Metal Stud Building Is It Cheaper Than Wood?

cheaper,lighter and regular in size

1. How to remove broke wheel stud on four wheeler?

brah do not be a hack! righty-tighty, lefty-loosie!

2. are signature chanel cc stud earings out of style?

certainly not. If you like them still, then wear them. It really does not matter what other people or magazine say. Anything can be back in style if you like it and make it work :)

3. Can you but an ear stud in a navel piercing?

No it would not work because a earring stud is not as thick as a naval ring or long enough. Save your money and get it done right

4. How do I find a stud behind the drywall with no "fancy" tools available?

Every 16 inches, there should be a stud

5. how can i remove a bolt that is on a stripped valve cover stud?

Method #1 - Drill the bolt out: You can use a drill bit that is almost the same size as the bolt and drill right though, just be sure not to damage the hole/threads. You should then be able to remove what is left of the bolt. Although I am not that fond of method #1 as it can cause problems if you mess up, I still thought I would put it out there as an option. Method #2 - Buy a Screw Extractor Kit You can usually find these at Home Depot, and it comes with 3 different size extractors. You will need a good drill and some patience. 1. Drill the bolt with the included bits. 2. Place the "extractor" in the hole you drilled. 3. Tap the "extractor" into the hole with a hammer or another device. 4. Using vice grips, turn the extractor to loosen the bolt and back it out of the threaded hole.

6. can't find stud joists to fix flat tv bracke to - tried stud detectors

I've never had much luck with stud finders either. Sometimes they work, but it is hit-and-miss. What has helped me is to get a lamp and hold the bulb near the wall. The rest of the room should be fairly dark when you do this. Often, you can see the nails or screws as a neat row of round circles, usually 16 inches apart horizontally across the wall. That is where the studs are. When you hold the light close to the wall, it creates big shadows over nearly invisible imperfections. It makes the screws very easy to see.

7. What is the best way to find a stud and cut plaster walls?

I have found the studs by knocking, it takes time. Then I mark the hole I want (electrical box), I score the white coat plaster by tapping my screwdriver with my pliers and scoring all the way around the marking. Drill a hole in a corner (machine drill bit), then take a key hole saw and cut all the way around, only putting pressure on the in stroke of the saw. If you put pressure on the way out the plaster will crack and make a mess. Take your time, do not rush and you will save time in the end

8. Cute animal stud earrings under $5?

mittens mitten on your hand

9. Why won't my parents let me get a nose stud?

I have a 14 yr old daughter and I am fairly open-minded. However, as a parent, I have to protect my child from making impetuous and potentially life-altering or lifelong affecting choices. I would be not doing my duty as a parent to protect her from her impulses. And trying to fit in with a trend that permanently marks the body is an impulse. If she wants it badly enough when she turns 18 and is an adult and has full faculties to assess the full impact of anything she alters on herself may have on her for the next 60plus years, then I am happy for her and will support her. In the meantime, my job is to be the adult until she is able to be one. Sorry, hon, I know it's hard to hear "no" but your parents are doing what they should be doing. I would not let my 14 year old do it any more than I would a 6 year old or a 10 year old. If it's still cool to have in a few years when you are grown and you still want it badly enough. ..then get it.

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National Kids-in-Print Book Contest for StudentsThe National Kids-in-Print Book Contest for Students is a literary competition held by Landmark House (formerly Landmark Editions) of Kansas City, Kansas. It was launched by David Melton, one of the publisher's staff members.— — — — — —The Voice KidsThe fifth season of the Russian reality talent show The Voice Kids premiered on February 2, 2018 on Channel One. Dmitry Nagiev returned as the show's presenter. Valery Meladze returned for his second season. Pelageya, who returned for her fourth season after a one-season break, replaced Nyusha. Basta replaced Dima Bilan as a new coach for the show. Rutger Garecht was announced the winner on April 20, 2018, marking Pelageya's first win as a coach and the first female coach to win in the show's history.— — — — — —NEED HELP! Neighbor's kids are bully and so are parents!?It is important for your girls to learn to stand up for themselves, but that two wrongs do not make a right. Instruct them to stay as far away as possible and make sure they know these people are the trouble not them. Carry a video camera and document the harassment The old saying " a picture speaks a thousand words" is true, and audio threats are even better. If the kids know you have proof they will probably back off. If mom is the problem once you have the video and audio proof go get a restraining order. They may find it inconvenient have to cross the street for instance to keep from coming within the boundaries of your property. Mom may also find it inconvenient to have to take her kids to school because if they can not come within 50 -100 feet of your kids they can not ride the school bus.Also be sure you inform the school that the there is a restraining order against this family— — — — — —How do I explain this to the kids?Tell the kids that it was a misunderstanding,everybody has apologized and everything is fine with their Grandparents. 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It's better to bring kids when they are older and know better, than to wander off. But that applies for any amusement park.— — — — — —Theater for Kids and EducationTheater for Kids opened its doors in January 2010 in one of Portland Stage's storefront spaces as the new arm of Portland Stage outreach. Geared at children ages 4-10 Theater for Kids' main offering is 'Play me a Story' where Affiliate Artists, a group of theater professionals connected with the theater, read and act out popular children's stories followed by acting workshops. Affiliate Artists help bring 'Play Me A Story' on tour to local schools in the area as well as work as instructors for summer and school vacation camps. Portland Stage also seeks to educate the next generation of theater artists by hiring 10-11 interns every year. The interns are hired into different fields from production to administration and have intensive hands-on experience in each of their departments during a 7-show season. Interns from Portland Stage have gone on to work at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Houston Grand Opera, Manhattan Theater Club, Cleveland Playhouse and more.
How Do Clinical Clerkships Train Medical Students in Their Final Year?
How Do Clinical Clerkships Train Medical Students in Their Final Year?
How do clinical clerkships train medical students in their final year?Day one, when you are terrified that someone will ask you to answer a question to the last day, the routine is similar. You are usually given a patient or two to u201clook afteru201d. You will be expected to know the history, clinical findings, diagnosis, lab results, treatment to date and any further planned investigations. In addition you will also know the family situation and assess which social services if any will be needed. You will be allocated to a team led by a professor (also known as u201cGodu201d) and will be on call -and up all night probably- doing admissions when he he is on take. Initially you will be given very simple cases to see and everything you do will be supervised by the resident on your team and ultimately by the chief. The complexity of the cases will increase as the year goes by.As you become more proficient,you will be given more cases to look after. you will be taught how to do simple procedures. Most units I have worked on have handover at an early hour where new admissions are discussed and some teaching around the admissions takes place by the senior resident. Ward rounds with the whole team including the nurses will take place and you may be expected to present your case with your ideas of any further tests needed, possible discharge dates and support needed before discharge. Medications and response will be reviewed and you may well have to write orders for change in treatment or medications (reviewed and cosigned always. )The patient will be discussed and as a group,often you will go to X ray to review films and microbiologgy for growth and sensitivity of bugs and change of medications needed.During the day there may be formal u201croundsu201d which are not done on the ward, but discuss other cases in a formal lecture type setting. Really a clinically based teaching session. You may be asked to prepare a case for Grand rounds to present to the whole hospital medical staff ,usually with help from the senior residents.You will be expected to know your patientu2019s lab results and their significance and what else needs to be ordered.Contacting other parts of the team like social workers, psychiatrists etc and meeting with them for planning will be something you may have to organise. Sometime during the day you may get something to eat or just go to a slot machine and grab a candy bar. You leave if youu2019re not on call when all the notes on the patient are written, lab tests followed up and you have handed over to the person on call. Ofcourse that might be you. You will carry a pager and be asked to go to ER to assess new patients who have been referred to your servic, present them to the resident with a differential diagnosis and a plan of investigation and treatment. You then, if the patient is admitted have to write up the admitting history after reviewing old charts, and write admitting orders.Call can vary from speciality to speciality, in Medicine we sometimes would have 15u201316 very sick patients admitted to the service and you were up all night. The following morning you would present your patients at morning handover and nowadays go home after everything else is looked after. Back in the day Iu2019d be in at 7 am work until 5 pm the following day with no sleep, go home and do the same thing over the following day (115 hours a week with no sleep alternate nights) Nowadays its supposed to be that you go home the night after call, but really most students are still there at midday as they had their own patient look to look after. This is in addition to reading about the disorders your patients might hav, and dictating discharge summaries and calling the family doctorSomewhere in there you might have grabbed a sandwich on the ward at 3 am, or if the nurses liked you would include you in the pizza take out order at 1am.Believe it or not this is just easy street compared to what you do as an intern on a busy service like medicine, surgery or obstetrics. We would smile at the family practice and psychiatry residents who most often got a few hours sleep- and grumbled .You learn on the job and thereu2019s always someone there who knows a bit more than you do to guide you. Medicine is an apprenticeship and the more you see the more you learn. If you dont love what youu2019re doing it will make you depressed and you may burn out. If you truly love medicine you will be grateful to have the privilege of being part of peoplesu2019 lives at a difficult time for them.Iu2019m sure Iu2019ve left out a lot, but at least Iu2019ve given you some idea of the work load involved and the expectations of your u201cchiefu201dHow do clinical clerkships train medical students in their final year?.
Best Adam Audio Sub12 Powered Studio Subwoofer Speaker
Buy Link: CLICK HEREAdam Audio Sub12 Powered Studio Subwoofer Speaker Product Description:Adam Audio Sub12 Powered Studio Subwoofer Speaker. ADAM Audio subwoofers are designed with one primary goal in mind: Achieving absolute accuracy and an authentic natural sound in the process of music reproduction. This means combining exceptional bass power with precision and clarity in every subwoofer. Recording Adam Audio. Recording, Studio Monitors, Active/Powered Studio Monitor Subwoofers. Price: 1999.99 USD. Sale Price: 1999.99 USD.The Adam Audio Sub12 Powered Studio Subwoofer Speaker is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Adam Audio Sub12 Powered Studio Subwoofer Speaker is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people. Buy it NowBuy Adam Audio Sub12 Powered Studio Subwoofer Speaker is a post from: Musical Instrumentswhat subwoofer box is better?go ported it will give u a loud system bt a by-band looks better with the same sound as a ported i would go by-band bc it would look much betterWhat is the best wood for a subwoofer box? Why?I am going to go a little outside the box for this answer.All things being equal so far as construction techniques are concerned, the absolute best wood to build any subwoofer enclosure out of is called Panzerholz plywood. Panzerholz is manufactured in Germany from veneers of Beech wood, synthetic resins, and compressed under extreme pressure and heat. It is so dense that it can be substituted for metal, while still having lower resonance than metal. It's so dense, in fact, that it sinks in water. Panzerholz is actually used to armor civilian vehicles, and is considered to be "bulletproof. "The main drawback to Panzerholz is it's cost and limited availability. Sourcing it in the U.S. can be extremely difficult. I know of only one distributor for it, off the top of my head, which is located in Canada. And the cost is, shall we say, prohibitive. There is an alternative to Panzerholz called Picawood, but I am less familiar with it and have no first hand experience using it to construct an enclosure. According to the limited technical data i've seen on it, it should be "better" than Panzerholz, but i've certainly never seen any direct comparison between the two.Here's article that compares Panzerholz plywood to solid aluminum, with measurements. An Investigation into the Acoustical Properties of Aluminum and Panzerholzbuilding your own subwoofer box?if you had type that into search box at top of page you would have found many way to do it like how to build my own subwoofer box gets thisCar subwoofer makes scratchy noise?the distortion will circulate away. deep bass will make your automobile trunk rattle. certainly all u want is one sub. something like 200w RMS. 500w RMS for tougher bass. a great 12" will do wonders. The amp u will purchase must additionally be of high quality high quality. extra low-fee amps distort at extreme volumes.Best amplifier for sound quality for subwoofer(s)?IMO, the best amps for SQ are JL Audio, Audison, McIntosh, Focal and Zapco. I personally run with JL, namely for the various audio controls that allow me to fine tune how my sub will perform, but any of these brands are highly acclaimed. I've read that A/B amps tend to be the favorite of SQ guys, but I use a Class D amp for greater efficiency.Subwoofer Giving off weird smell?maybe the amp didnt have enough power to power the sub and it being handmade might contribute to itklipsche speakers and subwoofer connect to hdtv?If these are 2.1 amplified computer speakers with subwoofer, if your TV has a headphone jack, simply plug the green plug from the speakers into the headphone jack. Otherwise you may need a Y-cable that goes from 3.5 mm stereo jack (not plug) to red/white RCA plugs. Plug the red and white RCA plugs into the audio output jacks of your TV, and plug the green plug from the speakers into the jack on the Y-cable.Good Computer Speakers plus Subwoofer?I guess it all depends on how you define "good sound". There are no computer speakers I would call "good" or "powerful". Your best sound will come from separate component sound systems with a receiver, speaker system, and separate sub-woofer. HTIB (home theater in a box) systems do not measure up to separates nor are they as versatile as separates. The worst systems are "computer" speakers which are frequently toy quality. Sure Logitech makes some half way listenable speakers and so does Creative. But neither of them will measure up to even the cheapest of separate component systems. Now on to sub-woofers. The best subs are made by companies that specialize in subs. Also in order to create low bass frequencies you have to move a lot of air. This is physics and there is no way around it. Unless you get into some VERY expensive equipment you wo not get good bass from anything smaller than a 12" speaker. Those tiny 6" or 8" speakers that come with most systems can not even get within an octave of real bass. This is how Bose pretends to sound so good. Bose gives you too much bass an octave or two up to try to make up for a total lack of any real bass at all. (Bose does the same thing on the high end too.) Hsu Technology and SVSound are two companies that make a quality product that will actually do what they say it will do. I would suggest you read up on some of the AV forums and learn all you can about equipment. AVS forum and the Home Theater Shack are two good choices. So are the many audio or AV mag web sites but keep in mind they are supported by advertising. The forums are truly independent sources.
India's First Manned Submersible: Studying the Sea: India
CHENNAI: At a time when India has successfully launched its heaviest rocket-GSLV-Mk3- capable of carrying humans to space, work has begun on building a vehicle to take man deep into the ocean. A team of scientists at ESSO-National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) is ready with a preliminary design for the country’s first manned submersible that can accommodate a three-member crew. Expected to be ready in five years at a cost of Rs 500 crore, it will be able to take scientists about six kilometres deep into the ocean to look for precious metals and lesser known life forms. Once the vehicle is ready, India will join an elite group of nations sending man underwater in a craft. At present, only China, US, Russia, France and Japan have conducted manned deep-sea expeditions. NIOT director Satheesh Shenoi said the organisation submitted a proposal to the government and was awaiting approval. "Once we get the nod, an expert committee with members from scientific institutions like ISRO, DRDO and IIT will review and fine tune the design," said Shenoi. According to the design, the craft will be lowered into the sea from a ship. The crew, lying prostrate, in a 3.2 diameter titanium sphere, will be able to perform their task underwater for eight to 10 hours. A robotic arm will help them collect samples from the seafloor while they get a clear view through a glass pane. At present, India is conducting explorations for polymetallic nodules and polymetallic sulphides in certain regions of Indian Ocean on contract with the International Seabed Authority as part of the Deep Sea Mission launched by the Union ministry. The submersible is also part of the mission. "It is difficult to remotely operate unmanned vehicles to collect samples from small chimneys venting sulphides deep in the ocean. Manned submersibles will make the exploration less complex," Shenoi said. But before a bigger mission is executed, scientists are planning to make a similar looking spherical submersible in the next three years and send people about 500 m deep into the Indian Ocean. The smaller vessel will give scientists confidence and the required experience to get the final model ready. "Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited in Trichy has experience in making stainless steel vessels but not of the dimension we have planned. We are still debating on the material to be used and are looking for companies that can fabricate it here. We may also get from abroad. Once the sphere is ready, we are planning to make other components indigenously," Shenoi said. Indigenously making a submersible out of titanium — a metal that can withstand high water pressure —is a challenge. "We are in discussions with ISRO too as many aspects of the vessel are similar to a spacecraft," he added. Read this story in GujaratiDownload The Times of India News App for Latest City .
Lindsey Adelman Joins Her Studio and Showroom in a Refreshed Manhattan Space
There are certain moments in the New York City real estate market that warrant speedy and decisive action, and lighting designer Lindsey Adelman, a native New Yorker, seized her chance when the space below her NoHo workshop became available. "I had the opportunity to create my fantasy Manhattan loft," says Adelman, referring to the new residential-inspired showroom that opened this week, one floor below her production facility. It's an inviting space that one could imagine functioning equally well for a client meeting and an intimate dinner party.Having most recently occupied a separate showroom on Great Jones Street, Adelman recognized the challenges of dividing time and teams across separate spaces. Even though they were only a few blocks away, Adelman knew the new unified space would play to her team's strengths as a design studio. Now, clients have an opportunity to see the design processes at work, understand material characteristics and limitations, and witness what it really takes to achieve the high level of quality for which Adelman's work is known. "Clients can feel more creative-they can direct the type of work they want better," she says. Bringing operations, design, manufacturing, and sales under one roof was a considered reaction to what has worked well and what did not work in the past. Interior designers can even meet privately with their clients and make decisions away from Adelman's team, in spaces like a private conference room-decorated with the studio's fixtures, of course.During the design process, outfitting the space became an exercise in securing pieces from Adelman's favorite sources: Highlights include dining chairs by Gio Ponti and handmade Moroccan rugs from Breuckelen Berber in Brooklyn. The new space allows visitors to view pieces that have influenced the designer over the years together in one space, including original artworks by Fred Sandback and Robert Rauschenberg. One item that was put to a vote and eventually vetoed was a team request for a fire pole uniting the two spaces. That said, Adelman notes that she and her staff also needed a space for themselves, one to support the mind and the body. "I'm currently looking to hire a bartender!" she says with a laugh. Specialty cocktails every other Friday, yoga class Wednesday evenings, lunchtime barre classes, and even movie nights are all ways to support her growing team.When asked about the costs of this type of move, Adelman emphasizes that it certainly is not cheap. This is Manhattan, after all, and there are increasingly rare examples of this type of product manufacturing happening within the borough-especially just a few steps from bustling Houston Street. However, she notes that there have been many unseen cost savings as more efficiencies develop from having her team working in one place. "We do a ton of custom," she says. "As the business grows, I'm encouraging elaborate, over-the-top, site-specific, and complicated lighting design." As the studio moves away from more conventional standardization practices, it must work in a more methodical way, both internally and with clients. Thus, the new showroom is not only a functional space, but also one designed to encourage creative thought. As Adelman puts it: "There is no road map. Everyone here must be comfortable with uncertainty."Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest
Pay Gap Study: Women and Men, What Would You Charge for This Job?
Most women would not do this job Give me 40 i would do it if i knew the guy offering1. Okay this is for married couples.....WOMEN AND MEN?Okay Your Problem is Your hubbies possesiveness towards her mother. From your question its quiet clear that your mother is very much concerned about his son and try to make you out of her way. Your MIL's Main Problem is that she is having an inferiority of losing her son's love and that's y she might be doing this to you. My Only suggestion will be try to convience her that she will not loose her son if you are there. If this still do not work then go ahead with the counselling and all that blah blah blah but better way is to find out the reason for the same and you can solve it from home. you no need to counsell anyone other than you best buddies...... Your Concern regarding the credit card bills, I do not know what the law says but I consider that its the duty of the son to his parents who has bring him to the position to stand in the society. I think it should not bother you any more.. But keep on tracking at exactly which point is she very much possessive about your husband and do something unusual behavior with you and y that circumstances happens you can come to know her problem for doing that. Hope this helps........ Thanks & Regards Hemal Jivani2. Why do most Asians (not only the women but the men also) adore caucasians so much?I spent many unmarried years in Japan. I had some enchanting and adventurous liaisons with Japanese women of a certain age. I was an exotic accoutrement, a fancy bit and a trophy. I played it to the hilt3. Poll: for women and men but mostly women?3 or 4 because they give a really close shave and the 5 blade is too bulky4. are women or men cheaters???2 b quite honest...I have to say...both m and f...cheat...I mean..i Have seen my own friends...cheat on their men and vice versa...and me and my partner aint in to that sort of thing...then we sit bak wondering why our friends are breakin up ...or arguing all tha ...I think..if u cheat..ur cheating urself as well ..If u have any guilt at all...:)5. Who cheats more: Women or Men?i also think that it is very seems as the years go by women are losing self respect for themselves and having multiple partners...i used to think it was men but now..just with things that i've seen with friends and's pretty equal6. Are women or men more dissatisfied in the dating and singles scene in San Francisco?Men.1) Significant lack of supply of single women.2) Lack of supply drives up personal demands of single women (because they can).3) Asian guys are ed.* Statistically Asian American women have a high chance of marrying white guys, while Caucasian females have a very slim chance of even dating Asian guys. This is definitely noticeable in the Bay Area, in places like the Mission, SOMA, or in the South Bay like Palo Alto7. In a social setting, do women tend to dress to impress other women, or men?Women try to compete and impress women, and guys try to impress. So who is impressing guys? nobody. Guys do not care about all that stuff so nobody tries to impress us. i wouldnt know anything about a jessica simpson purse or any kind of jeans (they do not all look the same but i wouldnt know by looking at them what brand they were). This why when i ask the question "what looks better than a womans body", i usually get he girls lying and say a mans body. women just fit their clothes better than men. its all about fashion for them. nobody really cares what a mans wearing or nor are they trying impress him or compete. Most guys do not even compete on clothes. i only get upset if somebody is wearing the same thing im wearing. everybody likes to be original ,guy or girl All those "i dress to impress myself" are flat out lying. if all you were doing is "impressing yourself" you could walk around in pj's all day.
Huawei Released Freebuses Studio Wireless Headset, Which Supports 24-hour Battery Life
Nearly ten days after the announcement, Huawei today (October 22) launched freebuses studio together with mate40 series. This wireless earphone has active noise reduction (ANC), touch control, 24-hour battery life and costs 299 euros.Huawei's new freebuses studio will provide two color options - gold and black. They have oval earmuffs with soft ear pads. In addition, Huawei said that the design is extremely simple and exquisite, with 7mm stainless steel arm support earmuffs. Moreover, they are 165mmx150mmx81.5mm in size and weigh about 260g.Huawei's first advanced wireless headset has a 40mm dynamic driver unit. Huawei said that this is a four layer chart driver with a frequency range of 4hz-48khz. In addition, it also supports 24bit / 96KHz high-resolution audio codec, which is an l2hc code for high fidelity music, and the file transmission speed is up to 960 Kbps.Huawei freebuses studio featuresThe highlight of freebuses studio headphones is ANC. It says that scene based intelligent dynamic ANC can eliminate noise up to 40dB. There is an "auditory" mode (environment mode) that can help you understand what is happening around you. In addition, it has a six microphone matrix with three microphones on each side to help make calls and eliminate noise. The headset also has dual antennas to cover the signal 360 degrees without interference.As for battery life, Huawei said that freebuses studio can use up to 24 hours on a single charge. Moreover, it has a fast charging function, and when the ANC is turned on and off, the fast 10 minute juicing will be up to 5 hours and 8 hours respectively. There is a 410mah battery that can be charged through type-c. it takes 60 minutes to fully charge.
A Photographic Studio in the Great Outdoors
Field studio photography is a Photoshop free zone. All photos are created in the outdoors. There are 38 photographers worldwide specialising in this technique, to promote biodiversity, three are from Australia. One of them is John Tiddy from Stawell.Photography has always been a passion for me, but when I think back it was probably in my teen years that the passion really stuck. A high school friend loaned me an enlarger and I was able to witness the magic of an image appearing on paper under an orange safe light as I sloshed the photo paper in the developer.Growing up within 50 metres of Bass Strait, on the North West coast of Tasmania, my natural subjects were the coast and the creatures that inhabited it. From this grew a love of nature photography and outdoor life. After studying chemistry at Swinburne College of Technology, it seemed natural to merge my science with my love of photography and I went on to work at Kodak for several years.In the early seventies with an esky full of film, I set out to photograph Australia and in particular to record the changing way of life on a Kimberley cattle station. Images from this were published in many magazines but by far the biggest thing to come from this trip was purchasing Mount Barnett Station. This lifestyle change eventually led my wife and I to purchase a farm at Joel Joel in the Wimmera in 1982.Although I often describe myself as an outdoor photographer, it is the pure nature aspect of the genre that is my passion. Stawell, where I currently live, is ideally situated for someone whose passion is the natural world. The iron bark forest on one side of town is a rich source of orchids, and the granite sand soils on the other side of town are home to even more species. Integrated with this floral abundance is a wide diversity of small creatures from insects to frogs. The nearby Grampians - Gariwerd National Park has a rich biodiversity that is also great to explore.Although it is great to share photographs of the larger animals, the majority of animal life is in the smaller life forms: insects, spiders and their ilk.Revealing this often hidden world and enlarging it to a size where it can be seen and appreciated has become a bit of a mission of mine.About a year ago I was invited to join the global photographic group Meet Your Neighbours (MYN). The group's mission is to reconnect people via the medium of photography with the wildlife on their own doorstep. Founded by Clay Bolt (USA) and Niall Benvie (Scotland), Meet Your Neighbours use a particular style of photography that is best described as field studio photography.Here creatures and plants are photographed in the field against a backlit white background. This technique shows the subject purely in its own right, uncluttered by its surroundings making it unambiguously the star.There are two other Meet Your Neighbours photographers in Australia. One is based in Canberra and the other is in Melbourne. Because the Meet Your Neighbours emphasis is on local wildlife and plants, all the images in my MYN collection are taken in my corner of the Wimmera.Because I do a lot of this style of photography my equipment is reasonably sophisticated. However if you want to try taking some field studio pictures such as these, you can achieve the same results with some very basic equipment:You will need a camera that you can set to manual (ideally a single lens reflex) and at least two flashguns. They do not need to be the latest whiz-bang flashes, but can be a couple of old manual flashes. You will need some way for the second flash to be triggered at the same time as the front flash.simple backlight can be made by cutting the top flaps from a cardboard box and lining it with white paper. Tape tracing paper across where the top flaps were (this becomes the front) and cut a hole in one of the sides (this becomes the top) to insert one of your flashes. You will get the best results if this flash is not fired directly at the tracing paper.Set this light box up behind your subject and then with the "highlight alert" set on your camera, take a shot. For this first shot do not worry about the front light and be sure to set your shutter speed to the maximum so it will synchronise with the flash. The white background should be blinking on and off, indicating it is overexposed. The secret is to have the background just overexposed, so you may have to fiddle with your flash output. If the background is too bright you will lose fine detail in your subject.Once the background is correctly overexposed, set your front flash to give you the result you want. As with most macro/close up photography this front flash should be diffused to give the best results. This picture shows a very basic set up to try the technique. Getting your front flash off camera and out to one side will give better modelling in your subject.The front flash can be diffused by a hood made from 3mm core board with a piece of paper towel taped across the front. This basic set up will get you started. If you enjoy it, then go for more sophisticated light boxes and diffusers.Finally, treat your subjects with respect. You use this technique to photograph living plants in situ. Grasshoppers etc. may have to be placed on a piece of Perspex to photograph them before releasing them back where they came from. If you happen to dig up a Pobblebonk frog when gardening, by all means take the opportunity to photograph it but be sure to release it back where it came from.Warning. This technique is addictive.If you are interested in learning more about photography come along to the Stawell Camera Club . We met on the second Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm in the Lutheran Church Hall in Stawell.New members are always welcomed.
Gifts for Cat Lovers - Cat Earrings, Studs
When people think about finding gifts for cat lovers they usually end up with a funny mug or even a wine glass. Find something a little more unique and personal with cat earrings. Not just a small studs, which doesn't really require must thought, but something a little more adventurous!A popular option is a pair of plain gold or silver studs in a cat or kitten shape. These may be sterling silver or 14, 18 or 21k gold or for a cheaper option, a coating can be added onto a surgical stainless steel base. In some instances an acrylic may be used and then powder coated with a silver or gold color. Whilst this is the cheapest option it can still produce a nice result for a lower price point when searching for gifts for cat lovers.When looking at the options, it is important to look at the quality of the attachment of the stud to the post. There should not be any gaps and the adhesive should not be too messy on the reverse of the earring. If there is any movement between the post and earring main design, look for a more sturdy pair or change price point or brands.If the item is for a gift, check the item is boxed. If it is not, and many online stores now ship items well protected but only in plastic, you may need to buy a gift presentation box. This reduces the price of the earring upfront, but check before purchase so you know what you are getting.For a unique option, there are some studs which when worn, look like cats or kittens handing off of the ear of the wearer. The head part of the cat is a traditional type of stud, but instead of a flush back on the reverse of the ear lobe, a cat body is attached. This creates a three dimensional look with the cat hanging on the ear. It gives a dramatic effect and for those people who have not seen them, it can bring the wow factor. Or in this case the meow factor!This type of option is not practical for leaving in at night as they are quite bulky, but are completely comfortable for wear during the day or when the wearer is out and about. There are also matching rings which can be purchased which give the same effect. If you are looking for a higher price point, they can be purchased and created into a set to give as a lovely gift.
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