My Heel Hurts Really Bad?

Hello, First of all I am sorry that you have this soreness/pain which prevents you from working normally. I would prefer to tackle this issue not just by recommending a product, but to try and know the source of the pain in order to provide the best product for you. In order to achieve that we need a proper diagnostic. Please answer these questions: 1) Do you have high or low arches in your feet? 2) Is there any redness or bruising visible? 3) Where exactly is the pain located in the heel (back/bottom)? 4) Do you have "extra" pain when you first get up in the morning and take a few steps? 5) What kind of shoes do you usually wear? 6) Did you start any sport activity lately? Here are a few things you can do right now: 1) In general you should be completely resting your feet - try to take a couple days off and see if there is some improvement. 2) Ice your feet at least 4 times a day, either by applying ice directly or by rolling a frozen bottle under your heel and arch when you sit down. 3) Massage the area to speed up healing. 4) Wear supportive shoes around the house as well. 5) Avoid standing on hard surfaces, you can buy a rug or some sort of padding to put on the floor where you work. Again, if you can answer my questions I would be happy to assist you further, as well as recommend a shoe or product for your foot type. You can write to me directly if you prefer, my email is in my Yahoo profile or Feel Better!

My Heel Hurts Really Bad? 1

1. Someone explain how ryback is a heel ? Again?

The Way I See it, that is just how WWE is spinning it, they do not want to make there top face look bad, but what Ryback said was true in his interview, JBL even said it was all true all Ryback has a legitimate beef with Cena! It's all about the WWE Championship, that is what it is about, that is what Ryback wants, Him and Cena are not friends, Ryback will only be heel if the fans buy into it!

2. Where can I find a small size high heel?

you may be able to find on ebay. sizes starts from 3

My Heel Hurts Really Bad? 2

3. What is the root cause of heel pain? ?

My guess is that you have a mild case of plantar fasciitis. To correct this problem simple do this. Right before you go to sleep at night and right before getting out of bed in the morning do this exercise. The movement can be done either lying down on ones back or in a long sitting position. Keep the knees straight and have the muscles of the feet pull the front of the feet up towards the knees. You will know that it is working if there is a stretching sensation in the calves. Hold that stretch for a few seconds and relax. Do five of those stretches. Once you get the hang of this movement it can be done standing as well as sitting. The other movement is slightly more difficult and you should have some piece of furniture to stabilize you if necessary. Squat down on the floor in bare feet. The object is to be able to do this movement while keeping the heels on the floor and not hold onto any objects. That will take time to do so stay at it. You want to be able to stay in this sitting position for thirty seconds

4. My heel is swollen, what could it be?

Hello Natasha From your description it is very difficult to tell why you your heel is swollen. It could indeed be related to your jeans or the boots. Or a Sore heel due to strain. In order to provide you with the best possible assistance, please answer these short questions. 1) Where exactly is the pain located in the heel? 2) Is there any redness visible? 3) Does the pain go away after resting? 4) Does it also hurt when you are not standing/walking? 5) Is it more painful in the morning after a night's sleep? 6) Do you have high or low arches? 7) Is it sensitive to the touch? 8) Did it happen before (heel swells up)? Here are some suggestions for things you can do right now. * Ice your heel at least 4 times a day - You can roll a frozen bottle on the floor with your foot. * Buy off the shelf gel inserts that you can wear in your shoes. * Stretch your legs and feet before activity or before getting out of bed in the morning. * Avoid wearing "cheap" shoes like flip flops - they provide no support for your arches and heels Again, if you can answer my questions above I will be able to help you further. You can write to me directly if you prefer, my email is in my profile. Good luck, and feel better.

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