La Luna World Tour

La Luna World Tour was the second worldwide-covering concert tour by English soprano singer Sarah Brightman supporting the Brightman's 2000s' release La Luna. Brightman was Britain's top touring artist in the United States during the North American leg of the tour. Wide success was experimented in Europe and Latin America as well. Brightman's La Luna concert tour topped anything she had previously done, with more than 108 shows playing to live audiences totaling audiences of over 500,000 and garnering rave reviews.

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Isla de la Luna

Isla de la Luna (translation: "Island of the Moon") is an island in La Paz Department, Bolivia. It is situated in Lake Titicaca, east of Isla del Sol ("Island of the Sun"). Legends in Inca mythology refer to the island as the location where Viracocha commanded the rising of the moon. Archeological ruins of an Inca nunnery were found on the eastern shore.

La Luna World Tour 2

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Hijas de la luna

Hijas de la luna (English: Moon Daughters) is a Mexican telenovela that premiered on 19 February 2018 on Las Estrellas, and concluded on 10 June 2018. The telenovela is produced for Televisa by Nicandro Daz Gonzlez, based on the 1997 Colombian telenovela written by Bernardo Romero Pereiro and entitled Las Juanas. It stars Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera as main characters. .

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Canciones Para La Luna - Sinfónico En Vivo

Canciones Para La Luna - Sinfnico En Vivo (English: Songs for the Moon - Symphonic Live) is the first album of belanova in symphonic format where all songs were modified and played with a symphony orchestra, was recorded in the Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center on September 2 and went on sale in digital format through a promotion of Pepsi on October 8 with only 10 songs, up to December 13 Belanova I present in physical format and by a DVD with a total of 15 songs and videos

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Mambo de la Luna

"Mambo de la Luna" is a song by British singer and songwriter Kirsty MacColl, released in 1999 as the lead single from her fifth studio album Tropical Brainstorm. It was written and produced by MacColl, Pete Glenister and Dave Ruffy. A music video was filmed to promote the single. It was directed by Rob O'Connor and produced by Robert Style.

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Valle de la Luna (Chile)

El Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) is located 13 kilometres (8 mi) west of San Pedro de Atacama, to the north of Chile in the Cordillera de la Sal, in the Atacama desert. It has various stone and sand formations which have been carved by wind and water. It has an impressive range of color and texture, looking somewhat similar to the surface of the moon. There are also dry lakes where the composition of salt makes a white covering layer of the area. It presents diverse saline outcrops which appear like man-made sculptures. There are also a great variety of caverns. When the sun sinks it defines the landscape while the wind blows among the rocks and the sky passes from pink color to purple and finally black. Valle de la Luna is a part of the Reserva Nacional los Flamencos and was declared a Nature Sanctuary in 1982 for its natural environment and strange lunar landscape, from which its name is derived. The Atacama desert is also considered one of the driest places on earth, as some areas have not received a single drop of rain in hundreds of years. A prototype for a Mars rover was tested there by scientists because of the valley's dry and forbidding terrains.

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La Luna Roja

La Luna Roja is the first full length flamenco ballet ever performed on the Philippine stage. An offering by the Philippine flamenco foundation, Fundacion Centro Flamenco, the ballet is an original work created by Emma Estrada based on a story written by her. Estrada describes writing the tale with an eye towards creating a flamenco ballet, labelling La Luna Roja as flamenco's twist on the traditional ballet. While ballets such as The Sleeping Beauty (ballet) are traditionally mediums of telling a story, Flamenco is more often performed without a specific story. La Luna Roja blends the concept of flamenco and ballet together. La Luna Roja is directed by Leo Rialp, the lauded movie and stage director and choreographed by Estrada, as its artistic director. The 2017 staging of the ballet also included choreography by acclaimed flamenco artist Javier Martos. The ballet has been described as a "dark fairytale... told through the passionate and fiery art form that is flamenco. " .

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