The speakers suck on 3rd gen iPod.. But uhhh jus use headphones


1. One computer speaker doesn't work?

Test the port with a set of headphones. If you get the same result then it may be a setting within your operating system. If not, just get new speakers

2. Are you a good public speaker?

No, I get extremely nervous. I hate having to speak in front of a class or big group in general. Virgo.


3. Is it possible to record speaker output on computer?

Record Speaker Output

4. How Can I Seal A Crack In A Speaker?

I've done it w/ JB weld before

5. i need a mexican spanish speaker to translate this?

Te falta mucho ten minutes. --- You still have a long way to go ten minutes. - This does not make sense. Eso dijiste hace three minutes. --- That's what you said three minutes. Does not make sense. Ya comiste? --- You already ate? or Have you eaten already? yes --- yes Hey.Ya llegue' a mi casa. --- Hey.I've already arrived at my house. All this is very bad Spanglish. Te falta mucho ten minutes does not make any sense at all.What exactly are you trying to say? Correctly witten it should be: Te falta mucho. --- You are still lacking alot.Or,it should be: Te faltan diez minutos. --- You still have ten minutes left. Eso dijiste hace three minutes does not make any sense. Correctly written it should be: Eso dijiste hace tres minutos. --- That's what you said three minutes ago. Komiste is misspelled.It shoudl be: comiste.Extremely few words start with k in Spanish. Yes does not need translation unless you are trying to translate yes to Spanish.Then it would be: si. Hey ya llegue a mi casa should be two sentences. --- Oye.Ya llegue' a mi casa --- Hey.I've already arrived at my house. I agree with your statement that on-line translators are no help,but I am not surprised that they did not help you even just a bit.This was badly written in the first place.

6. What is the purpose of a case speaker?

Newer computers may not have an internal speaker installed. Its only there to beep Bios codes for diagnostic purposes. It plugs into the motherboard.

7. Is it possible to separate a Bose Acoustimass double speaker?

I've never done this, and I recommend that you do not . You can separate the drivers, but you wo not be able to separate the technology that is more dynamic that the drivers themselves. It's much better to put that unit in another place, like sound for the garage, den, etc. It's much more valuable as it is. Looks like you could get $50 on C. L. , or stoke someone out with it. It's worth more in stoke points with a friend or relative than separated (and destroyed)

8. How do you say speaker (like a radio speaker) in Spanish?

A person who speaks on TV or Radio is called a speaker How what interests you is a speaker inside a radio. There are three possibilities.One is BOCINA, the other is ALTO PARLANTE ( Loud Speaker whilst the last is MICROFONO ( Micro Phone ) Different countries use different words and the nuances are somewhat different Hope this helps

9. Speaker Cone: Loudspeaker Diaphragm » Electronics Notes

The loudspeaker cone or speaker diaphragm is the main active area of the loudspeaker. When activated by the coil, it pushes the air backwards and forwards to create the sound waves. The speaker cone design is critical to the performance of the overall loudspeaker and has requirements that are difficult to meet to obtain the optimum performance. The main requirements are that the speaker cone or diaphragm should be low mass, but rigid. These requirements are not easy to achieve as rigid cones often require more mass, and low mass cones tend not to be so rigid. Whilst the two main requirements for speaker cones appear to be mutually exclusive, clever design and the innovative use of materials can enable some very high performance loudspeakers to be designed and manufactured. Another requirement for a speaker cone material is that it should be self damping. This helps reduce the effects of self resonances which can colour the sound. The materials used in loudspeaker cones can vary enormously. Tremendous developments have been made in recent years with the availability of new materials. However the most common material used for speaker cones is a special form of paper. It has excellent self damping properties, but as can be imagined it is not particularly rigid or even not very consistent. The paper used for speaker cones consists of wood, and rag fibres including kapok, waxes, fungicides and some resins. During manufacture the constituents are beaten together in a precise manner and for a particular time to gain the exact properties required. If the mixture is beaten for a short period, it produces a paper with long fibres that are more flexible. These papers are good for bass cones those requiring controlled flexure as in the case of cones required for full range reproduction. If the mixture is beaten for long periods, then the resulting paper has short fibres. This paper is suitable for loudspeakers requiring sensitive cones and for higher frequencies, although the paper is prone to producing strong resonances. Other materials are used: polypropylene has some good self damping properties and is more rigid than paper. Under most conditions and for most loudspeaker designs the cone is required to be rigid and free from flexure. However there are some circumstances and in some speaker designs where flexing of the cone is part of the design and this feature is t to good use. Cone flexing can be used to enable a speaker to provide full range reproduction. By contouring the cone and allowing flexure, it is possible for the centre of the cone to respond to high frequencies. As the frequency decreases, so a larger area of the cone becomes active until the whole cone moves for the lowest frequencies. Flexure of the speaker cone can also be encouraged by placing concentric corrugations in areas of the cone. Using controlled speaker cone flexing enables a single unit to cover the full range - typical performance figures may show the frequency range extending from around 40Hz up to 17 kHz or more. The speaker cone determines many areas of the performance of the overall loudspeaker unit. The overall performance is governed by many aspects including he coil, magnets, frame and so forth. However the loudspeaker cone is of major importance.

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What Makes This Site Fun for a Native Speaker?
I go with nearly all the answers before and would simply like to add another aspect: I think this site is a real good place for German expats to stay in touch with their language. Would be really interesting to know how many of the contributors are Germans living in another country1. Speaker Priority - Center or Sub?Depends on what you want...... I would personally put my money towards a subwoofer.....but that is because I do not mind stereo sound. The subwoofer will make your stereo sound much bigger than it really is.......always get a powered subwoofer, do not waste your time with a pass-through model. However, the center channel is needed if you want to listen to surround sound......without a center channel speaker, you have to leave your receiver set to STEREO.....if you watch a movie with the receiver set to SURROUND, you will not hear anyone talking in the movie.....you will just hear helicoptors, cars, and background music. If you get both, spend more money on the subwoofer than the center channel, and make sure the center channel is made by the same company as your front speakers.2. Help with car speaker size?Hm ... It should be impossible for a 6 1/2" speaker to be too big for a 6 3/4" opening unless you are talking depth. If you are talking depth, there are spacer rings you can get to make the speaker stand out a little more3. Is there a converter for Speaker Terminals to Opitical Audio Jack ?A DVD player can not really drive speakers, even from the analog RCA audio port. You do need an amplifier or Receiver4. What are the Connections on a Guitar Speaker called?They are speaker terminals that take speaker wire with spade style connectors5. JBL charge Bluetooth portable speaker?As Far As I am Aware Based On The SDK And Development Of The iOS, This Is Intentional Without It Being A 2 Way Communication Device Or An Automobile On-Board Communication System. What I Mean Is That Since The Speaker Does Not Have A Built In Microphone, Or Has Firmware That Determines It Is A Part Of An Automobile System - It Will Not Transfer Calls Over To The Speaker. I Believe This Is A Cue From The OS To Only Handle Calls Through A Bluetooth Mechanism That Supports Input Output (Bluetooth Speaker With Mic [Turtleshell By Outdoor Technology]) Rather Than An Output (Bluetooth Speaker Only), While Still Using The Phone Microphone As The Input. I Hope This Is Clear Enough, And Sheds Some Light On This For You!6. Amplifier Speaker QuestionSorry, but you have totally missed a few things:If an amp is rated for 8 Ohm speaker, inserting for ex. 4 Ohm speaker can cause overheating in the amp and having more, say 16 Ohm gives less power and can also cause instability, if the amp has an output transformer like tube amps generally have.With 2N2904 you can construct an amp which outputs theoretically 150 mW. It's a common emitter amplifier stage with about 3,5V operating voltage:This circuit wastes continuously DC power as much as it can output, its so inefficient that I do not recommend to build it except as a test for "have you learned enough of the math of basic electronics to get the parts calculated right"7. which brand speaker is better ?The quality of magnet in the speaker is the most important factor in a good speaker. Bose has some different reputation. It cannot be compared with any other. The recording devices & speakers from the brands like Yamaha, Sony, Seinhesser, Panasonic are used in recording studios as they have much better sound quality.They make speakers & other devices for both professionals & non-professional users.8. Connecting 2 Peripherals (amplifiers) to one speaker?Nope it can not be done. The outputs of each amp will interfere with each other causing damage to at least 2 amp and maybe both9. Is it typical for Spanish speaker not to pronounce their S's ?The pronunciation of "S" in Spaniard, it is well weak, almost dumb, almost unaudible10. What is a good speaker system for my computer?do not get one in each and every of those 'living house theater in a container' kits. Yeah, they are low-fee, yet surprisingly much all of them lack any form of extra inputs you will could get embody sound from a interest device, your DVR, and so forth. using laptop audio device will paintings. ..yet provided that the area you watch television in is amazingly small. I used to do this for my old mattress room, the place the area I watched television became approximately 7'x7'. It labored superb yet whilst i offered my living house, the audio device purely were not useful sufficient for my new front room. on the comparable time, the laptop audio device were not properly matched with my new AV Receiver. What i might do is purchase an extremely low-fee receiver - even a used one off eBay will paintings. Spend maximum of your money on the audio device. in spite of each and every little thing, that's the significant area, and stable speaker will final very virtually continuously on the same time as you improve your receiver
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