Opinions on My Wedding Cake Flavor!!!!?

Opinions on my wedding cake flavor!!!!?

Opinions on My Wedding Cake Flavor!!!!? 1

It sounds perfect and delicious to me

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What happened to the Wedding cake?

I do not know that having a fresh-cut flower on a cake is any weirder than having a little plastic or china bride and groom. I love that there are so many styles and options for wedding cakes - because there are so many different kinds of wedding celebrations. I personally do not like figurine cake toppers or initial cake toppers. I love the fresh-cut flowers, though. I think they are beautiful, natural, and elegant. To me, the figurines look really dated.

Opinions on My Wedding Cake Flavor!!!!? 2

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Is it a good idea to make a homemade wedding cake?

How far in advance would you make a cake?! I could not see having to do this the day before or day of your wedding

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What is the average price of a wedding cake?

This Site Might Help You. RE: What is the average price of a wedding cake? For a pretty good one... not cheap like from the grocery store but not over-the-top

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Edible sugar diamonds on wedding cake?

Sounds like too much hassle to me, and I doubt anyone but the kids would actually eat them. Pure sugar? YUCK!

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Wedding cake topper, Canadian military???

Have you tried E-Bay? How about purchasing a cheap standard uniform one somewhere, paint it all white and then paint it the colors of the Canadian uniform that you want it to look like. That way you can kinda make it yourself (to some extent at least). Good luck!

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In need of a guitar wedding cake topper!?

Only thing I found was groom with red electric guitar running and bride chasing him. On bizrate.com and a black and a white guitar, could get initial from another source, plenty of initials out there, and get cake baker to fix for you------on etsy.com and one single glass guitar on---justcaketoppers.com. Good luck.

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Baking a DIY wedding cake?

Make it 2 days before and freeze or refrigerate it. Do not make it more than 2 days in advance. I suggest making a small wedding cake and then in the same flavor make easy SHEET cakes (meaning rectangular cake in a pan and frost and decorate it the same as the wedding cake) and feed sheet cakes to guests. Feed the wedding cake to couple, parents of couple and sibilings and use the rest until it runs out then have the kitchen switch to sheet cakes.

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how much is a wedding cake for 150 people?

Figure at least 3-4$ per slice, and that is on the cheap side so about $600 or so to start. And that is probably for a fairly plain, buttercream cake with standard choc/vanilla cake and a standard filling. The fancier you get the more expensive. Fondant is expensive so that increases the price, and the more decorations/variations increase the labor so that is more expensive. Good Luck.

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what is a new york style wedding cake?

Something inedible covered in fondant and handmade gumpaste flowers

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What are some unique wedding cake flavors?

Red Velvet cake : it's really just red colored chocolate. You can flavor any cake batter with any extract. I personally like to put a little coconut into my white cake batter.

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How do I plan a wedding in two weeks?

wow.you are insane. two weeks is barely enough time to tell your family and friends about it. I had a close friend plan it in a month, and that was pushing it. What they did was hand deliver all of the invitations. they had the wedding at their church and were married by their pastor so that was not too difficult to arrange. they had the reception at a family member's house.they did a big pig roast and had a bonfire and everything. it was pretty cool. The one thing that i would worry about ifyou have a church and pastor.is that it is sometimes difficult to find a decent photographer and get a wedding cake done in that short of time. Other than that.ask around at churches if you do not have your own. .a lot of times they may have some in near future due to cacellations etc. You should keep it simple so that it does not look rushed, and last of all.just make sure to keep your own personalities in it. .the wedding is just the beginning, the marriage is what you need to plan and focus on.

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