Minimum Load for a Kohler Generator?

500 kva is a big generator and I am guessing it is diesel. It is safe to run at 10% load however it is not good for the engine itself to make a practice of that. It can lead to lower cylinder temperatures and incomplete combustion over time. It is always better to run at or as close to max load as you can

Minimum Load for a Kohler Generator? 1

1. Why do they use Concave magnets in AC Generator ?

There must be a zillion ways to design an ac generator, so we need a picture to see what you are talking about. The picture I imagine is the pole of the field magnets being circular, and that is because we do not want the magnetic field travelling through air; we want it to stay in iron as much as possible

2. How does a Magnetic Generator work? (Magniwork)?

This is an "overunity generator" scam. The motor runs from an external power source, and supposedly generates more power than it consumes. Usually in these cases, the inventor mis-measures the input power, output power, or both. A telling comment in the video is "There is not and engineer or a physicist who has looked at this invention..." Note that no details are given on the web site, you have to pay to look! Actually, they stole the plans from another site (see the link for the plans).

Minimum Load for a Kohler Generator? 2

3. wide range ultrasound generator [closed]

Generally, this depends on the actual ultrasonic actuator. Since these are extremely likely to be Piezo crystals for the kind of application you are looking at:the generator must control with volume that change the output frequency thisThat's not how things work.Frequency is part of the signal that you need to drive your Piezo with. Yes, you can build self-resonant circuits with Piezos, but since you are not going for "easiest way to make a Piezo oscillate at all", but for frequency adjustable oscillation:You will need a 20-100 kHz adjustable oscillator. There's plenty of ways to build one - the PWM/timer units of your microcontroller would probably work fine (of course, this depends on a microcontroller. But all ARM microcontrollers that I know of have a PWM/timer unit that can be used to generate adjustable frequency square waves - something totally sufficient to drive your Piezo), and of course, you will need an amplifier to convert the output of your microcontroller to something that can reliably drive the Piezo at the desired power. Furthermore: Piezos work both ways, converting a temporally changing voltage to deformation, and also converting a changing deformation to a voltage. In fact, if you get a cigarette lighter with a button: That spark is generated by a Piezo cristal, getting hit by a small hammer.You do not want such sparks, for example caused by acoustic echos, or dropping the ultrasonic actuator, or something else, to destroy your electronics. Be sure to have transient voltage suppression in place! TVS diodes should work not know information about ultrasoundObviously, your project is doomed unless you change that. Read Wikipedia about ultrasound generation, Piezos etc. Read existing literature. Do not just hope somehow a good solution will "accidentally" happen - engineering is always a mixture of research and trial & error, and you seem to be a little heavy on the trying, and a little light on the research side

4. how can i convert my manual start electric generator to automatic start generator ?

It will need a starter motor hooked up to a geared wheel, a 12 volt battery, and a solid state ignition switch. The flywheel must be installed so as to crank the motor when the starter is engaged. It's not as simple as it might sound. You really need a different generator that the manufacturer has built that into, already

5. Generator question related to electric hot water heater?

With heating elements you do not get a big surge (NASA Electrical / Electronics Power Generation & Distribution Engineer here). A little about the practice of engineering: There are two schools of thought. With critical and life support equipment engineering demands the supply be designed to handle 150% of its rating. So if your generator is designed for 4 KW it (under this premises) should be capable of meeting a 6 KW load. But that's most definitely not recommended. The other school of thought is to design with a safety margin of 33 1/3% over rating. That would mean that a 4 KW generator should have been designed to handle 5 1/3 KW. Again, it's never recommended to use it at that level. But with most modern appliances I've been finding things being designed at 102%. Case in point, my mother-in-law's washing machine. A coil failed. When I disassembled the coil (supposedly not user serviceable) I found a fusible link had blown. It's rating was designed to handle 2% more than what it would normally see. That's why it failed so prematurely. Not only do they NOT sell just the coil, they only sell the entire mechanical drive for the washer at $135.00. Then someone has to install it. Final cost would have been $450. Might as well buy a new machine - which is exactly what they wanted her to do. I replaced the fusible link with one that would do the job at 166%. Why 166%? Because that was the next nearest rated link I could find. Cost to repair? $1.96 (WITH TAX). With your problem: If you want to protect the generator AND have hot water - there's likely (I am not an expert with water heaters) two elements. I would recommend disconnecting the top element and run the heater at half its wattage. That way you can safely run the generator, run it longer and still get hot water. But I would also advise great caution, you are messing with 240 volts - a very dangerous beast. Make one mistake and it could be the last you make. So be extremely careful. And give plenty of thought to what you are going to do. Go over it in your mind and examine what might go wrong. Then make an intelligent decision. Hope this helps. 'av'a g would ay mate. '')

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