Online Games for Teens? That Is Free?

Online games for teens? That is free?

these games fit your description to a T: (the teen version)

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Will my computer work for these games?

That's a pretty good spec you've got, I would assume all of these games will work. There not built designed to work only on gamer tech machines, they are built for the everyday machine, and those specs are well above average.

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Where Can I Download fun games... Please help!?

these games are fun to play on the web. :)

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Simulador Profesional de Ftbol PC Ftbol 2.0 PC Ftbol 3.0 PC Ftbol 4.0 PC Ftbol 5.0 PC Ftbol 6.0 PC Ftbol 7 PC Ftbol 2000 PC Ftbol 2001 PC Ftbol 2005 PC Ftbol 2006 PC Ftbol 2007

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Do You Like My Ps3 Collection?

You have A LOT of games, I will give you that... but you are missing a few franchises and games to complete franchises like Shift 2, etc. And most of these games are not even good.

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Five Nights At Freddy's Age Rating Confusion

Five Nights at Freddy's is a game series that has gained some pretty huge traction with younger children. Largely this is from YouTube channels that target their videos at children of about this age, just about every YouTube channel has done a video of themselves playing a d reacting to a fnaf game.Is it an 'adult' game? It deals with some mature themes such as child abuse, murder and predators. But it's generally all implied, there is no detailed graphic content and any gore/violence is depicted in low quality cartoon like segments (borrowing an art style from old Atari 2600 games if that helps).There is only one version of the game series, all of these games are horror titles and follow the same story line. However the popularity with younger audiences due to its massive impact through YouTube has spawned toys, pyjamas etc as you've noted. The mature themes in these games are generally pretty subtle, and the unsubtle parts of the game are just simple jumpscares (where the enemies in the game jump out making a loud noise to startle the player) and a general feeling on tension from playing the game.Bottom line, there is very little in these games that can just be given an age rating. There is no realistic gore, nor sexual content or anything like that. Whether you think your child would be safe enjoying this series is largely down to you knowing your child. The series is similar in 'scariness' to the early Childs Play films - corny and goofy, but if you find that kind of thing scary, you are better off leaving it be

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What games should I buy for PS3?

some great games to try are the elder scrolls oblivion game of the year,fallout 3 game of the year,borderlands,need for speed shift,fuel,pure,wet,dragon age origins,burnout paradise,assassins creed 1/2,all worth playing.these should keep you busy for quite a while,some of these games can take you 350 hours or more to play through if you do every thing.hope this helps.have fun gaming

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I'm looking to buy a good graphic card(budget=100USD)any suggestions?

For these games buy a GeForce GT 240 - $84 Motherboard - This would depend on which processor you want to go for. If you are going for a Intel Core i3/i5/i7 then ECS H55H-M(1.0) LGA 1156 Intel H55 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard would fit the bill at $79.99 I would personally recommend a GTX 260 for such games but it would be more than $200

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which should i get uncharted 2 or battlefield bad company 2?

UNCHARTED 2 ITS MUCH MORE BETTER CAUSE IT HAS STORY TRUST ME I HAVE BOTH Of THESE GAMES AND I think uncharted 2 is better sorry if i left the caps on im not yelling at u its just i wanted to

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What genre do games like 'Dear Esther', 'To the Moon', or 'Gone Home' fall under?

There is no defined category or genre for these games yet. However, its safe to assume that To The Moon is a puzzle-adventure game. Dear Esther is getting the label "Virtual Installation", its more of a interactive picture, VERY light on gameplay or objectives. Gone Home is "like" Dear Esther, but presents more "gameplay elements", like a objective, mechanics other than walk around, a clear plot and in some respect a failure state, so its more of an adventure-puzzle game with more focus on story than gameplay.

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