feel military is for men?

Oh and what is a "real man" again ??

If I Believe and Love God, Think Military Men Are Hot As All Get Out, Never Murder My Unborn Child,  2

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Do you think military men look good in uniform, but have little brains to back up their "beauty"?

Another military hater. If you work in a strip joint then it is a mind game they are playing with what is left of your little brain. The rest of the military, they are some of our best and brightest. They hard workers who is doing a job that you are too chicken to do. They want to give something back to this great country. I call this character not being a character which you are

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Why are military men often chauvinistic, womanizing, homophobic jerks?

Womanizer? No. Homophobic? No. Arrogant? Maybe. I spent 3 years in the Marines and 6 years in the Navy and I think that you got yourself a couple of bad apples that just happened to be in the military

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Why do republicans say military men are "dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy?

Why do Republicans always carry the military vote? Because it's the democrats who DISS them all the time!

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Is there an actual rule that US military men must shave?

The primary reason the US Military requires a clean shave (mustaches are allowed) is for the protective mask to seal properly. Aside from that, it is a well groomed appearance, and fits with the traditional standard. The Army regulation that governs appearance is AR 670-1.

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back in WWII what did military men think about females in the military?

My father served in World War Two - and he could not imagine women in combat. He was astonished to learn that there were women who taught newly-recruited airmen to fly before said recruits went on to fly combat aircraft. He was doubly shocked to learn that women ferried fighters and bombers across the English Channel to deliver to combat pilots (men). He expected to see women serving as nurses, but far from the fighting. I served with women soldiers during the Vietnam War. Most of us felt it was proper for women to serve, but only as nurses, clerks or in other support activities - again, far from the fighting. The women I served with were all nurses and in positions such as company clerk - but not in line companies. My son is serving today. He says he and his men have seen women serving in combat and that the women are as good at their jobs as the men are. He admits he would have a problem with his wife serving beside him, but has also seen female combat pilots, artillery crew members, gunners on armored vehicles accompanying supply convoys - and seen some of them horribly maimed and even killed in combat. He and his troops - he's a staff sergeant and team leader - deeply respect the women - who work, eat and play alongside the men, but who sleep in their own separate quarters. (Adultery is still a courts-martial offense).

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Why do military men end up homeless (some of them) when they come back?

Army life, especially in combat areas, is not like civilian life. I can not imagine bounding around in an APC through some dusty shithole one day and then be back on Main Street USA a week later. I do not think "adjustment" is adequate enough.

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what is wrong with military men?

If a guy is saying this to you, he's cheating on you. He is cheating, so has cheating on his mind. He thinks that if he's doing it, you MUST be doing it to, so to take the focus off of himself, he's going to put it on you. I was married for 6 years to a soldier that accused me of cheating on him any time we were separated for more than 15 minutes (outside of work). We were both in the same Regiment, but two differant Troops. He would always come home from field problems and ask me who I had over at our house, or who's barracks I was whoring around in. When I went to the field, he would ask who's tent or truck I was sleeping in. My baby's daddy always accused me of cheating too. I was three months pregnant when I found out that he was still married AND had a mistress, who he is now married to and they trying to take my daughter away from me. When a guy accuses you, he's cheating. The more insistant he is in his accusations, the more certain you can be that he is with someone else. Do not marry this guy, it will only get worse for you. He says you are going to leave him, I think you should prove him right. Good luck! :-)

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