Introduction to the Functional Structure of China Unicom Oss2.0 Automatic Backup System

China Unicom recently commissioned China information and Communication Research Institute to start the test of oss2.0 automatic backup system. Equipment suppliers with the ability to provide China Unicom oss2.0 automatic backup system can sign up voluntarily.

It is understood that China Unicom has a large number of oss2.0 systems and equipment and a large amount of data. In order to achieve unified security protection of data, unified and decentralized backup data and improve data utilization. It is necessary to take over the existing scattered backup work through a unified backup system to realize the whole process automation: from collection, unified instruction engine, task execution, fault tolerance and error correction, data distribution and storage, the whole process automation of backup and recovery is realized through task intelligent scheduling mode. The backup content covers the whole network, including general database backup and recovery, important file backup and recovery, operating system backup and recovery, core network data backup and recovery, etc.

Functional structure of oss2.0 automatic backup system

The automatic backup system includes backup data management, backup operation and maintenance management and interface management. Data backup management includes the management of backup tasks, processes, objects, data backup, data recovery and data distributed file storage. Backup operation and maintenance management includes backup logs, exception monitoring and system management; Interface management includes network equipment backup interface, Internet of things / core network equipment backup interface and OMC network management data backup interface to backup network resource equipment.

The announcement stressed that the test contents and results will be used as the follow-up "new project of China Unicom oss2.0 automatic backup system in 2018"? One of the basis for public bidding qualification and technical scoring. At the same time, whether the test is passed is one of the requirements for the subsequent bidding qualification review of the project. Suppliers who do not participate in the test will not be qualified to bid and cannot participate in the subsequent procurement links.

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