Picking a Dining Table Is a Matter of Taste

Whether you're a family of four or a single city-dweller, finding the perfect dining room table for your taste -- and space -- can be like picking out a pair of jeans.

''It's the same piece of cloth, but as you add details, beads, and styling the price of the jean goes up," said Meghan Pelton, executive vice president and one-fourth of the family-owned Boston business. ''It's a matter of taste and what you're comfortable with." Pelton, along with her brother Michael Loring, mother Mal Loring, and father Ken Loring, have owned the furniture franchise for over 26 years and now have six stores throughout Massachusetts. With all the styles, sizes, and colors available today, finding a dining room table can be daunting.

''Ask yourself what you want and what you need. And be realistic," said Pelton. ''A family with infants and toddlers is better off with a lighter table or a rustic pine look because it isn't going to show as much wear and tear. If you're going to put a table in a dining room and use it once a month, a dark finish is fine." Pelton said consumers should know what they're willing to live with in a dining room table. ''With a darker finish, it's going to show more dust and more surface scratches. Know your tolerance level. Over time, you're going to see scratches," she said. In her own home, Pelton has a rustic oak table from Boston Interiors that seats eight to 10 people and costs about $1,000. The chairs range from $200 to $250 a piece.

A typical dining room table, plus four chairs, costs about $700 to $2,500 at many retailers, including Boston Interiors, Domain, and Jordan's Furniture. As the price goes up, so does the number of options available, Pelton said.

The style of chair and the legs of the table can be custom-made, leaves can be added into the table to increase the size, and more colors are available for more expensive pieces.

The right amount of space is also needed for the right table. Pelton tells consumers to follow the 3-foot rule when shopping. ''You want to keep 3 feet between the table and the walls so people can comfortably push their chair out and leave the table, or walk down the aisle between the table and the wall," she said.

For those without the luxury of space, Pelton said it is acceptable to work with a 2-foot rule, but anything less than that would be uncomfortable.

The type of wood used often determines the price. Slow-growing hardwoods such as birch and maple will last longer and be more expensive than softwood tables made of pine.

Buying a good dining room table is as important as being a piece of art -- you're going to live with it forever -- so Pelton suggests consumers focus on quality and taste.

''Price is important, but it has to be a good value. Find a design that you like, and if the price is too high, ask to see something less in price but similar in design," she suggests.

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Newborns Dining Room Ideas
Newborns Dining Room Ideas
Chandeliers are a tricky source of light to use appropriately. Located in the center of the room, the provide light that can be either shone directly downward or diffused throughout the room, usually broken up using reflection. In this article, I will discuss how to use the unique lighting of chandeliers correctly in lighting design.Purely as a source of lighting (that is, without considering what they look like in themselves), chandeliers come in two types: downward-shining chandeliers and spherically-shining chandeliers. Downward-shining chandeliers are chandeliers where lamps shades or other obstructions are used to have all the light from the light shine downwards. These chandeliers are most typically used in dining rooms, and are used as task lighting for the purpose of eating. The difficulty with these chandeliers is that they can actually be too good as task lighting. The light they shine downwards can reflect off of the surface of the table, causing glare in people's eyes when eating. As a result, they should always be used in tandem with a table cloth or with a table surface that is not especially reflective. It is also important when using a downward-shining chandelier to ensure that the naked bulb cannot be seen by those who are eating. Having it be so makes it uncomfortable for people to look upwards while eating.Spherically-shining chandeliers, on the other hand, are used both in foyers and in dining rooms. These chandeliers will often have lights that look like candles (from the French "chandelle" for "candle"), and this light shines upward, downward and in all directions. The quality of light from these chandeliers has two features. First, because it is omni-directional, it does not serve as well as task lighting for eating. In the dining room, you will likely need to augment the chandelier with additional light sources. Second, the light is usually refracted using beads, crystals, glass and reflective metal. As a result, the light that comes from a chandelier seems to "flicker" slightly, creating sparkling spots of lights on walls and other surfaces. This provides an attractive light source that can beautify your entire room.
How Much Should I Expect to Earn, in Tips, at a Fine Dining Establishment Like Maggianos?
How Much Should I Expect to Earn, in Tips, at a Fine Dining Establishment Like Maggianos?
Your biggest mistake is assuming Maggiano's is fine dining. Because it is not . The food is better than Olive Garden and the dining room is much nicer. But it's still a family style restaurant. Nicer than Chili's but it's far from fine dining. Fine dining is upscale and expensive and Maggiano's is neither of those. Your average ticket will be more but not by a lot.— — — — — —The First Class Dining RoomIn addition in the conversion of the first class dining room: • A number of the side areas around ventilators were "opened up" with bulkheads removed. • The elaborate system of glass panels that screened the sidelights (portholes) was left intact but has been allowed to deteriorate over the years. • The Korkoid flooring was covered with carpeting – common in contemporary catering facilities, but a step away from originality. • The fine white linen damasks that graced the tables were replaced with more standard table clothes. In recent years the crisp white commonly used on the Queen Mary has been replaced with colored varieties. • The china, silver and crystal designed for use here was auctioned off in the early 1970s. The collector value of these original items made them too valuable for daily catering use.— — — — — —How to Modernize an Antique Dining Room SetOur new house has a sunken conversation pit in front of the fireplace. It's about 6X6 and has three steps into the 'pit' and booth-like backs on each side. My adult. See more I have an empty space, or cove, up top in my dining room. I want to decorate it, but not have it look like I just threw some left over junk up there. I want it to acc. See more I just can not seem to put the finishing touches on my dining room and am tired of it feeling unfinished. Any suggestions would be great as I feel like I am at a stand s. See more What to do with a blank wall?? Hi all, We have a "blank wall" in our dining room, and I know it has potential to be something great, but I just do not know what to do. I was thinking of cladding it . See more I absolutely LOVE this program. I would do shiplap all over my house if I could - but I live in a mobile home and there are not any bare walls to speak of.I have a di. See more Dining table and hutch: I have this dining room set that I love but I think it needs an update to something more modern. Not sure if I should re-stain it a lighter co. See more— — — — — —How to Transform Your Dining Room CornerNot all of us are blessed with lavish, palatial homes where we can afford to pick and choose when it comes to decorating dining room corner spaces. Most homeowners wish to make the most of every inch of space that they have, and the forgotten corners offer the perfect opportunity to revitalize a room and give it a brand new dimension. See also: 10 Amazing Modern Rugs for Your Living Room That is why we would like to offer you some ways how to optimize your dining room corner: How can the dining room corner aid in bringing the family together? If you have enough space to spare around, you can combine the dining room with the family area to shape a fun and practical social hub in the house. With the kitchen right next to it, this is one of the best ways to bring the family together. You can use a small sectional in the corner or a cozy nook along with some chairs and a small coffee table to get this done. One of the easiest and most practical ways in which you can put that small corner to use is by just adding an additional seating option. It can be an extra chair that does not fit at the dining table or a cozy ottoman that also ushers in some color. Even though the spot may look pretty 'lonely', remember that in a really tiny room, every inch of space does matter. Look at it as an aesthetic way to display an additional chair that can be put to use elsewhere when needed. Open shelves, closed cabinets or trendy modern freestanding displays; the dining room kitchen corner can easily double both as a smart storage space and an attractive display. Building a permanent corner cabinet is obviously a lot more work, and if you have a small dining room, then it makes the area seem even more crowded. Floating wall-mounted shelves are a chic option that gives the space an airy appeal while letting you display your favorite ceramics with elegance. Love bringing work home? Or maybe you work from home? Turn that boring dining room corner into a workspace that can be used by everyone in the family. All you need is a simple desk and a comfortable chair to turn the corner into a functional home workstation. Also, add a few floating shelves above the desk to create the storage you need for this deft home office nook. With the kind of wireless connectivity available these days, the rest would not be too hard to set up. Light It Up in Style! Corner floor lamps are a hit no matter where you use them in the house. In a small dining room, twin floor lamps in two different corners give the room an instant lift while adding beautiful symmetry. Many of the contemporary floor lamps also double as standalone sculptural additions and steal the show both when switched off and on! Not all corners need to be filled up to make a beautiful statement. A dining room corner with windows or sliding glass doors bring the outdoors inside and gives it an inimitable aura. For those not fortunate enough to have a dining room opening up towards a spectacular view, add a natural plant to breathe freshness into space. >> What do you think about this article? Please, leave your comment below and check our other articles. If you want to be up to date with the best news about interior design events, new pieces, and other design news, you must sign up on our Newsletter and receive it in your email, free of charges. We look forward to give you the best design news and trends!
What Do U Use Your Dining Room Table For?
What Do U Use Your Dining Room Table For?
eat. sex. roll my blunts1. What kind of foam should I use when re-upholstering my dining room chairs?as a replace of re-doing the padding, attempt getting a thick batting on the cloth keep and rapping a pair of layers around the previous padding and then including the cloth your making use of to get better them. it works super and it will final particularly a on an identical time as. it is likewise greater low-priced. good success !!!2. How to decorate dining room table. forPut a Christmas Red Table cloth on the table with some scented candles. Keep it nice and simple3. Your Guide to Getting the Perfect Wall Sconces for Any RoomWhether it is to add illumination or to accentuate certain parts of a room, wall sconces are wonderful pieces to add to your home interior. These fixtures are extremely versatile and can function as general, accent, or task lighting in various areas around your home, such as a reading nook, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, dining area, patio, and even to frame a large mirror or painting. 4 Things to Consider Before Buying Wall Sconces 1. Existing decor. Like any fixture, your wall sconces should match the style of your existing dcor, so they do not look out of place. 2. Determine the amount of lighting you need. Sconce lights come in varying shades and brightness. Candle wall sconces provide subdued lighting and are perfect for the bedroom and along the hallway. Glass sconces will illuminate your living room with clean white light. 3. Sconces for small spaces. Wall sconces are ideal for small spaces, such as the bedroom and bathroom. A decorative sconce with three shades will be perfect to create an elegant feel in your bathroom. Instead of a lamp, you can mount a light sconce above your child's bed to save space. 4. Safety. If you have children in your home, consider the height and location of your wall sconces. Heavy sconces, such as iron wall sconces, should be securely mounted at adult eye level so that these may be kept out of children's reach. Candle wall sconces should be kept away from curtains, bedding, and desks. Reflective of the past, this style provides an upscale feel to any dcor with its ornate detailing. Tiffany shades and crystals are popular elements. Simple and sleek would describe this particular style. They usually feature polished or brushed silver-toned metals with a minimalist design that carries a universal appeal, blending seamlessly with a variety of interior design schemes. A blend of modern and traditional, this style presents wall sconces that have an eclectic vibe. Transitional light sconces may embody a traditional essence, yet offer a bit of whimsy and less ornamentation. Transitional wall sconces add character and may stand out as a unique design feature in almost any style of dcor. Best suited for country and lodge interiors, rustic sconces often feature darker colors, distressed finishes, and animal motifs. This type of wall sconce grounds the room by directing the light downward, making a large room feel warm and inviting. Up light sconces project upward lighting towards the ceiling, giving an illusion of having a larger room. This type is excellent for an entryway, living room, dining room, or hallway. Adds balanced lighting to the room by casting light in both directions. This type casts a small amount of light, creating a warm and intimate ambience. This type of wall sconce is available in all styles, from modern to rustic. Candle wall sconces usually have shades covering the bulb. This adjustable type of sconce light is ideal for areas where flexible fixtures are needed such as reading nooks, bedsides, and nurseries. This type of sconce is used to showcase wall art by focusing light on a painting or picture.4. Is it better to donate items to charity (clothes, dining room table, etc...) or try to sell them on e-bay? ?You are always better off yourself with dollars in your pocket than dollars spent on anything, even donations. The most benefit you can get from donations is 35% of their fair market value and most get much less than that; the typical taxpayer's marginal tax rate is 15% or 25%. (And if you do not itemize, you do not get any benefit from donations at all.) Since buyers pay the shipping charges on items you sell (if you are doing it right anyway) the only cost to you is the listing fee on pay sites. That's generally a lot less than the tax benefit. Donate for the good that it will do, not for any tax benefit that you might receive. If you just want the most dollars in your pocket, hold a garage or yard sale.
Should Carbon Monoxide Detectors Be Installed in Rooms Containing Gas Appliances?
Should Carbon Monoxide Detectors Be Installed in Rooms Containing Gas Appliances?
It is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer's directions.You do not want to install CO detectors near appliances. You want them installed near people. A living room or dining room is best. One for each floor, and near bedrooms.But not in a garage or in a kitchen with gas appliances. Also, remember to mount them near or just above the height of the average adult's face - that's 5 or 6 feet off the floor. Here is a good article about them:CO Detector Do's and Do not sIn a nutshell, it says:In order to ensure that your home has maximum protection, it's important to have a CO detector on every floor. Carbon monoxide detectors can get the best reading of your home's air when they are placed five feet from the ground. Near every sleeping area.1. Where can I find a cheap dining room table?I found a table and chairs for my daughter at a consignment store and it was dirt cheap2. Where can I buy plastic seat covers for my dining room chairs?Do not do it, that's just wrong! everyones butt will swet & stick to their seats, chairs are made to be comfortable, go buy some scotch guard or something. Very disapointed3. Need some ideas for art in a dining room?Place a table, some chairs and enough food on the table, determined to stop ta!4. What do you call the room between the KITCHEN and DINING ROOM?GALLEY5. What type of paint will most effectively conceal blood spatter on my living room and dining room walls?Hmm, as the previous poster said, "Kilz" could do it. Dark red paint is another option6. I have a black, gray, and glass themed living/dining room, but would like some color. Any suggestions?congrats on the new apartment..your contemporary taste ought not to be marred by too many colours.A knick knack or a rug or a wall hanging ..JUST ONE would bring up those exquisite modern living room of yours and for the colour is deep red. not those bright red rather a warm deep red which can also symbolises LIFE7. What color should I paint my walls?Since you have colors from nature in your sofa, rug, and coffee table table, go with another color from nature; a light shade of green. I agree with the maroon accents, pillows on the sofa, maybe a throw rug under the coffee table, and maroon drapes. I think all would go nicely for the living room and dining room. Good luck on your decorating! I hope this helps8. I spilled acetone on a good portion of our wooden dining room table... (cont. inside)?Once acetone spills on a wood finish it take off the stain and the varnish which you feel as being sticky. Something like that has to be refinished, there's nothing you can do the damage is done9. What shape is your dining room table?Round.... But during the holidays or family gatherings when I use the leaf it is a huge oval.... I love my table... Peace.10. What color is your dining room table?lol, this is a strange one jkin jkin mines black boaring i know hehe11. I want to paint my house. I have a light oak dining set. What colors would go good in my dining room?Use a color wheel. Locate the color that you are doing on the color wheel, then pick a color directly opposite. That will be a complimentary color. For instance, for a light green, the complimentary color would be in the purple and red fields. Do not be afraid of dark hues. They really make walls pop out when saturated with color. Good luck!.12. I need help stripping my dining room table. What should I use?2-3 Apple Martinis and some flirting13. Help with the color of dining room chairs? :-)?Hi, maybe I am wrong (do not think so) I had a restaurant and one thing I learned is macthing colour, the way I can see your living room it's " bright" so you need something who make us (looking at) call "cutting" I will try long back chairs, glossy black (4 sure) with a cushion seat peach or beige, will be better with peach colour, and wont cost you an arm & a leg! NOTES; steel chair will work fine H.A.N.DAY!!!
Ben Carson's HUD Cancels Order for $31G Dining Room Set After Complaint
The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Thursday that it is canceling an order for a $31,561 dining set purchased for a costly makeover of Secretary Ben Carson's office after a whistleblower's complaint."At the request of the Secretary, the agency is working to rescind the order for the dining room set," HUD spokesman Raffi Williams said in a statement.The move comes after Helen Foster, HUD's former chief administrative officer, complained that she was retaliated against for objecting to the cost of the set, saying that $5,000 was the statutory max. The New York Times reported on the decision, made in late 2017, on Tuesday.The agency had previously called the dining room set a decoration rather than a building expense, and said it was not ordered by Carson. HUD told the Associated Press that only blinds were purchased for Carson's office and were within the $5,000 limit. The dining set is in a room adjoining Carson's office.Foster said she was demoted for refusing to bankroll the remodeling, and claims it was requested by Carson's wife amid an environment where top officials told her to skirt or break the rules. Foster says she was told the department "has always found money for this in the past" and that "$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair."The department said in response to that report that Carson decorated his office mainly with furniture from the agency's basement and did not ask for a new dining set. Instead, HUD blamed it on "career staffers."The department also denied retaliation, saying that Foster is still a HUD employee and that it is customary for staffers to be rotated.HUD's Office of the Inspector General said it would not confirm or deny whether it had opened an investigation into Foster's allegations.Foster's complaint asks for a public apology, and that she be reinstated to her original position.Fox News' Peter Doocy and The Associated Press contributed to this report.
$1.4 Million Homes in Rhode Island, Colorado and Arizona ...
WHAT A 1900 Tudor-style home with four bedrooms and four and a half bathroomsHOW MUCH $1.395 millionSIZE 4,139 square feetPRICE PER SQUARE FOOT $337SETTING The home is in the historic College Hill neighborhood, across the street from the Brown University campus. It is a block from the shops and restaurants on Thayer Street and a 20-minute walk from the downtown train station.INDOORS Recently refurbished, the home has many of its original features, starting with the foyer's decorative ceiling, stone fireplace with a mirror over the mantel and pair of glass doors with fanlights leading to an outdoor patio. A new marble-topped island was added to the kitchen, but the cabinetry is vintage. The dining room has a beamed ceiling and wainscoting that rises high on the walls. A small room off the foyer has a coved ceiling and a triangular-top bay window.On the second floor are two large bedrooms with working fireplaces and new en-suite bathrooms with heated floors. There is also a room with a bay window and a fireplace that leads to a sleeping porch with exposures on three sides.A back staircase leads to the third floor, with two more bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a study with a fireplace.OUTDOOR SPACE Raised garden beds with stone borders encircle much of the .1-acre property. A paved driveway leads to an attached one-car garage.TAXES $31,068CONTACT Jonathan Weinstein, Mott & Chace Sotheby's International Realty, 401-339-1341; mottandchace.comWHAT A three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom condominium in a renovated 1906 churchHOW MUCH $1.375 millionSIZE 4,969 square feetPRICE PER SQUARE FOOT $277SETTING One of four units in a restored brick-and-sandstone Gothic Revival church building in the San Rafael Historic District, the home is a 15-minute walk from downtown Denver. It is convenient to a large hospital complex, the many restaurants on 17th Avenue and local light rail.INDOORS A living area with 30-foot ceilings is illuminated by double-height stained glass windows and an original chandelier. The room includes an open kitchen with a large island, mosaic-tile backsplashes, Viking appliances and a walk-in pantry; a dining room is off to the side. Overlooking the great room at one end, and reached by an oak staircase, is a mezzanine with a sitting area, bedroom, study and full bathroom. A separate flight of steps at the other end leads to a private second-level bedroom and bathroom with a shower. On the third level is a master suite with a ladder to a 500-square-foot skylighted space that could be used as a yoga studio, artist's studio or office. A private elevator runs between the main and third levels.OUTDOOR SPACE A covered patio off the master suite has city and mountain views. There is also a shared patio at ground level and a private two-car garage.TAXES $5,336, plus a $525 monthly condo feeCONTACT Barbara Henderson, Kentwood City Properties, 303-349-5422; kentwoodcity.comWHAT A Spanish colonial-style home with five bedrooms and four bathroomsHOW MUCH $1.397 millionSIZE 4,724 square feetPRICE PER SQUARE FOOT $296SETTING One of the earliest buildings in the Colonia Solana Historic District in central Tucson, the 1930 home was designed on spec by Merritt H. Starkweather, a local architect. It is next to Reid Park with its public golf course, tennis courts and zoo, and eight minutes by car from the downtown business district.INDOORS Renovated and expanded in 2001, the stucco-on-masonry home received updated heating, plumbing and electrical systems, as well as a new roof. The living room, upstairs bedrooms and garage were added and the original kitchen enlarged. Period-appropriate Malibu ceramic tiles were custom made for the front door, stair risers, kitchen and outdoor sink. David Flynn, a Tucson sculptor, created the wrought-iron screen door, stair rail and porch railing.Typical of the Spanish colonial style, the home has many niches and arches directing the flow of light and shadow throughout the day. Entry is through a wood-ceilinged porch that opens to a large living area with a reclaimed wood-beamed ceiling, stained concrete floors and a Venetian plaster fireplace with a Moorish arch and a blue-green Malibu tiled hearth. To the right, the dining room has pegged mahogany flooring. The family room - the original living room - has the same floors, as well as a fireplace and two pairs of French doors leading to an outdoor covered porch.The kitchen has a large central island that seats three and has a built-in refrigerator. A banquette offers a separate seating area. The countertops and farm sink are Virginia soapstone.The largest bedroom on this level has an attached sitting room and access to a private outdoor courtyard. The adjacent bathroom has the original tub, shower and tile (the vanities and sinks are new). Two additional bedrooms have access to a bathroom with a salvaged 1920s tub and unglazed hexagonal tile reminiscent of that period. Another full bathroom is off the kitchen.Upstairs, a bright, east-facing master suite has reclaimed oak floors, a sitting area and an en-suite bathroom with cherry wood cabinets, a glass shower and a tub positioned near windows with a view of the Santa Catalina Mountains. A second bedroom on this level with oak floors and built-in bookshelves is currently used as an office.OUTDOOR SPACE The .85 acre property includes 1,277 square feet of outdoor covered porches, a swimming pool with an adjacent walled meditation garden, a tree house, a chicken coop, a three-car garage and a gated one-car carport.TAXES $8,502CONTACT Valerie Estrada, Douglas Realty, 520-304-7786; 545avenidadepalmas.com
How Many Chairs at the Dining Room Table Do You Have?
3 regular ones and a high chair1. I just bought some new furniture that takes up a lot of room in my living/dining room, the sectional sofa..?first of all u need to calm down. this is not even a sticky situation. just lay cool and forget about it. it will go away. u seem to have some sort of overreatcing problem im not too fond of2. I bought a house in July and soon after developed a crack in the ceiling inbetween the dining room?Chances are that your homeowners insurance will not cover it. If it is a new house, settling is normal and you should expect to see small cracks in the walls.ceiling over the first few years. This is absolutely normal and impossible to avoid. A house breathes and moves, the wood absorbs moisture in durimg the humid months and drys out during the dry months. Find out why it is cracking. If there is an attic above the ceiling, go up there with a flashlight and look for what is causing it (termites, water damage..) If there is a basement go in there and make sure that everything looks ok down there. If it keeps getting worse get a contractor in there to check it out.3. What color table linens should you use with Bernardaud Frivole china? The Dining room is brown tones.?Since the china is so elegant why not go with white linen and let the gold be the focal point? If you have green in your pattern you could use a very soft green. Take a saucer with you to the store if you need to. Browns are neutral so any color will look good but my vote would be white.4. What type of paint will most effectively conceal blood spatter on my living room and dining room walls?i would do a base coat of blood on the whole thing, this way no stains will stand out in black light, following that, a coat of goat blood for the aliby and then strong oil based paint with pepper powder mixed into it to throw of the doggies5. I have a combined living and dining room area. Does anyone know how to separate the areas?two tall plants. or get two of the columns they sell at the home imp. store. If they are movable you can change them or rearrange them or make the area smaller or larger. A folding screen or two.6. World's Best FoodOur readers pick the top hotels, spas, cruise lines, and cities for dining The age of the dismal hotel restaurant is definitively over. Once avoided by all but the most desperate travelers, hotel restaurants today are destinations for both visitors and locals alike. To find the best of the bunch, we took the data from our 2001 World's Best survey and singled out the hotels that Travel Leisure readers awarded the highest marks to for food and restaurants. (For good measure, we've also thrown in the top scorers among spas, cruise lines, and cities.) The results demonstrate that if you think Europe is the ultimate epicurean destination, you will need to think again. American hotels snag the same number of spots in the top 10 overall as their European counterparts (four each)-including number one in the world. 1. Inn at Little Washington, Washington, Virginia-89.0 2. Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas-88.8 3. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay-88.3 4. Htel de Paris, Monte Carlo-87.1 5. Windsor Court, New Orleans-86.9 6. Four Seasons Hotel, Milan-86.3 7. Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris-86.1 8. Bellagio, Las Vegas-86.1 9. Hotel Cipriani, Venice-85.6 10. Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore-85.3 restaurant: Dining Room at the Inn at Little Washington chef: Hotel proprietor and self-taught cook Patrick O'Connell signature dishes: Rabbit braised in apple cider with wild mushrooms and spaetzle; black truffle pizza with fontina cheese and Virginia country ham wine: Sommelier William Lee commands a cellar of 14,000 bottles; more than 1,000 available on any given night the look: English country house meets Victorian rococo best tables: The 15 with garden views dinner for two: Seven-course prix fixe from $196 fine-dining restaurant: Anuenue Room chefs: Executive chef Stephen Marshall; chef de cuisine Virgile Brandel; pastry chef Jacques Poulain signature dish: Wana (Hawaiian sea urchin) served with a pineapple champagne sabayon and beluga caviar the look: Ritz-Carlton goes Polynesian best tables: Those at the end of the lanai dinner for two: Prix fixe from $150 more choices: Banyan Tree (Pacific Rim cuisine); Kai Sushi Bar fine-dining restaurant: Taman Wantilan chef: Four Seasons veteran Marc Mirron signature dishes: Crisp lobster spring rolls with two sauces; Balinese spiced grilled snapper in banana leaf the look: Javanese wood open-air pavilion 100 feet above Jimbaran Bay best tables: The 10 directly overlooking the bay dinner for two: About $96 more choices: Warung Mie (Asian noodle dishes), PJ's (casual beachfront), Pool Terrace Caf (casual poolside) fine-dining restaurant: Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse chef: Alain Ducasse, who got his start here as chef de cuisine in 1987 signature dish: Provenal garden vegetables with crushed black truffles, Ligurian oil, and balsamic vinegar wine: 400,000 bottles, including vintages dating back to the 1850's; sommelier No'l Bajor supplies the restaurant as well as all those of the Socit des Bains de Mer the look: Belle poque, overlooking the Place du Casino best table: No. 5, at the extreme right of the restaurant dinner for two: From $340 more choices: La Salle Empire (Mediterranean cuisine), Le Grill (casual fare, rooftop setting), Ct Jardin (garden-side caf)
Perfect Pad for a Trainspotter! the 1.5m Chichester Home That Looks Like a Modern Bungalow, but Incl
From the outside, this modern bungalow for sale in West Sussex looks unusual - but not extraordinary.However, not all is as it seems at the four-bedroom property, which comes with a chunky price-tag of £1.5million.Step inside and the bright and light-coloured painted walls of the first living room gives no hint of what lies beyond.At the heart of the property is a railway carriage that dates back to 1800s. It is wrapped by the bungalow with no traces of it immediately visible from outdoors.The carriage is called Tulip - as highlighted by the labelling on its exterior - and has been restored with the original doors and sash windows still in place.The carriage's interior is equally impressive with decorative brass luggage racks, attendants' call buttons and wood panelling. The different woods used for the panelling includes satinwood, mahogany and oak.The carriage was built by Jackson and Share in 1897 in Delaware, America. It was commissioned by Folkestone Railway and is the only one that came to England, where it was in active service until 1914.In 1930, it was sold and left neglected on the seafront until the current owner restored it and made it part of their home.The carriage is at the front of the house and overlooks a veranda. On the other side of the carriage, at the back of the bungalow, is a siting room and dining room.Elsewhere in the bungalow, there is also a kitchen - with the whole property spread across 2014 square feet.The unusual property boasts extensive views of the sea and comes with direct beach access.It is situated in 'The Parks' area of Selsey, which is eight miles south of Chichester, and is almost cut off from mainland Sussex by the sea.The B2145 is the only road in and out of the town crossing a bridge over the water inlet at Pagham Harbour - at a point known as 'the ferry'.The average price of a property in Selsey is £313,763, according to the property website Zoopla. It is marginally higher than the average for Britain at £309,156.
Michelin Starred Restaurants in London: the Capital's One, Two and Three Star Restaurants Mapped
The latest Michelin guide is out and this year it awarded 58 London restaurants with one Michelin star, 10 restaurants with two Michelin stars and three restaurants with an almighty three stars.As Fera at Claridge's and Bonhams haveclosedsince the guide's publication, the number of Michelin star restaurants in the capital now totalsa still-impressive 69.Core by Clare Smyth was awarded two Michelin stars, putting her in good stead to win three stars at the 2020 awards.Likewise Fitzrovia's Kitchen Table picked up two Michelin stars at the awards ceremony on October 1.Sadly it was not all good news as a number of restaurants lost stars including Marcus (giving him just one star in total) and Lima (resulting in none).We've listed all of London's starred restaurants and plotted them on a handy map. One-star restaurants are marked in yellow, two-star in orange and three-star in red.Last week, Michelin awarded four new London restaurants with Bib Gourmands, which are the awards given to restaurants that offer both high-quality food and good value for money. The commended restaurants were Petit Pois, Kudu, Farang and Sorella.See the full list plotted on a map here.NEW ENTRY - Brat, Hackney. East London's exciting Basquerestaurantwins a star. Read our write up here.NEW ENTRY -Ikoyi, St James's.The restaurant offering a contemporary take on West African flavours claims a Michelin star.Read ourwrite up here.NEW ENTRY -Sabor, Mayfair. The high-end tapas restaurant picks up a star in the 2019 guide.Read ourwrite up here.NEW ENTRY -Hide, Mayfair.Ollie Dabbous returns with one Michelin starat his new Mayfair residence.Read ourwrite up here.NEW ENTRY - Leroy, Shoreditch. The east London restaurant, which openedin 2018, wins a star.NEW ENTRY -Roganic, Marylebone.Simon Rogan's restaurant, serving a menu partly comprised of foraged ingredients, claims a star.Read our write up here.Marcus,Knightsbridge. The contemporary British restaurant, serving food to "evoke and create memories", loses one of the two starsit has held since 2009.Read our write up here.Hakkasan Hanway Place, Fitzrovia.Themodern Cantonese restaurant, serving dim sum and signaturecocktails maintains its Michelin star.The Ninth, Fitzrovia.Jun Tanaka's Charlotte Street venue serving French and Mediterranean-style sharing dishes maintains its one star.Read our write up here.Pied à Terre, Fitzrovia.One of London's longest standing Michelin restaurants keeps its star.Read our write up here.City Social, The City.The modern British restaurant in art-deco style surroundings maintains its one star.Read our write up here.Club Gascon, The City.The French restaurant with an award-winning wine list keeps its star.Read our write up here.La Dame de Pic, The City. The inventive, high-end French restaurant in the Four Seasons' hotel maintains its star.The Clove Club,Shoreditch. The restaurant with an innovative British menu, using often-overlooked ingredients and founded by former supper club hosts, stays with one star.Read our write up here.Lyle's,Shoreditch. The seasonal British restaurant with set tasting menus in a stripped back dining room keeps its star.Read our write up here.The Harwood Arms, Fulham. The laid-back gastropub with an upscale, modern British menu keeps its star.Read our write up here.The River Cafe, Hammersmith. The restaurant offering inventive and seasonal Italian cuisine stays in the guide with one star.Read our write up here.Hedone, Chiswick. The restaurant serving modern European in a laid-back space holds on to its star.LaTrompette, Chiswick.Thehigh-end modern French restaurant stays in the guide after holding onto its star.St John,Clerkenwell. The traditional British restaurant, specialising in 'nose to tail' eating, keeps its star.Angler, The City. The modern seasonal British restaurant at the South Place Hotel, with mirrored ceilings and7th-floorCity views, keeps its star.Read our write up here.ElystanStreet, Chelsea. The Chelsea kitchen serving contemporary, seasonal European cuisine stays in the guide with one star.Read our write up here.The Five Fields, Chelsea. The modern British restaurant with fixed-price menu holds its star.Read our write up here.Kitchen W8,Kensington. The relaxed and friendly modern European restaurant is in the guide after holding its star.Trinity Restaurant,Clapham. The neighbourhood restaurant with modern, seasonal menus is in the 2019 guide after maintaining its star.The Glasshouse, Richmond. The modern European neighbourhood restaurant remains in the guide with one star.Restaurant Story, London Bridge. Tom Sellers's restaurant, with a British tasting menu of seasonal dishes, keeps its star.Galvin LaChapelle,Spitalfields. The restaurant serving polished French cuisine with a contemporary twist in a Grade II listed building stays in the guide with one star.Read our write up here.ChezBruce,Balham. The high-end Modern French restaurant keeps its star.Read our write up here.AmayaRestaurant grill & Bar,Belgravia. The restaurant serving tapas-style Indian dishes with an open kitchen keeps its star.Céleste,Belgravia. One of London's mostInstagrammablerestaurants, where British heritage meets modern European creativity, keeps its star.Petrus,Belgravia. This Gordon Ramsay group restaurant, specialising in modern French fine dining, keeps its star.AlynWilliams at The Westbury, Mayfair.The contemporary fine dining establishment with seasonal local ingredients maintains its star in 2019.BenaresRestaurant, Mayfair. The Indian-British fusion restaurant keeps its one Michelin star.Galvin at Windows, Mayfair.The restaurant serving modern French haute cuisine, with28th-floorviews over Hyde Park, keeps one star.Gymkhana, Mayfair. The Raj-era themed Indian restaurant with tandoori oven roasts and seasonal curries makes the guide again in 2019.Read our write up here.HakkasanMayfair.The modern Cantonese restaurant spanning two floors for up to 220 guests keeps its star.Read our write up here.Kai, Mayfair.The SouthAudleyStreet restaurant specialising in 'Liberated Chinese Cooking' stays in the guide with one star.Murano, Mayfair.The modern European restaurant with a strong Italian influence keeps its star.Read our write up here.Pollen Street Social, Mayfair. The contemporary bistro with a restaurant, social bar, dessert bar and private dining room stays in the guide with one star.Read our write up here.The Square, Mayfair.The restaurant serving modern French haute cuisine with an artistic "architectural" approach keeps its star. Read our write up here.Veeraswamy, Mayfair.The restaurant serving high-end Indian cuisine with Maharajah-inspired decor keeps its one star.Read our write up here.LocandaLocatelli, Marylebone. The traditional Italian with an emphasis on quality, freshness and creativity stays in the guide with one star.Read our write up here.Portland Restaurant, Marylebone. The seasonal modern European, with a wine list that focuses on lesser known regions and varieties, holds on to its star.Read our write up here.Texture, Marylebone. The restaurant serving modern European food with Scandinavian influences keeps its star.Read our write up here.Trishna, Marylebone. The upscale Indian from the southwest coast using fish and coconut keeps its star.Read our write up here.Aquavit London, St James's. The contemporary restaurant in St James's Market, serving seasonal, Nordic-inspired cuisine keeps its one Michelin star.Read our write up here.Ritz Restaurant, Piccadilly.The London institution, serving seasonal British cuisine in one of London's most lavish dining rooms, maintains its star.Read our write up here.Barrafina,Soho. The modern Spanish tapas bar with an open kitchen maintains its Michelin star status.Read our write up here.Social Eating House, Soho. The contemporary bistro focused on seasonal and local produce, with cocktail bar, restaurant and chef's counter dining space, keeps its star.Seven Park Place by WilliamDrabble, St James's. The restaurant specialising in classic French cuisine, using seasonal British ingredients plus signature dishes by WilliamDrabble, keeps its star.Yauatcha, Soho. The all-day dim sum teahouse with wok dishes, patisserie and cocktails is in the guide once again in 2019.Read our write up here.L'AtelierDe JoelRobuchon, Covent Garden. The inventive French restaurant in a three-floor brasserie with open kitchens and terrace maintains its star.Read our write up here.A Wong,Pimlico. The restaurant celebrating flavours from across China's different regions holds its star.Read our write up here.Goring Dining Room, Westminster. The restaurant, popular with the Royal family, serving British classics and lighter, modern dishes in a luxury hotel keeps its star.Read our write up here.Quilon, Westminster. The restaurant, specialising in South-west coastal Indian cuisine, keeps its star.NEW ENTRY - Core, Notting Hill. Clare Smyth's first solo venture wins two stars.NEW ENTRY - Kitchen Table, Bloomsbury.The intimate 19-seater restaurant in Bubbledogs, which changes its menu daily, gains an extraMichelin star.Bibendum, Chelsea.The high-end French restaurant, which was awarded two stars at last year's awards, keeps both.Dinner by Heston, Knightsbridge. Heston Blumenthal's restaurant, serving modern dishes inspired by historic British gastronomy, keeps both its stars.Le Gavroche, Mayfair.The iconic London restaurant holds both of its Michelin stars in 2019.Read our write up here.The Greenhouse, Mayfair.The contemporary French restaurant keeps both the stars it has held since 2004.Read our write up here.Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, Mayfair.The French fine dining establishment, known for having Damien Hirst artwork on the walls, keeps both stars it has held since 2011.Read our write up here.Sketch Lecture Room & Library, Mayfair. The quirky 18th century townhouse, serving sophisticated French food, holds both its stars.Read our write up here.Umu, Mayfair. London's first Kyoto influenced restaurant, which was awarded its first star within five months of opening in 2004, keeps both its stars in 2019.The Ledbury, Notting Hill.The restaurant serving modern European cuisine, based on British produce where possible, keeps the two stars it has held since 2012.Read our write up here.The Araki, Mayfair. The nine-seat restaurant with two sittings, only serving edomae sushi prepared by sushi master Mitsuhiro Araki himself, keeps all three of its stars in 2019.Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Chelsea. Ramsay's French fine dining restaurant has held three stars since 2001 and keeps them all in this year's guide.Read our write up here.Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Mayfair. The restaurants serving contemporary French cuisine, using seasonal French and British ingredients, maintains all three of its stars.Read our write up here.For a full list of UK restaurantshead to news.michelin.co.uk
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