New Years Eve 2018!

The eve of New Years Day 2018 is colloquially referred to as "New Years Eve 2018".If you have problems with that, you will have to take the matter up with the Ministry of Imprecision

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If adam and eve were the first humans?

Wow, good point. But though the bible says we are all children of god, it cannot be literal since eve was born of adam. Fantastic observation!

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What race were Adam and Eve?

Human, i.e. Homo sapiens. Beyond that, noone can say, and it does not really matter. They are the parents of all human beings today. If you look at the statues, hieroglyphics, and some of the mummified remains from ancient Egypt you can observe characteristics of African, Asian and European people. A veritable melting pot of humanity. We are all descended from the same first parents

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I really do not know... . I think the bible is a book of idealism... . everyone has their own idea about what is good and evil... .

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What is the story of Adam and Eve?

Get a old King James bible (not new KJV, only one not to alter Gods' words',and read) first 2 pages have your answer then read Isaiah 43 v 10-13. an eye opener for you

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Was Adam really married before Eve?

No. Lilith is a complete lie.

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were adam and eve black!!!??

The Bible does not explicitly give us the origin of the different "races" or skin colors of humanity. In actuality, there is only one race - the human race. Within the human race is a great amount of diversity in skin color and other physical characteristics. While possible, there is no explicit Biblical basis for this view. The races / skin color of humanity are nowhere mentioned in connection with the Tower of Babel. After the flood, when the different languages came into existence, groups that spoke one language moved away with others of the same language. In doing so, the gene pool for a specific group shrunk dramatically as they no longer had the entire human population to mix with. Closer inbreeding took place, and in time certain features were emphasized in these different groups (ALL of which were present as a possibility in the gene code). As further inbreeding occurred through the generations, the gene pool got smaller and smaller, to the point that people of one language family all had the same or similar features, and it would be a rarity when a different feature arose. Another explanation is that Adam and Eve possessed the genes to produce black, brown, and white offspring (and everything else in between). This would be similar to how a mixed-race couple often has children that vary greatly in color from one another. Later, the only survivors of the Flood were Noah and his wife, Noah's three sons and their wives, eight people in all (Genesis 7:13). Perhaps Shem's, Ham's, or Japheth's wives were of different races. It is possible that Noah's wife was of a different race than Noah. Maybe all 8 of them were of mixed race, which would mean that they possessed the genetics to produce children of different races.

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Did Adam and Eve have navels?

Well, considering that is where the umbilical is connected, they should not have, but all the pics show them with, so I suppose that is another proof of the falsity. Thanks for pointing it out!

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The fall of mankind in Genesis. I have some questions on Adam and Eve?

He had told them that they were to have children before they actually fell, though, so Eve would have known the concept. Also, the account explains the birth of Cain and Abel after they were expelled from the garden, but it does not point blank state that they were their first children. We just generally assume that they were. While they did begin to physically deteriorate, physical death is only one of several types of death in the Bible and not the one that was referred to in this passage. We know in our world that experience is not the only teacher. There are many things that we understand because we have been taught, not necessarily because we have experienced.

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