My Hair Texture Changed After Dying It?

My hair texture changed after dying it?

My Hair Texture Changed After Dying It? 1

Dyeing always causes hair to dry out. Much less dyeing it twice in such a short time span. I would recommend a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner daily and a hair mask once a week. You can search for good hair masks from reputable brands. They have specific masks for moisture and and dyed hair. Thebeautydepartment also has tutorials for homemade hair masks and how to care for dyed hair. Avoid frequent blow-drying for now and let it dry naturally. Extra-virgin olive oil mixed in avocado is a really good homemade moisturiser for hair. Wash with water afterwards.

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i have curly hair that resembles sofia milos' hair texture, i am looking for a good gel/mousse that won't be

1. LEAVE IN CONDITIONER (itll make it soft and feel healthy)

My Hair Texture Changed After Dying It? 2

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Would my natural black hair texture be hard to maintain?

there are so many different ways to style and maintain your hair naturally. For me, I had to use the trail and error method. I found that some hair styles were easy to maintain but a disaster to comb out later, while others took a little more time every other day or so but my hair was a lot more manageable and lasted a lot longer. I would suggest just trying a few different methods out, there are tons of youtubers who show you how they maintain and style their natural hair. I found that extremely helpfully, even if they did not have the exact same hair type as me. Personally, I found that two different methods worked best for me. I use leave in condition and blow dry my hair. then I either put in Carol's Daughter hair milk in it and braid, corn roll, or twist my hair over night with a satin scarf on my head. Or I blow dry it, use a leave in conditioner, and section my hair piece by piece putting curling mousse on my my hair and putting them in rollers over night. Another method I've tried, which did not work out for me but very well may work out for you, was keeping my natural curl texture (not blowing it), putting a product in it (such as a leave in condition, or activator etc.) and either letting it dry, or braiding it, but always wearing a satin scarf overnight. In my opinion everyone can where their hair natural, you just have to find what methods work best for you. Also note that, it takes time for hair to adjust, whether your straightening it for the first time (with no relaxer/perm) or going natural. It's a process training your hair. *moisture is key

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Help with Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Texture Paste, and Wonder Wave Spray?

yeah i have this leave in conditioner from garnier fructis and it makes it look so very greasy, but it works better when you use it on wet hair i think.... you could try that!

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Could my toddlers hair texture be changing?

Of course. Up to age 3 a lot, and almost anything is possible to change, including hair color and texture

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How do i get my hair like this?

To achieve color dye light brown and do lots of thin highlight all over your hair. To achieve hair texture i suggest a perm because curling it can damage it more.

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best products for my unique hair texture?

your hair is most likely a type 3, which is mostly african american, so you should use products that are directed towards dry/brittle/damaged hair as they are the ones that make frizzy hair soft. my fave is herbal essence hello hydration, both the shampoo and conditioner. also aussie moist, and the 3 minute miracle. also use a little oil on your hair and a moisturizer

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What hair treatment can I use 2 make my hair longer?my hair texture is d afro.any suggestions?

If you want to make your hair grow you should look at what you are doing to it that could be making it break. Try to avoid too much direct heat (flat irons, blow dryers etc), keep it moisturised at all times and use protective styles to retain length. Try and build up a hair care regimen that you can stick to which does not require much manipulation. It's helped me a lot.

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