LaraOne the Ultimate Workstation for Programmers

Is it extreme? Yes! Is it expensive? Yes! Do you really need one? Not really. Do you want one? Fuck yeah! Allow me to present to you the ultimate workstation that any developer could have the LaraOne.LaraOne looks like a scorpion but immerses you like the cockpit of a fighter jet. It holds up to 3 monitors, 2 drinks, has powered leg and footrests, reclines 140 while keeping all your screens and peripherals in alignment with you. Did I mention it will give you a massage at the same time? It also has dome and RGB lights. With just the press of a button the workstation can open or close.

While it looks big the LaraOne actually has a smaller footprint than your traditional desk. When in use the unit dimensions are 63"L x 37" W x 66" H which means you can fit 4 units within a 11 foot circle.I started to so I could offer you this workstation. At $3,599 it cost much less than other offerings that youll find. I named it LaraOne out of my love for the Laravel framework as well as the love of one of the things I do the most coding.Its my goal to put this workstation on display at Laracon 2020. I hope youll help spread the word. Be sure to follow CoderThrones on Twitter. If things go well Ill even see about doing a giveaway :)


How would you build your dream graphic design work station? ? ? ?

A giant touch drawing screen, several printers,copiers,scanners,wide computer screen, non button keyboard(flat touch screen version)

so I could work on art and print it out to the size of canvas sized artwork!(I don't think right now what I want exists,or only comes in small sizes, though a few big companies may have something more close to what would be my dream graphic design work station.)

LaraOne  the Ultimate Workstation for Programmers 1

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