Lights That Can Decrease Power Consumption?

the most efficient light bulbs available currently are LED light bulbs you can get LED lamps, but you can also get LED bulbs for standard light fixtures. these bulbs are fairly expensive (at least $15 each, if not more) but last an extremely long time, and more natural light than you get with Fluorescent bulbs

Lights That Can Decrease Power Consumption? 1

1. What else can i use for my turtle?

Not all reptile UV bulbs are expensive. Look for the store brand next time. The UV bulbs made for reptiles are specifically the best because they have everything that the reptile needs. It is best to get them. You will also need a heat lamp as well for the turtle. All reptiles need heat lamp because they are cold blooded.

2. RCA 169PT Experienced Techs Only!!!!?

you sound like you know what your doing so im assuming u can solder and desolder, replace the cap, also projection tvs have bulbs that burn out periodically? did you already check that?

Lights That Can Decrease Power Consumption? 2

3. Have you stocked up on incandescent light bulbs? They become illegal on January 1, 2012.?

That just the environmentalists shoving their agenda down our throat without thinking. They say the fluorescent bulbs are more "eco-friendly" because they do not use as much energy. Yet, I have to have 3 times the bulbs now to read a book than I did with the regular bulbs because of the light spectrum they emit. Which, brings me back to using the same amount of energy I used before. Then, they do not think about the fluorescent bulbs being hazardous waist (unlike the plain old glass and tungsten bulbs). They are actually hurting the environment more than helping it. Now, lets go out and save a few trees by putting enough nails in them to kill them.

4. random question............?

Electromagnetic spectrum goes from gamma ray to radio waves, including light, infrared and ultraviolet. Incandescent bulbs are about 40% efficient, producing 60% heat which is infrared. Fluorescent bulbs produce ultraviolet which strikes the inside of the bulb where there is a material that will fluoresce giving off light that we can see.[fluorescent means gives off light when struck by UV] We can not see UV If some of the UV escapes it can cause damage to the eyes. There are also bulbs which give off UV, called black light bulbs, which looks slightly purple. Most of the light from most bulbs is visible light

5. What kind of custom work can I do on a Lincoln 1995 Continental?

The kits around 300 bucks. Paint it flat black with PLASTIDIP - search youtube for PLASTIDIP CAR PAINTING- best part is that you can remove it if you dont like it. search online and you can get a gallon for 60 bucks, the guy on youtube wants a ridiculous amount of money for the same product with some paint thinner in. Change all of the lighting to led bulbs... You can either go on ebay and buy the leds for 20 bucks, which you soldier together yourself or go onto and buy the ready made bulbs for 10-60 bucks each. they have lots of stuff on for the contis. a couple websites below in my sources for lincolns... they have lots of tech articles and forums for when you run into problems. The last link is for replacement air suspension parts- lifetime warranty. for parts 50% off at least then go to --- except for air suspension parts.

6. Will energy saving light-bulbs actually reduce my power bill?

It depends on how many lights and how long they are on. In general lighting is about 15% of your electric bill. If you change all of your lights from incandescent to CFL you will cut that portion by 75%. Example your monthly bill is $100, 15% would be $15, cfl's use 1/4 the energy so you would save $11.25 per month. I do not believe in replacing working bulbs, so I have been replacing bulbs as they burn out, my theory is, if I use them a lot they will burn out sooner. I started replacing bulbs about 4 or 5 years ago. I still have some incandescents, I guess I do not use those lights very often

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