Is It Safe to Test a Power Wheels Motor with a Car Battery?

Your home is connected to a nuclear power plant that can output hundreds of megawatts. I think it's safe to say your home is still standing. It's the VOLTAGE that determines if your motor will fry. If the motor is rated for 12v, then, like your house, the motor will only draw what it needs from the battery. If the motor is rated for 6v, then your motor will probably fry. If the motor fries, then there's a problem with the motor, not the fault of the battery power.

1. How did my car battery died so quickly?

Even new batteries can fail in days if they are faulty. Your is three years old. Normally they last from about four to six years. Varta batteries sell a five year guaranteed battery. That's the one I would fit. Before you buy a new battery it's worth checking that the alternator is ok. Jump start the car and see if the headlamps brighten with revs. This is best done facing a wall at night.

2. What's the best car battery for the money for my honda civic 2000 ex?

I prefer Interstate. But any battery with good cold cranking amps and a decent warranty will be OK. Sears diehard are not bad either

3. car battery help!!and portable power source help?

Hey Man, There are a couple of things that I would suggest to you. 1) The first thing I would check is your remote wire, (usually blue) This wire tells the amp to turn on and off when the deck is powered on and off. If you are using a factory radio, you can run the remote wire to an accesory source so it will turn on and off with car. 2) If you are running a decent size system, you should look at putting a capacitor inline with it. Basically, it goes before the amplifier and stores a charge just for the amp. Also, extends the life of your alternator. Good Luck.

4. Can I activate the over discharging car battery?

I am not entirely sure what you are asking, but I know how to get rid of battery build-up, if that's it. Baking soda and water in a pitcher, pour it on top of the battery connectors, and watch the build-up fizzle off. Next pour a pitcher of water to rinse off the residue. Be warned, however: by pouring the baking soda and water mix on the build-up, you are effectively creating Sulfuric Acid. This is why you need to rinse off the residue when you are done. Avoid touching it with your bare skin. Wear close-toed shoes when doing this.

5. car battery problems.. can someone please help?

The battery is showing the classic signs of getting old.Like a glass of water becoming smaller,the capacity of the battery is much less than it was when new.It will be alright until asked to do more than normal. This may be a good time to start looking around for a new one and avoid another incident

6. What determines if a car battery is still good?

12v 36ah Battery

7. car battery has 7 volts?

Before you walk out with your charged-up battery MAKE them do a 15 second load test on it to see what the reserve amperage capacity is. Amperage spins starter motors not volts

8. What does this mean for my car battery?

Just go buy a new one, before you hurt yourself

9. What is top car battery brand...?

Interstates are pretty good and I've heard from reliable sources they build the Costco house brand "Kirkland" if you want to get one at a good price

10. how to attach lights to car battery?

literally speaking your not really attaching the wire to the battery is have to attach the wires to the battery pole ..and thus when you put the poles on the battery. .it should light up. .. and i had 2 different setup on 1 inverter.. (strobes and leds) it worked for me

11. What side is positive and negative on a car battery?

Hi, I would check the size of posts.One side should be grounded,which will be your negative.Very surprised no markings on posts or colors.Good Luck

12. car battery powering a led underglow system?

i am tremendously specific the respond is genuinely no longer. First, LED lighting fixtures furnishings have not got the completed spectrum of sunshine waves as Halide or Sodium lighting fixtures furnishings (and the sunlight) do. Secondly, improve lighting fixtures furnishings tend to require lots of electric energy, and you may wish a reasonably great battery. good success and chuffed 4:20.

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