Okay I Have a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse and Its Wrecked Its Been Sitting Up for Five Years and now It Wo

Okay I have a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse and its wrecked its been sitting up for five years and now it wont start.?

Okay I Have a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse and Its Wrecked Its Been Sitting Up for Five Years and now It Wo 1

Buy yourself a service manual and start ticking down the list. This is what mine says: According to my Haynes manual there are several things to check: "1: Fuel tank Empty 2:Battery Discharged 3:Battery terminal connections loose 4:Leaking Fuel Injector(s) faulty fuel pump/ pressure regulator 5:Fuel not reaching fuel rail 6:Ignition components wet or damaged 7:Worn, faulty or incorrectly gapped spark plugs 8:Broken loose or disconnected wiring in the starting circuit 9:Loose Distributor or Crank Angle Sensor or Cam angle Sensor 10: Broken, lose or disconnected wires at the ignition coil or faulty coil." I believe this is general so it should be the same for your car

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How to fix ignition coils

I don' t know if anyone else got creative like I did, but I figured out how to fix the bad Denso ignition coils. I wished I would taken snapshots with my camera phone. But just follow along. I could not wait until Monday for my new ones to come in, it was 95 outside today. 1)take out all 4 ignition coils. You will notice that it's the upper part of the boot that is burnt through and where the arcing is happening. 2)take off the bottom boot of the ignition coils (it's where the top of the spark plug goes in.) 3)remove the plastic casing surrounding most of ignition coil (it should slide off easily) 4) now slide the upper boot through the bottom also. (you should now see the metal casing that wraps around the ignition coils) 5)Get some electrical tape and wrap it around the upper portion of the ignition coil that was covered by the upper boot. 3 full revolutions. 6)take a box cutter and start the slicing all the way around about 1/3 up. (width wise of the electric tape) the idea here is to take off enough so that when you slide the plastic case back on, the electrical tape wo not get in the way. 7)now you want to wrap the upper rubber boot with electrical tape too. 2 full revolutions should do it. 8) Put the upper rubber boot back on to the ignition coils. (it get's tricky because the electrical tape creates a lot of friction against the rubber boot.) 9)Slide the plastic casing back on to the ignition coils. Put the bottom boot back on. 10) do the same for the other 3 ignition coils. The concept of this is the first layer of electrical tape that's wrapped around the metal casing of the ignition coils is to stop the arcing through the rubber boot. The second layer of electrical tape thats around the upper part of the boot is to ensure there is no arcing. Some of you are thinking why bother, when there's a TSB? The anwer is simple. If you do not feel like waiting a week for the part and another week for them to put it in for you, this will suffice. Well this is my first real contribution to r6messagenet.com. PS. Mods, you might want to sticky this.

Okay I Have a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse and Its Wrecked Its Been Sitting Up for Five Years and now It Wo 2

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Should I change the ignition coils in my 2002 Nissan Maxima?

There are a host of other possibilities to your misfiring problems. You could have a vacuum leak, your fuel filter could be clogged, you could have dirty or leaking injectors, your plugs could be fouled, your spark plug wires could be in need of replacement, etc.,etc., etc. To save money and aggravation you need proper diagnosis of the problem. Replacing ignition coils is NOT a routine maintenance item. While it possibly can cure your problem you should find out for sure if that's the cause. I mean, with that rationale you should probably go ahead and get a new engine.

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How much does replacing an ignition coil cost?

You are looking at $20 (total for all 4) for the plugs, $40 for the wires, $50 ignition coil. Plus an hour's or so worth of labor. Total cost should not be more than $200, if that's all they are doing. A full tune up would cost about that much, but that would also include new fluids, tire rotation, air filter, distributor cap and rotor, and a radiator flush. The driving you are talking about will cause an increase on wear and tear of your vehicle, but 80,000 miles is not really bad for simply needed new plugs and wires.maybe a little sooner than normal, but certainly not bad

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