Is It Possible to Dye Camouflage Clothing?

Yes, you can overdye it, and no, it wo not make it all one color. However, it wo not exactly look like darker camouflage either. The differences between the individual sections will be less so the pattern itself will be less recognizable and muddier. Suppose I had a fabric that was blue and yellow stripes and I overdyed it with red. Blue and yellow are pretty striking side by side, but purple and orange are less so and that's because they share the red component. I am guessing you are wanting this for hunting. Most animals have far less ability to perceive colors than humans do. That's why orange camo works.

Is It Possible to Dye Camouflage Clothing? 1

1. Does standard camouflage clothing work?

humans - standard works animals - orange or grey work

2. Poll: Do you own any Camouflage clothing? pants, bikini, hat......?

nope! but i know too many people that do!

Is It Possible to Dye Camouflage Clothing? 2

3. How do you know where the camouflage clothing is?

see we should of that before we made that stupid invention...dude

4. Do you have any camouflage clothing?

the ones i wear while hunting yes i do...!!!

5. Could Jesus have avoided crucifixion by wearing camouflage clothing?


6. Clothing with a Drawback Poll: How often do you want to wear your camouflage clothing, but can't find it?

lol has not happened to me yet

7. where can i find camouflage clothing?

A few websites for you to try are: www.brigadequartermaster.

8. Do you agree with feminists who claim anyone wearing camouflage clothing item is supporting the patriarchy and actively oppressing women?

Ridiculous. I suppose feminists will soon be claiming skiing and coffee are sexist

9. where can i get camouflage clothing?

Army Navy Store

10. Why is it an offence to wear camouflage clothing in St.Lucia?

It is not offensive. It is illegal. They do not want to shoot an innocent tourist mistaking them for a rebel terrorist. There are other Caribbean islands that have the same law. Do your research before you go. By the way, St. Lucia is one of my favorite Caribbean islands. It is lush and green and gorgeous. We kayaked across the bay to Pigeon Pt and then hiked up to historic Ft. Rodney. The remains of the fort/ammunition storage/ cannons are still there. The cannon has the insignia of the Queen of England at that point in history. On a clear day you can see the small island used by the French to keep an eye on St. Lucia. Exquisite views.

11. when people wear camouflage clothing in public , who are they hiding from?

Tax man

12. Where to buy camouflage clothing for cheap?

I am going for army surplus. I in finding that one of the chemical conflict fits are ideal for hunting. I have purchased somethings that did not match, however there may be adequate in the household that it suits some one,. Continuously try out what you purchase earlier than you hunt in it. There may be nothing like in poor health becoming garb to destroy a hunting commute. I shop Cheaperthandirt, ebay, and a regional retailer that carries surplus every now and then

13. What does wearing camouflage clothing say about the person wearing them?

I feel like camouflage is ingrained in American culture. And I found an interesting article that says just that:How Camouflage Clothing Left its Mark on American CultureEver watched duck dynasty or walked into bass pro shops?I've always associated camouflage with the "redneck" stereotype. The type of people who like to drive big trucks, fish, and hunt. So, I generally assume the person is super outdoorsy and knows how to have fun.However, I moved to a country with a recent revolution and on going conflict so camo is no fashion statement. The only camouflage that is worn on the streets is by military personnel. So that makes them honourable. What does wearing camouflage clothing say about the person wearing them?

14. Is it against the law wearing Camouflage clothing?

No. People wear camo all the time. There are even army surplus stores that sell actual products used by the army for civilian purchase. As long as you did not have any of his badges on the uniform and were not attempting to impersonate a soldier, it would be fine

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