My Teapot Spout Turned Blue, Why?

you can make a phone call from any phone (though would not recommend using a public phone, too many extra fees) if you buy an international calling card. Follow instructions on card and you can call any country on earth. Though you have to deal with finding the number. I do not know why your tea pot turn blue. Glazes do not change. Have you tried cleaning it with water and soap? Does the blue clean off? If it comes off it might be something from your apartment. If it does not , how does it look like? Is it smooth and shiny, crusty, powdery etc?

1. I am looking to rescue a MIX Shepard Australian cattle dog (blue heeler)?

People can and do successfully have infants and dogs in the same household. If you are unable or unwilling to work to the point of getting the dog and baby in the same house together all the time, adding a potentially damaged and neurotic dog wo not fix anything. Anyway, have a new baby! And a dog, one you do not seem to be putting the work in for anyway. Why on earth would getting another animal be a solution?

2. The walls in my bedroom are navy blue, the crown molding doors and trim white. Any ideas on other trim colors?

If you think light blue would match the other items in your room, I would use it for your woodwork. If the woodwork had not already been painted, I would suggest oak trim, which shows much less dust , dirt, and scuff marks. Refinishing is lots of work, but if you do not have too much wood to work with, I would attempt a wood finish.

3. Can we talk about Taeyong's Todoroki look? Not just the hair but also the way he has blue contact on one eye? Do you guys like it and wish it lasted longer like I do?

I don't watch anime, but we can all conclude that Taeyong is probably half anime character or a part-time anime character. I mean, LOOK at the man:THE RESEMBLANCE. It's actually kinda scary how identical they look.It could be that the stylist was inspired by the anime character maybe. I don't know but it could be since they even made him wear the lens in his eye. Or it could have been that Taeyong suggested it. Since he is an anime fan (Otaku) he might have noticed that he resembled Todoroki and asked if he was allowed to wear a blue lens on one eye. And the stylists might've thought it would look good and let him. But whatever it is, I'm glad he got to rock this look!I honesty loved this look and really wished it lasted longer. They bleach his poor hair only to not even let it last that long. His hair's probably cursing at the hairstylist right now. It looked ICONIC and I really miss it already. Hopefully we will see Taeyong as another anime character in the future!.

4. What color would you use to sponge paint over a light blue to tone it down?

i have to vote against white. it can often give you an unpleasant chalky effect. go with a blue gray that's on the light side but not too light

5. What do I need (for materials/tools/parts) to install blue HID headlights in my 1999 Acura TL?

you need to find out what the temp color your ballast can handle most ballast can handle the 6000k and 8000k

6. Do rain barrels have to be blue plastic?

It depends on what was in the barrels, mine were soft drink syrup barrels, they are white


I would try installing a new cd reader, it kinda sounds like it is malfunctioning. Or I would try to change the hard drive in the computer and load a new operating system onto it. I hope that helps or at least gave you a suggestion. ???.

8. Can i dye my black hair a black-blue dye?

I saw someone with bright blue hair before. If you want your hair to be really blue / the blue is noticeable on first sight (not only when being hit by light) You really have to bleach it, Because ive read some blog about their black hair dyeing it blue and it didnt show up. I will try finding it and maybe edit this to post the link. But if you just dye it with a blue black hair dye, I think it wouldnt show up especially if the hair dye is made for american hair. But if you are american, i dont know. Im still not sure, Im not a hairstylist / any professional here in terms of hair. I just surf the internet and discover things there lol.

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