Mugger Robbing Prostitute's Clients Before Calling Their ...

GARDAI are on high alert for a dangerous young criminal who is the chief suspect in several armed robberies targeting the clients of prostitutes in the city centre.The vicious criminal has also been calling the victims' wives on stolen mobile phones and forced one young victim to beg for his life in a knifepoint robbery.Detectives suspect that the same 22-year-old criminal is responsible for up to seven robberies in which men have been attacked after leaving a brothel in the north inner city.Only three of the incidents have been reported, but garda investigations have established that up to four more similar armed robberies have been carried out.In late February, an Irishman in his 50s was targeted near Wolfe Tone Street in a knifepoint robbery.His phone and wallet are understood to have been stolen during the incident.The next attack took place on March 8, when a Chinese man in his 40s was robbed by the same thug.On that occasion, the robber rang the victim's wife after stealing his phone and informed her that her spouse had visited a brothel. He then fled the scene with the stolen items, which have not been recovered.Just over a week later, a Brazilian man in his mid-20s was robbed in a frightening ordeal during which he was forced to his knees and pleaded for his life.In that incident, the mugger held knives to the victim's throat while stealing his mobile phone and wallet.While all of the robberies took place after the victims left the same brothel, the prostitutes operating out of the apartment are not suspected of any involvement in the thefts.The incidents first came to light after the prostitutes contacted gardai through Operation Quest, an initiative targeting the organisation of prostitution in the capital.A senior source told the Herald that most of the incidents had not been reported, while there was also a reluctance from complainants to proceed with a prosecution."Given the circumstances - where you have men being robbed after leaving a brothel - naturally there is a fear to come forward," the source said."However, there is concern that the suspect is escalating to a level where someone will suffer serious injuries."Gardai suspect that up to seven robberies have been carried out by the same thug.On at least one occasion he threatened to contact a newspaper and expose the prostitutes' clients, which gardai believe was an attempt at further extorting the robbery victims.Detectives at Store Street Garda Station have identified a chief suspect in the case, who they are convinced was behind all of the knifepoint robberies.The suspect is a young thug from the north inner city who is well-known to gardai and has more than 50 previous convictions.He was previously convicted of threatening to kill his ex-partner, and is known as a prolific bag snatcher in the city centre.However, the source said that the robberies of prostitutes' clients was a serious escalation.Online Editors

Mugger Robbing Prostitute's Clients Before Calling Their ... 1

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Analysis and Introduction of Mobile Phone Application Integrated into Vehicle System
For motor vehicle drivers, they always face various obstacles if they want to obtain all kinds of information and entertainment content through smartphone applications. But now, the "demolition action" against this obstacle is finally in high gear.Facing the continuous complaints of consumers and the new income generation prospects, automobile manufacturers and major enterprises in the smartphone and application market are making full use of their own software and hardware to eliminate various obstacles that hinder the perfect integration of automobile display screen and application content.Now a number of new products have emerged, which makes it very convenient for the electronic equipment of the car center console to use the data provided by the Smartphone Application, so as to obtain the information of real-time traffic map, parking lot entrance and weather forecast."This year is a turning point," said Thilo Koslowski, an on-board technology analyst at Gartner, an American market research company. "There has been a lot of discussion about on-board applications before, but from 2014, this revolution will really take place."GM has cooperated with Pandora to integrate this streaming music service on the center console of most Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac models. Honda also integrated AHA radio into its own car. If you buy the 2014 Mercedes Benz, you will find the tunein Internet broadcasting application on the center console, which can listen to broadcasts around the world through your smartphone. Next year, GM and Audi will also launch models equipped with 4G Internet service, so that drivers can even completely abandon smartphones.BMW is also developing an app store in the way of Apple iTunes to provide users with their own car applications. The app store is expected to open later this yearLaunched, and will land in the United States in 2015.New selling pointFor automobile manufacturers, electronic and communication functions have become key selling points. For many buyers, this is even more important than engine power or handling, especially for young consumers and first-time car buyers. "This is a major transformation of the entire industry in the digital environment," said Mathias Haller, Audi's chief infotainment system architect.We can call today's trend "Automotive Application 2.0". The new models manufactured in the past few years have helped users realize hands-free mobile phone calls with technologies such as USB interface, microphone and Bluetooth. Some models can even listen to podcasts or streaming music on smartphones. However, the interface of the first generation products is usually bulky, which may distract the driver's attention and cause danger. Because the voice commands are confusing, the driver has to pick up the mobile phone and use his fingers to operate the screen to select songs, view addresses or enter destination information.But that will soon change. At the New York International Auto Show last month, a car displayed by Mercedes Benz was equipped with an on-board infotainment system using apple Carplay system. As like as two peas, the interface and feel of the system are exactly the same as iPhone. The icon on the car display is exactly the same as the iPhone icon."The fewer things the driver needs to learn, the higher the safety," said Carl MOS, director of online information and entertainment of Mercedes Benz. Moss said that the system will be assembled into Mercedes Benz by the end of this year.Christine Bickley, a computer expert in New Jersey, found that when she recently drove home with the 2014 Kia Freddy, the car's UVO infotainment system would automatically synchronize with her Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, and then play streaming music in the mobile phone application through the car. In all operations, you don't need to leave your hand off the steering wheel, and your eyes can always stare at the road."That's cool. As soon as I get into the car, Bluetooth connects automatically. There's a button on the steering wheel to change playlists. I don't need to touch my cell phone - it's always in my bag," Bickley said. The singer, song and playlist information originally displayed on the mobile phone screen will be projected onto the screen of the center console."When I bought the car, I immediately called my friends and asked them to come and see it," Bickley said.Great potentialMobile technology providers and carmakers are still wary of each other, but they will benefit a lot if they can attract more consumers like Bickley.Security experts also hope that the new electronic devices in the center console can simplify the operation mode with the help of smart phones and reduce the dispersion of drivers' energy. Adrian Lund, President of the Insurance Institute for highway safety, said that early studies had shown that such technologies would at least not lead to further distraction. Although drivers can do more things with smart phones, they can "keep their eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel" when using these functions because the operation is simpler."Drivers don't seem to be distracted by technologies as before," Lund said.Streaming music and navigation applications are just the beginning, and people will soon be able to achieve more functions through cars. Ford has demonstrated a feature that can order pizza from the nearest Domino's store through the application in the company's car infotainment system. Recently, car manufacturers have also begun to allow software developers to directly obtain data on the car itself, such as fuel consumption. Developers even envisage using applications to record the fuel consumption of each journey, and even let relatives and friends view their own data to understand each other's driving efficiency.
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