Mercedes Benz Will Not Approve the Use Until the Automatic Driving Safety Reaches 99.999%

According to foreign media reports, recently, Mercedes Benz brand technology research and development leader Sajjad Khan (Sajjad Khan) announced in Mercedes Benz in the latest development of the automatic driving process, said that Grandpa Daimler will not approve the use of autopilot before it can ensure that the automatic driving system achieves at least 99.999% safety performance.

It is reported that the future science and technology R & D Department of Mercedes Benz is called case, which is jointly built based on the four aspects of interconnection, driverless, sharing and electric drive, and is responsible for the R & D and accelerated application of Mercedes Benz's latest technology. The current automatic driving technology is the primary task of case.

At present, according to the plan, Mercedes Benz will cooperate with Bosch group to carry out L4 level driverless test in San Jose, California at the end of this year. In addition, Mercedes Benz has also obtained the permission of relevant management departments in Stuttgart to conduct driverless road test in Germany with the protection of safety officers.

Sajjad said that his current main project is the research and development of L3 level automatic driving function of the next generation S-class car. However, so far, the EU has not approved the sales of L3 level autonomous vehicles in Europe, but according to the plan, the next generation S-class will be launched next year.

In this regard, Sajjad explained that he believed that the relevant regulatory provisions would be finalized before the middle of next year, and the results were likely to be positive. Daimler is able to ensure that the automatic driving system has a safety performance of at least 99.999%, that is, it will not approve the use of the autopilot system until the children gather in a community. This is likely to lead to the fact that the new generation of Mercedes Benz S-class listed in Europe next year will not actually apply the L3 level automatic driving function.

Compared with Mercedes Benz's conservatism in automatic driving, Tesla is very positive about automatic driving. At present, most Tesla models are equipped with L2 level auxiliary driving function, which can realize the vehicle's autonomous cruise and auxiliary steering function in closed roads, and also experience the best auxiliary driving system in the current market.

However, Tesla has obviously not done enough to ensure the safety of automatic driving. On December 7 a few days ago, a Tesla Model 3 rear ended a police car parked on Interstate 95 in Connecticut. At the time of the accident, the vehicle's autopilot advanced driving assistance system was on.

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