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Reviewing the Nintendo Switch - a Family System that's Still Worth the Money? By now, the Nintendo Switch is starting to feel a little old. After all, the console first saw the light in 2017, although the Lite upgrade did appear more recently, in mid-2019. However, the console still has an army of fans, and it continues to be more than powerful enough to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences. And it's particularly popular among kids, thanks to titles like Super Smash Brothers, Splatoon, Fortnite (of course), and Minecraft, which works really well on the system. So the bottom line is that there still is not really a console quite like the Switch, and it continues to offer the best option for families and children who want to avoid excessive violence. Nintendo's quality control has also been tight, ensuring that the Switch games library, while not especially large compared with PCs, Xbox consoles or the PS4, is stuffed with high-quality titles. It's harder to waste money on a Switch game that you hate than it is with other systems, purely because Nintendo are careful to curate the titles available. If they do not measure up, they rarely receive official backing. All of this has meant that the critics have been kind to the Switch. From Tech Radar praising Nintendo for "knocking it out of the park", to Trusted Reviews highlighting its "truly incredible games", reviewers have usually been very positive, and that's our experience too.

Which Exclusive Games are Better? Switch vs PS4 and Xbox One Generally speaking, Switch exclusive games are better-suited to kids, with less violence and cartoonish graphics. For raw gameplay, the PS4 and Xbox One usually win out. This is the conventional wisdom regarding the Nintendo Switch, and a few years after the console's release, it still holds true. Nintendo developed the system as a multiplayer option for families, not a console to push the boundaries of Call of Duty, or even sporting titles like FIFA. Instead, the Switch has received exclusives that mix humour, colourful graphics, old school gameplay, and clever reinventions of Nintendo's familiar characters. This makes many of them as fun for parents as they are for kids, and really makes multiplayer gaming a lot more fun. Games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are made for contests with kids (or between siblings), in a way that most PS4 or Xbox games are not . The Switch also comes with a unique controller system - the Joycon - and this means that some titles work better on Nintendo's system than others. If you become immersed in an RPG like Zelda or Dark Souls, and want to play in your bedroom or in the garden, the portable screen allows you to do so, while other consoles remain tethered to TVs. So Switch exclusives can be better for families where the TV is constantly in use for other purposes - a key selling point of the console as a whole. However, there's no denying that Sony and Microsoft's consoles are more powerful. If you want 4K space dogfighting or apocalyptic deathmatch action, the Xbox and PS4 will be better options (or, better yet, next-generation systems just over the horizon).

All of the series below are Switch exclusives, meaning that they have only been released for the Switch, and can not be played on any other systems. Most are extensions of existing Nintendo franchises, such as Zelda or Mario, but offer distinctive and usually much-enhanced gaming experiences. So even if you have played every other Zelda game to death, Breath of the Wild (and, potentially, Breath of the Wild 2) will feel new. All of these series have Switch exclusives, meaning that they have only been released for the Switch, and can not be played on any other systems. Most are extensions of existing Nintendo franchises, such as Zelda or Mario, but offer distinctive and usually much-enhanced gaming experiences. So even if you have played every other Zelda game to death, Breath of the Wild (and, potentially, Breath of the Wild 2) will feel new. They are not the only games available for the Switch, however. Although the console is best known for its accessible exclusives that tend to be suitable for youngsters, the Switch has also received versions of FIFA 20 in a slightly stripped-down format, as well as popular non-exclusives like Dark Souls Remastered, Hollow Knight, and the mech-themed strategy title Into the Breach. Here are some of the main exclusive Nintendo Switch Games UK gamers should check out:

• None When it appeared in March 2017, Breath of the Wild became the major reason for millions of Switch purchases with its astonishing game world, and classic Zelda storyline which saw Link battling Ganon again to protect Hyrule from its doom. Nintendo has also re-released the classic Link's Awakening - a great introduction to the Zelda legend, and a sequel is planned.

• None Introducing a new sidekick in Cappy, Super Mario Odyssey saw Super Mario battle through a huge array of 3D worlds as he rescued Princess Peach from being married to Bowser. Check out Super Mario Maker 2 as well, which lets you create whole new Mario levels. Yoshi's Crafted World and Luigi's Mansion 3 are also great fun for all family members.

• None Offering exciting arena-style battles, Smash Brothers Ultimate includes every character who has ever appeared in a Super Smash Brothers title, totalling over 70 fighters, from Mario and Luigi to Ryu from Street Fighter, and even a few Pokemon friends.

• None Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the best exclusive RPGs on the Switch, seeing players take control of the ruler of one of three "houses", which battle it out in Game of Thrones style storylines. It also includes a unique student mechanic, where players guide their pupils through personal development and growth as they perfect their skills.

• None Splatoon 2 offers no-nonsense Switch-only blasting, continuing from the hugely popular Splatoon (a big hit on the Wii U). Child-friendly thanks to the total absence of blood and gore, the game is great multiplayer fun, and represents a riot of colour that kids will love.

• None Mario Kart 8 Deluxe takes the adrenaline-filled, cartoonish action of Mario Kart, and takes everything further, mobilising the graphical capabilities of the Switch to wonderful effect. It features a whopping 37 playable characters, ranging from Mario to Baby Peach, as well as 8 courses and a multiplayer Battle Mode.

• None Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a superb RPG. Control of Rex, a diving expert who has become bonded to a mystical blade called Pyra, which also happens to have the form of a living girl, as he battles enemies to find his companion's homeland. Gorgeous Manga-style graphics, but beware - adult content makes this for those aged 12.

• None Pokemon Nintendo Switch games Let's Go Evee! and Pikachu! took the classic video gaming and cartoon franchise to a new level. Reimagining 1998's Pokemon Yellow, the twin games allow players to travel through Kanto, capturing Pokemon and training them into world-beaters. They were followed by Pokemon Sword and Shield, adding a bigger game world, more critters to catch, and a new battle with Team Yell.

Switch Gaming Accessories that You Wo not Want to Miss Some of these accessories are practical necessities for serious Switch gamers (such as screen protectors, cases, charging stands and headsets/phones). Some fall into the merchandise category - and there's a lot of Switch merchandise to choose from if that's your kind of thing. But all of them will help to enhance the enjoyment you get from your console, and may even keep it in working condition for longer. So do not forget to give accessories a quick browse when looking at a Nintendo Switch games sale. Here are some key Nintendo Switch game accessories you might want to purchase:

Advice for Buyers: How to Find Cheap Nintendo Switch Games Every Time The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success in the UK, offering experience gaming fans some amazing new titles to explore, while making life simpler for families who need to entertain demanding young children. And with titles as diverse as Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Astral Chain, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe available, there are sure to be games to suit anyone's tastes. However, building a Switch games collection can be an expensive hobby, so knowing how to find Nintendo Switch games deals is absolutely essential. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do so, no matter what game you are looking to purchase. The most important thing to know when finding affordable games for the system is where to buy Nintendo Switch games cheap. You do not just have to browse on Nintendo's own platform (although that can be a good source of deals). There are many other merchants in the UK who run Switch games sale promotions, or schedule savings for key accessories. Digital downloads can only be made via the Nintendo eShop, which has a regularly updated deals section. The savings on some titles can total 75% so it's a good place to start. But do not neglect alternative retailers. GAME offers plenty of cut-price Switch titles (with extra discounts for pre-owned games). And merchants like Argos, Currys PC World, Very, Amazon, and even eBay are worth a look. But it's not really a good idea to bookmark all of those retailers and check them one by one. Instead, the best way to stay on top of current discounts for cheap Switch games is to use the hotukdeals Nintendo Switch listings. Our listings bring together the UK's major gaming retailers, describing current discounts and bundle deals, and making it easy to redeem them whenever they appear. Choosing the right retailer is only half of the story, though. For example, other considerations may apply if you have not yet actually bought a Nintendo Switch. In that case, browsing hotukdeals for the right Nintendo Switch games bundle is the right way to go. A well-chosen bundle can include some of the best Nintendo Switch games (such as Mario Odyssey or Minecraft), the console, controllers, and cabling required to get underway - with big savings compared to buying everything separately. It may also be possible to save if you time your purchase skilfully. Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November always see big Nintendo reductions, both for consoles and games, so delaying until the pre-Christmas period could be a good call. But Amazon Prime Day and the New Year are good bargain hunting opportunities too. In any case, you will find every deal whenever it's announced at the hotukdeals Nintendo Switch games listings.

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