New Alternator and Battery, yet Battery Is Dead in AM..?

Bat drains are easy to narrow down but can be hard to isolate. first disconnect the neg bat cable. 2. now install a test light one end on the bat the other end on the neg cable end. If the light bulb is on and the keys are not in, and all the doors closed. you have a draw. now while watching the bulb begin pulling the fuses one at a time when you get to the circuit causing the drain the bulb will either dim or go out completely

1. what is killing my battery?

I would start with putting cable back on battery, then connecting test light to ground and then check the C.B.C.M. Next have you installed any electrical devices, if so check the install, if not check all grounds and power points for corrosion and tightness. After that you should check for chafing wires in the harness. I hope this helps you out.

2. Removing a car battery - order of wires explanation

When you remove the ground cable (-ve in most cars), you are probably touching the body of the car - but the ground terminal is connected to the body, so you do not complete a circuit, and so can not either cause a short or get a shock (though as gbarry's answer points out, you would barely feel the shock anyway, as the voltage is too low).When you then go to remove the other terminal, you still can not complete a circuit as you've disconnected the ground, so there is no way for current to get back to the battery. Whatever you do, do not let any metal tools touch both terminals, or the ve terminal and the car bodywork when both are connected - the resultant short can cause enough current to flow to weld the tools to the terminals! Similarly, be very careful around the terminals when wearing any metal jewellery (such as wedding rings).

3. Why wont my battery hold charge?

Test the alternator. Test the vtage of the battery while disconnected from the car. It should read 12.6 volts. Then re connect the battery, shut everything off, and check the voltage. If the voltage is less than 12.6 volts, there is a draw somewhere. If not, it is most likely a bad alternator. Check the voltage when the car is running, it should be 13-14 volts. If it is less than 12.6 you defiantly have a bad alternator

4. When Should I replace the Battery?

Battery in your MacBook Pro is a consumable item, which means it will require replacement at the "end" of its useful life.You can still use it for two years or more according to my knowledge with ease. Battery replacement prices are based on your region: Region Apple Price 17-inch Apple Price 15-inch and 13-inch United States $179 pre taxes $129 pre taxes Canada CA$199 pre taxes CA$139 pre taxes Europe 179 inc. VAT 129 inc. VAT Switzerland CHF 279 inc VAT CHF 199 inc VAT United Kingdom 139 inc. VAT 99 inc. VAT Japan 16,800 inc. taxes 12,800 inc. taxes Australia A$229 inc GST A$179 inc GST China 1398 RMB inc. vat 988 RMB inc. vat Hope Answered the Question :)

5. Windows 7 Aero theme when on battery

Check the power management settings. It should be in the advanced settings.Not at a laptop at the moment, but Power Options > Change Advanced SettingsYou may need to click on the link to 'view options not visible' (or something to that effect)

6. LAPTOP QUESTIONS - battery, etc?

4 cell vs 6 cell is just that a 50% improvement in battery life. How long it would last depends on your monitor brightness, etc... Check out the manufacturer but take that with a grain of salt. Also make sure that the larger battery has the same dimensions, you do not want a 6 cell battery to stick out of your notebook, which happened to me :( Wireless cards are universal so try to get the N, if not then G. The newest ones all have A, G and N. If you are talking about 3G wireless then you should try to get the 3.5G wireless cards (these uses SIM card the same as your phone and 3.5 is slightly faster). The middle east all use GSM, and so these 3G wiressless cards should work there. As for norton vs mcaffee both are good so it's up to you. What I would do is look at the extra features like extra firewall, anito bot, etc... Otherwise you can go free if you are careful like AVG or AVAST

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