Name This Classic Rock Song?

name this classic rock song?

Aerosmith - Back In The Saddle Happy Holidays

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Are You A Classic Rock Fan?

Oh yea For sure, I would do anything to get to have experienced what it was like to see them live I was born in the wrong generation my friend since you like this music I figure you might check this out though.... (also if you believe in peace, theres a new activist group for anyone, teens, adults, kids. Its not a big program but its pretty cool. And its new. Its and there you can help build in our little effort to make a difference. go to the be a member section andfill out the submission, it will be progressing as a site everyday)We need people to keep the site running!I(its not a scam its free. JOIN THE MOVEMENT)

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What is this classic rock song?!?

Teen Angel by Mark Dinning

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What is the definition of Classic Rock?

anything from the 70's and before, i think would generally qualify as "classic rock"

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Essential Classic Rock Bands?

The Beatles Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath Pink Floyd Deep Purple Motorhead The Rolling Stones The Eagles The Doors Rush Ozzy Osbourne Cream ZZ Top AC/DC Lynyrd Skynyrd

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[Rock & Pop] What genre do you think Iron Maiden is?

probably metal. or rock. but definetly not classic rock

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Metalheads: How many of your parents got you into the music?

My dad got me and my sister into Kiss when we were both young. I know they are mainly hard rock but Destroyer was the first Kiss album I heard and that definitely has some heavy metal in it and as I got older, listening to Kiss for a few years made me crave a heavier sound ;) Both of my parents love classic rock but my dad is also a fan of a lot of '80s metal. The only metal my mom likes is Judas Priest (says she saw them in concert before), Scorpions, and a little bit of Dio but whenever I would play stuff like Metallica or Slayer, she never said "Turn that sh.t down." lol, so I do not think she minds it. BQ: Not a student, but I still surprise a lot of people with my taste in music. I've been told phrases like "YOU listen to [metal band name]?.", "What is a pretty girl like you listening to heavy metal?" (lol), and "Wow, I pictured you being into pop. Those types of people disgust me a hundred times more than those who say metal bands are screamo.

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Newcomer to rock, any suggestions?

try classic rock

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Do you prefer new Super Crisp Digital recordings, or older Lower Fi Recordings for your music?

Lo-fi for the classic rock please. I hate would igitally remastered' releases of classic rock. It was lo-fi to begin with and it rocked then and does now too. Hi-fi for the newer stuff this is 2009 after all.

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What are some good unheard of bands?

I like alt rock, hard rock, and metal, as well as classic rock, so this answer might surprise you but...richard thompson (theres something about the song Vincent Black Lightning)

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List of Classic Rock bands?

Since no one's mentioned, although there are in the list of top 50 classic bands, I give a nod to the Kinks. Some of the truely best songwriting ever.rivalved only by Dylan and Lennon/McCartney. No classic rock collection is complete without the Kinks. Beatles, Byrds, Kinks, Yardbirds, and the Ventures.

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help ! what is the different in ALT rock and METAL rock?

Alt is a newer rock most has a little rap in it such as Linkin Park. Metal is a little older rock one up from classic rock, such as Metallica

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Older VS. Younger Classic Rock Fans?

A lot of kids I know think the only thing around in the 60's and 70's was folk and disco. There is so much more than that. Psychedelic, rap, pop, metal, hard rock, r&b, southern rock and so on. As for the era, they seem to think we were all draft dodging, bra burning, pot smoking, sex crazed hippies. Some of us were, but most of us were normal kids. I am sure that in 30 years the kids will think all kids in the 80's through 2010 were rappers. lol I think classic rock was more diverse than today's music. That's not to say that today's music is boring or bad, it's just a little too much of the same damn thing! Heck, a lot of new artists are sampling music from the 60's, 70's and 80's and others are doing covers! Run DMC's version of Walk This Way was, in my humble opinion, one of the best covers ever! Yes I know Aerosmith was in the song too, but it was still an awesome job and would be even if it had not been a collaboration. I think the kids appreciate classic rock because it's new to them. The beat is different, the lyrics are different and it seems fresh and free. I do not mean any disrespect calling the new classic rock fans "kids." It's just that I am 50 years old. Everyone's a kid to me! lol

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