Plastic Rice From China

As of the 21 December 2016 report, the "plastic" rice seized in Nigeria was en route to be tested and its composition unconfirmed. The customs chief's statement about unsavory businessmen preying on holiday shoppers suggested he was previously aware of the rumor, as did the BBC's reference to myriad "fake food scandals" in China (which have been almost entirely fictitious, as noted above). It was possible a batch of rice tainted by chemicals or otherwise not fit for consumption was presumed to be the legendary plastic rice by folks exposed to the years-old rumor, or that the rice was in some manner counterfeit. However, the nature of the grains remained in question, and the scenario seemed likely to be an instance of ostension (or pseudo-ostension).

5 month starting rice cereal?

Yes. This is normal. When you are feeding your baby rice it is a filler and it probably taste a lot better then the formula

What is the most rice bran you can feed a horse without risking ulcers?

Rice bran will not absorb water well enough to turn into a mash. Wheat bran is what is used to make a mash, and it is not recommended for horses despite what people may still think. Wheat bran is an intestinal irritant that causes inflammation and diarrhea, and has no laxative effect in horses as was once thought. Rice bran is fed dry, and it must be stabilized to maintain shelf life or it will rapidly spoil, and it must be calcium fortified to balance the calcium/phosphorus ratio for horses. It comes in either powder or pelleted form and can be added as a top dress to the feed. A 1000 lb horse can be fed up to two lbs of rice bran daily. It is a good fat source at about 20% fat, and also a good source of digestible fiber. It is low in soluble starches so it is safe to feed to a horse with a metabolic condition such as insulin resistance. EquiJewel makes a good product. One lb of rice bran provides about 1200 safe calories, so by feeding two pounds daily, you will add 2400 safe calories to your horse's diet. I recommend Purina Senior Feed for any adult hard keeper at any age. I've fed it for years and know many others who also do. It is well digested and utilized pound for pound, and is a well balanced feed for adult horses at all ages. It is a low starch feed that wo not disrupt hormone levels or cause havoc with the hind gut microflora the way high starch cereal grains do. Hay provided 24/7 is the best way to prevent ulcers, along with adequate turnout time to dissipate stress. When horses chomp on hay copious amounts of alkaline saliva are secreted to lubricate the feed and stomach mucosa, and buffer acids in the stomach. Having hay to digest continually promotes good digestive function and prevents ulcers as well. Good quality grass mix hay is recommended, and fed along with Purina Senior and rice bran (if still needed as for extra calories over winter) maintained my hard keeper in optimum health and condition.

3 Month old baby boy and rice cereal?

I started my son with cereal when he was 4 41/2 months old. You can try to add just a little bit to the formula and see if that helps. But you do not want to put to much because his stomach might have trouble digesting it. My niece is 8 months old now and ever since she was born she was the exact same way. She eats like a lil piggy. But once your son gets a little older he wo not be as hungry. Because the cereal will fill him up for a little bit longer than just plain formula. Good Luck and an extra bottle wont hurt.

vegetable freid rice recipe with less ingredients?

I would suggest that you just have the mixed peas - corn, green peas & carrots (you can get it from the supermarket) & egg. This should be a very simple & less ingredient Vegetarian Fried Rice.

What should I make as a side dish for Arroz con Pollo (rice and chicken)?

Black beans are cuban but you could do that or red beans. Red beans and rice are a lovely combination. UnfortunatelyI am not all too familiar with native vegetables in mexico, but you do not see too many. Tomatillos in a salad or chutney, would be different. tomato salad with salt and pepper. Maybe cassava????

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Is Tiancicorrugated boxes packaging priced the lowest?
Is Tiancicorrugated boxes packaging priced the lowest?
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