Learning Flash for Gaming and Animations?

How much knowledge of computers?...Well, hardware components are completely separate from Flash designing so you have no worries there. Generally, you want to know how to publish your own work online, but that's about it outside of flash. Occasionally converting comes in hand, but usually most stuff is just played out within Flash. Best software?...Well, Flash CS3 is the standard now...That will cost you a bit though, 250 USD if I remember correctly. Photoshop will also aid you with bringing in some custom items into flash...and often times if you have a camera, that will help immensely for references (or rotoscoping if you do that.) PS is 650, but...hold off on it and learn the interface of flash first. I recommend Photoshop first ultimately though, working with still objects and gaining that knowledge is great and applicable to Flash. Tutorials? They can be found in various websites, Cheers.

1. How to use Chrome's built-in flash instead of Adobe Flash install

Type about:plugins in your omnibar. You should get a list of plugins that are enabled/disabled in chrome at the moment. ctrl f for flash. You should see one or more instances of Flash; one of which is bundled with Chrome, and the other the one you had to download manually. Pick which one you want enabled/disabled, then restart the browser.

2. What is a flash drive?

A flash drive is a storage device using solid state storage such as a USB stick an SSD or one of those chips in a camera

3. Any names for a red male beta?

* Jupiter * Fire * Flame * Blaze * Chili * Crimson * Lil Devil * Flash * Laser

4. Where to find the cheapest flash drives?

China. Use an online marketplace like Alibaba or something.

5. Flash-heating humans

It looks like there will be only a narrow margin of temperature rise before harm is done to persons passing through a wormhole. Probably, no more than one or two degrees centigrade.The general conditions associated with heatstroke are as follows:Heat-related illnesses typically are categorized as heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Heatstroke is divided further into classic and exertional forms. Classic heatstroke is caused by environmental exposure and results in core hyperthermia above 40C (104F). This condition primarily occurs in the elderly and those with chronic illness. Classic heatstroke can develop slowly over several days and can present with minimally elevated core temperatures. It is associated with central nervous system dysfunction including delirium, convulsions, and coma, making it difficult to distinguish from sepsis. These manifestations are thought to be an encephalopathic response to a systemic inflammatory cascade. In their milder forms, heat illnesses are known as heat exhaustion. This will be extremely uncomfortable, but survivable.Heat exhaustion is a more common and less extreme manifestation of heat-related illness in which the core temperature is between 37C (98. 6F) and 40C. Symptoms of heat exhaustion are milder than those of heatstroke and include dizziness, thirst, weakness, headache, and malaise. Patients with heat exhaustion lack the profound central nervous system derangement found in those with heatstroke. Their symptoms typically resolve promptly with proper hydration and cooling. What makes the survivability of elated temperatures difficult to is the combination of the temperature elevation itself and the duration of the rise.The term thermal maximum was developed to measure the magnitude and duration of heat that cells can encounter before becoming damaged. Human thermal maximum has been established as a core body temperature of approximately 42C (107. 6F) for between 45 minutes and eight hours. Cellular destruction occurs more quickly and completely at higher temperatures. Inflammatory factors are released and gastrointestinal permeability increases, which may allow endotoxins into the circulation. 16 Hematologic and endothelial changes resembling disseminated intervascular coagulation also occur.This suggests the limits of the temperature increase will be, at best, one to two centigrade. An almost instantaneous whole-body temperature would be extremely difficult to lower. This will increase the damage caused by the duration of the temperature rise. best to keep it as low as reasonably possible. Expect an immediate onset of elevated temperature to be disorienting and quite likely disabling. REFERENCES:Management of Heatstroke and Heat ExhaustionJAMES L. GLAZER, M.D., Maine Medical Center, Portland, MaineAm Fam Physician. 2005 Jun 1;71(11):2133-2140.URL to above article: American Family Physician, Jun 1, 2005 issue.

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