Is It True That Jesus Followed Buddha?

The internal God is same in both the divine forms.Collecting Jewels of Different Religions ... (Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)Spirituality requires divine virtues, which are emphasized in various religions. The firm faith of Islam, the infinite love of Christianity, the tolerance towards other religions of Hinduism, the social service of Buddhism and the non violence of Jainism are important virtues that a spiritual person must acquire. These are practical traditional aspects of various religions, which are more precious than their scriptures. These traditions bring out the most important essence of the respective scriptures.

Firm faith of Islam .

..One must praise the firm faith of a Muslim in God, accompanied with strict regularity and discipline. Other people worship God either in their leisure time or on a holiday. But a Muslim worships God everyday, whether it is a holiday or not. He worships God at regular intervals of time whether it is leisure time or work time. The faith in God and the importance given to God precedes everything and every activity in his life. This aspect is a page in the book of spirituality.

Infinite love of Christianity .

..Another page in the Book of Spirituality is the tradition of Christianity, which is infinite love. Lord Jesus says in the Bible Revenge is mine. Christians love even their enemies and prove that their love is infinite. Love is God. God is infinite and so Love is infinite. Such infinite love alone can attract God. The proof of love is in sacrifice through service. Christians sacrifice a lot of their money for spiritual work. Their love is so unlimited that they sacrifice money even to the spiritual centers of other religions. Even if some religion is opposing their religion, they fund the other religion. This shows their love even for their enemies.

Their love for their family bonds is very weak. So the love in their hearts is stored without much wastage. This concentrated love in their hearts flows entirely towards God and so they sacrifice a lot of their earnings for the work of God. Also they do not store their wealth for their children, and they ask their children to earn and live on their own after a certain age. Thus they are able to sacrifice their earnings for God without worrying about saving for future generations.Tolerance of Hinduism ...Hinduism should be another page in the Book of Spirituality. The house of every Hindu contains pictures of different forms of God. At the same time Hindus see only one God (Para Brahma) in all those forms of God. They treat the different forms of God as different dresses worn by the same Divine Actor. This indicates that there is only one God for the entire world and Lord Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Mahavir are only different dresses of the same God. This understanding brings about, not just tolerance of other religions, but also the brotherhood of all human beings in the world.Similarly Buddhism, Jainism etc

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What do those that have served in the military think think of President Bush, Obama, and Trump?

I am a Submarine Service Cold War veteran. I voted for Bush II, but did not vote for either Obama or Trump. nBush II inherited the Clinton budget surplus and eight years of foreign policy malaise that was all over the place. Bush II squandered the former quickly and we all paid for the latter. Bush II did well after 9/11, but quickly went down a rabbit hole and started spending money like a drunk sailor on liberty... but a drunk sailor stops spending money after his pockets are empty - Instead of raising taxes to pay for both the Afghan and Iraqi wars, Bush just had the Fed print more money. I still wonder to this day why we invaded Iraq on such flimsy intel. And drones? Don't get me started. Alas, some people do need killing, and drones were a safer way to do it - but it was at a great expense of innocent lives. Bush actually improved our standing in the world by humanitarian aid to South America and Africa. As his Presidency continued, I grew more and more impatient and annoyed with his governance. I think history will grade him in the middle of the pack - C.Obama inherited the start of the housing crisis and a major recession. We kinda squeaked out of the former by lenders getting their acts together about bad risks and on the former by creating a bunch of McJobs. His gift receipt of a Nobel Peace Prize was political, and some emotionally centered people thought it was grand - race was not longer an issue - the world loves us, etc., etc., ad nauseaum. Again, I gave the President my support. Right up until he authorized killing an American citizen without due process via drone. You can, by proxy, say any President killed people, but this set precedence. Obama is the first American President to kill an American citizen that was not actively in a war zone or in the commission of a crime with no regard to the Constitution. He failed his oath to the Constitution and the American people. He leapt to judgment in many domestic issues and took sides, setting race relations back to the 50's with support for "Hands up! Don't Shoot!" and the Dallas cop killer. History will not be kind to Obama. nTrump is a recent of Obama's failed Presidency. Dems mobilized, swearing that women would be forced into back alleys for abortion, Gays would be thrown off rooftops or stoned, cops would gun down minorities in higher numbers than ever before. It was apparent that the "loyal opposition" were showing their true colors, a bunch of fear-mongering asshats. Maybe all that identity politics is why we have Trump today - eight years of Obama ruling that way got us here. Objective judgment on Trump's presidency is currently impossible because the loyal opposition and the free press scream bloody murder if Trump has a steak or if some thin-skinned idiot is offended. The economy picked up, employment is high for all groups, Trump seems to be fair to different and diverse groups, and truly seems that he gives a shit about putting "America First" in our trade talks. Whether it's the right policy or not, I don't know, but I wish the Dems and CNN would remove their tin foil hats and STFU about him being a Manchurian Candidate and Russian patsy. And let a grown-up control his Twitter account.

I did not complain about "my guy losing" for more than a couple of months about either Obama or Trump after they were duly sworn in (though I did vocalize my disgust and utter contempt with Obama after he ordered the killing of a US citizen and have gone from WTF to "there the old codger goes again" on Trump Tweets).Is that blind loyalty part of my "veteran makeup"? Hell, no. But I firmly believe that it's sedition to prevent the President from doing his job (oh, you can still complain, but not actively try to stop valid policies from being carried out). Don't think so? Go tell a social worker that they're not taking your kids or a cop that he doesn't have the authority to ticket your ass for driving with a suspended license. You can update the group about your experience after you get released from jail


Has a police officer ever been totally inappropriate to you?

Ive only had one such experience, and it ended badly for the officer who stopped me.I was on my way to meet friends after work one evening about 6 years ago when a set of flashing blue lights popped up in the mirror. Knowing that I wasnt speeding, that my registration was current, and that I had no lights out, I began to wonder what was going on.

I slowed down and pulled to the shoulder turning my emergency flasher on as I turned off the engine. My wallet was close as was my registration and insurance card. The officer approached on the passenger side of my vehicle and tapped on the glass. I turned the key on so I could get the window down, and spoke.Good Evening Officer, what seems to be the issue?Could you step out of the vehicle?May I ask why? I mean if this is a simple traffic stop, then what would be the reason for my needing to exit my vehicle?Just get out of the fucking car!Youve not answered my question. Why should I have to exit my vehicle if this is just a simple traffic stop?Look bitch, if you dont get out of the car, Im going to arrest you.

On what charge? Ive been courteous, and respectful, yet you seem to be growing more unprofessional with each word you utter. Ive done nothing that would warrant arrest.When he realized that I wasnt getting out of the car he walked back to his cruiser, where I could see reach in and grab the mike to the radio. Soon after a second and then a third police vehicle arrived, and a big conference began. When a Sgt. finally approached my car, I figured that things would be straightened out, and Id be on my way.Evening Miss, Im Sgt so and so, and I understand that youve given my officer a rather hard time.

Good evening Sgt. As to my giving your officer a rough time, hes brought that on himself with his rudeness, and unprofessional language. He requested me to get out of my car yet refused to give me a reason when I asked him why I needed to.The officer is simply trying to ensure his safety Miss.

If I exit my vehicle right now, should I expect to be placed in handcuffs and taken to jail?No Miss. You wont be going to jail.Did you hear that Em? The Sgt. says I wont be going to jail. Tell the girls that Ill be a little late, but Ill be there shortly.The Sgt backed up as though Id pushed him, and I simply looked at him and smiled.

Yes Sgt. Ive been on phone with my girlfriend this entire time, and like me, shes employed by CDCR. Ill be happyy to show you my ID, and my CCW permit, because my off duty weapon is in my bag.He stammered, and mumbled something about being right back then walked to where the original officer was standing. All I heard was an explosion of words as he chewed the young fellow up one side then down the other.He returned to me and apologized on behalf of the officer and their department, and hoped that I would have a pleasant rest of my evening.I got back into my car and drove away with Em giggling wildly over the speaker phone.

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