My Family Thinks That Getting Help for My Business Is the Same As Going on Welfare?

My family thinks that getting help for my business is the same as going on welfare?

My Family Thinks That Getting Help for My Business Is the Same As Going on Welfare? 1

It must be very hard to not only have to make a business descision based on practical matters, but also have the emotional burden of not having family members support you. For what its worth, I think your plan and actions are honorable. You have respected the views of family, but you may have to act on what your business goals are alone. On that note, you would not be the first to take that gamble and succeed.

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Family members and early life

Mengelberg's parents were Johann Egidius Mengelberg and Catharina Wilhelmina Leiniger. His grandfather Egidius Mengelberg (1770-1849) was a well-known painter, as was his uncle, Otto Heinrich (1817-1890). On 18 October 1866 Mengelberg married Wilhelmina Helen Schrattenholz, and together they had sixteen children - eight sons and eight daughters - including the conductor Willem Mengelberg (1871-1951); some of their children died young. Mengelberg's parents were Protestant, but when he turned eighteen he converted to Catholicism, probably influenced by his interest in medieval art.

My Family Thinks That Getting Help for My Business Is the Same As Going on Welfare? 2

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Uncle who tries to rape family members?

If I were you I would a advise his son to tell his wife about his so call "Mental Illness" before she arrives. IF she does not find out she is going to try and kill him if he tries to rape her because I know I would. I think he needs to be in a mental hospital somewhere anyways because someone needs to have their eye on him at all times through the day because what if he gets his hands on someones child??.

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want a wedding but only few family members/friends?

Yes have the wedding! A wedding is a celebration with those you love to start out you new life as a family! Send the invitations to the family members you know cant come anyways so they know you want them there! And who knows they may make it. Also keeps from feelings being hurt and such

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Other Lugo family members

The Lugos were a prominent early family in California during the periods of Spanish and Mexican rule. They were among the colonists who became known as Californios. Jos del Carmen Lugo was the son of Antonio Maria Lugo, who was the son of original immigrant Francisco Salvador Lugo. Francisco Salvador LugoFrancisco Salvador Lugo (1740-1805), born in Sinaloa, Mexico, came to Las Californias in 1774. He was a soldier in the province and was stationed in northern California until 1781. Next he was assigned as part of the founding of the Pueblo de Los Angeles. Francisco Lugo was one of the soldiers who escorted the Los Angeles Pobladores (farming families and colonists) in 1781 from northern Mexico into California. His name is listed on the plaque of those present at the founding of Los Angeles on September 4, 1781. Lugo married Juana Maria Martinez y Vianazul. Together they had nine children: Rosa Maria de Lugo (1761-1797), Maria Tomasa Ygnacia Lugo Martinez (1763-1816), Salvador Lugo (1766-1784), Geronimo Teodoro Lugo (1773-?), Jose Ignacio de Lugo (1775-1800), Maria Antonia Isabel Lugo (1776-1855), Antonio Maria Lugo (1778-1860, Juan Maria Alejandro de Lugo (1780-1830), and Maria Ygnacia de Lugo (1783-1798). Antonio Maria LugoAntonio Maria Lugo (1778-1860) was born at Mission San Antonio de Padua in present-day Jolon, California, the seventh son of Francisco Salvador Lugo. After 17 years of service at the Presidio of Santa Barbara, in 1810 Corporal Lugo received his discharge and settled with his family in the Pueblo de Los Angeles. Antonio Lugo was granted the Spanish concession Rancho San Antonio in 1810, which was confirmed in 1838 by Mexican governor Juan Alvarado. In 1816, he served as the alcalde (mayor) of Los Angeles. In 1841, Lugo was granted Rancho Santa Ana del Chino by governor Alvarado. On Rancho San Antonio he built Casa de Rancho San Antonio the oldest home in Los Angeles County, California. Antonio and his wife Dolores Lugo had five sons: Jos del Carmen (this article), Jos Maria, Felipe, Jos Antonio, and Vicente Lugo; and 3 daughters: Vicenta Perez, Maria Antonia Yorba, and Mara Merced Lugo. Maria married Stephen Clark Foster, the first American mayor of Los Angeles after the Mexican-American War.

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Notable family members

Baron Albert von Tschugguel, Austrian Court Councilor and deputy imperial postmaster Peter von Tramin (Peter Tschugguel), Austrian writer Alexander Tschugguel, Austrian Catholic activist

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